1. Trout Bum

    SWAG Putters Thread

    I don’t think so buddy but I’ll check
  2. Trout Bum

    For Sale Iron shafts and driver shafts.

    Thanks man I just sent it. I lurk a bit here and there, don’t play much anymore but hoping to change that this year. I would love to play in Valdosta, I’ll keep my eyes open for it buddy
  3. Trout Bum

    For Sale Iron shafts and driver shafts.

    I’ll take the DG S-300’s Greg, send my your pay pal info
  4. Trout Bum

    Ever Completely Lost Your Golf Swing?

    Indeed, I don’t play often anymore and it’s different every time now
  5. Trout Bum

    Course Nearby?

    Trump National in Mooresville
  6. Trout Bum

    The Pets Thread

    We got Millie almost a year ago, she’s adorable and has truly stole my heart 😂 she’s amazing
  7. Trout Bum

    Why do you like THP?

    I’ve always felt the people here were really special, there’s a certain level of community you don’t find anywhere else Morgan and JB are always fair and generous as well, I’ve seen them play a thankless role at times only to turn the other cheek and continue to love others when they weren’t...
  8. Trout Bum

    Those who’ve moved to Florida - hate it/love it?

    Thanks Mike good to see you man. Bogeys was awesome, good salads good wings, University park was a Fun course too as well as Waterlefe, those were good times
  9. Trout Bum

    Those who’ve moved to Florida - hate it/love it?

    Sarasota is awesome, holy cow there’s some good golf over there and the food is damn good. Two senoritas for Mexican, Shakespeare’s pub for fish and chips with great fries, can’t remember the wing joint but it was really good too. the west coast is awesome
  10. Trout Bum

    Those who’ve moved to Florida - hate it/love it?

    Florida is a beautiful place to live, the golf courses are in good condition most of the time and there are a ton of choices. We moved to Delray from myrtle and at first we were enamored with it, unreal choices for restaurants, incredible beaches and weather but the people killed it for us over...
  11. Trout Bum

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Lol, thanks man
  12. Trout Bum

    We Moved to the Nashville Area

    Did I hear right on the news that Nashville just raised taxes 34%? WTH
  13. Trout Bum

    WTB Titleist TS2 with a Stiff hazardous 60

    Anyone have a titleist TS2 with a hazardous 60 they’d like to sell? 9 1/2 or 10 1/2 would be fine but prefer a 9 1/2
  14. Trout Bum

    We Moved to the Nashville Area

    That’s awesome guys, it’s such a great city Filled with lots to do and great eats
  15. Trout Bum

    Ben Hogan ICON Irons

    I wish they were chrome, the brushed looks wonderful but chrome is just classy
  16. Trout Bum

    Ben Hogan ICON Irons

    They’re beautiful, I’m so glad they came out with something like this
  17. Trout Bum

    Revisiting the Flagstick Rule: Are you still in, or out?

    I still pull it on every putt, creature of habit
  18. Trout Bum

    Did Nike get into clubs at the wrong time?

    I loved the clubs up to the VR’s then went lime green lost me
  19. Trout Bum

    Bag matching clubs - Does yours have to?

    Yessir, I like to have the same sticks inside as the name on the outside.

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