1. kidzwitgunz

    Back in the Groove AKA Reintroduction

    Wow, been awhile since I have had the luxury to post on here and glad to be back. Currently stationed in lovely, sunny (not now tho) Northwest FL and finishing up some tech-school trainin'. It's nice to have the time to read and post again!
  2. kidzwitgunz

    Goofin off with the Dog....... (PICS!)

    So was bored and got around to downloading some of the pics I took while up on my land in Lincoln County NM. Thought that my brother captured a pretty cool and fun little pic. The actual gap was pretty tiny and the leash law in this park is annoying but it was good fun! Anyone else who wants to...
  3. kidzwitgunz

    Srixon Trispeed Mini-review

    Picked up a few of these the other day and here is a short (maybe) and sweet (for sure) mini-review: Price: Very good picked mine up at Academy on sale for $21US after tax. Feel: Kind of subjective here but it passed the "bite" test pretty good, comparable to the Gamer and HX Bite etc. Felt...
  4. kidzwitgunz

    Family Tree's, Lineage, Sotries, Etc

    Noticed another thread around here I was posting on, I was dragging it OT soooooo to correct that I started this one! :D Post here anything about your family history, tree's etc. Pretty much just gonna start it and go from here! Also any famous people you might/might not be related to...
  5. kidzwitgunz

    Iron Specification's....Where to Find Them?

    So because I crave information does anyone know where I can find the exact AND complete iron specifications for three different sets? Sets in question are Adams GT, GT Tour, and Srixon I-701. I have called around to OEM's and every place I can think of and I either get referred to their website...
  6. kidzwitgunz

    Let the Fun Begin: Acorn Tape!

    So I sat on this all day, and when I saw not only no other news agency jumping on this and no other posts I started my own. Whatever side of the aisle you are on, very interesting especially cause this is defrauding our gov't on purpose........... Let the discussion begin! Video: <object...
  7. kidzwitgunz

    I Hate Sales!!!!!

    So I had determined after about 2-3 months of demoing that the Adams A4 irons were gonna replace my 8 year old Adams GT tour's, then I had to go into Edwin Watts today and see that they just got in both flavor's of the Srixon irons, some J36's, and some Macgregor MT's all were priced at $399.99...
  8. kidzwitgunz

    SOS! Need Shaft Help!

    So I am trying to come up with all of the shafts that are both lower to low torque, as well have a stiff or firm tip......... The only reason is because I hit my old proforce gold 65 in a much older driver almost as far as my ft-9 with fubuki, even though our pro "fitted" me to this! Weird huh...
  9. kidzwitgunz

    Launch Monitor Testing

    So for fun today I went to the Academy and hit some drives off the launch monitor, while they wouldn't give me the actual paper results here is what I wrote down. The clubs hit were a Taylormade R7 Limited (maybe a tour didn't ask), FT-9, Diablo, Adams new driver. All were stiff flex, basic...
  10. kidzwitgunz

    Cheaper-ish Balls Survey

    Which do you vote for as a cheaper substitute for the Bridgy 330S and why? My preference is Short Game feel/spin without loosing a ton of distance of the tee, followed by everything else.......... Also is the less compression rate of the D2 Feel noticeable when compared to the Gamer?
  11. kidzwitgunz

    Adams A4

    So was just messing around today and was COMPLETELY blown away by these! Seriously suprised me, so much so that I am now going to have to look into Adams irons (A4 or Pro Gold) not just the VR's.......:banghead: My question is though, while I hit them pure and I like the lite shafts it seemed I...
  12. kidzwitgunz

    MMA Much?

    I consider this a sport and since didn't see a thread yet thought we should discuss some MMA.......:cool: Starting with something I have been wanting to discuss is should Faber think about retiring now? Seems like really good ones just keep trying until they almost ruin their image by staying...
  13. kidzwitgunz

    Likely New Bag Set-up

    So this is what I am leaning towards right now, keep in mind this is a TOTAL overhaul! As discussed in other threads I switch out drivers/woods/hybrids, wedges fairly religisouly but this is the first complete, all-in-one driver to putter change since early 2001. Driver - Nike Dymo Str8-fit...
  14. kidzwitgunz

    Nike VR Split vs Nickent 4dx Pro

    As the title says, mulling over replacing my venerated Adams GT Tight Lies Tour and having difficulty deciding. Both reviews on here were a great help and I am leaning towards the VR's simply because I can demo them down here in Corpus Christi and they come with a 2-iron. But I still play my...
  15. kidzwitgunz

    Reporting For Duty!

    Now that I got some free time (ahh the life of a reservist) and extra money.....joining all the golf forums I can find to do some searchin'! Born and raised Texan, played golf since my first set of wilson junior clubs in 2nd grade all the way through HS and a brief stint in college. My first...

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