1. bbutler

    WTB Arm Lock

    What’s out there for sale.
  2. bbutler

    Swing weight tolerances.

    Not talking custom club makers. This one is about oem companies. What would you think swing weight tolerances would or should be. Cobra for instance shows graphite shafted KFTs are standard c9 steel shafted d2. Another company stated that a club would be d2 in an email. Clubs show up between D...
  3. bbutler

    Swing weight preference

    What do you prefer in a swing weight in irons. Do you find that you prefer a lighter swing weight in graphite shafted irons vs steel. Cobra stock specs on KFTs in steel is D2 while graphite is C9. Hadn’t given it much thought till I received the new c721 Tour Edge irons. In my initial testing...
  4. bbutler

    Swing weight adjustment.

    Ok club builders question for you. Have a set of KFTs with i95 shafts. When they were built they used weights in butt of clubs to set swing weight. I’m wanting to up swing weight by a couple swing weights. Hypothetically how much of that weight would need to be removed per 1 swing weight.
  5. bbutler

    Home shop swing weight scale

    Wanting a cheap but accurate swing weight scale. What options are out there. Don’t need to spend a ton on it.
  6. bbutler

    Memorial Day

    As we approach yet another Memorial Day let me thank each and every service member within the THP family. Thank you for your service your sacrifice and your dedication.
  7. bbutler

    Off course and training aids

    Off course discussion got me to thinking about sids that deter your use due to fact that they make you feel like you are failing at the given task. Putt out is perfect example. Frustrates the hell out of me trying to get ball to stay in small hole. What are some aids that effect you that way...
  8. bbutler


    While recouping from surgery I seem to be dreaming about getting back to playing. Last nights dream may have been the best. I was at THP studio enjoying all the coolest new stuff. Then Dan comes in with big surprise. He goes over to the wall and unveils a secret room completely full of golf...
  9. bbutler

    Surgeon has a since of humor

    My surgeon said not to pick up anything that weighs over 20 lbs for 2 weeks. I asked how about swinging a golf club. Her response. Your putting and chipping are where you score.
  10. bbutler

    Guess I get a couple weeks away from game.

    Getting a couple weeks away from golf at least full swings. Had gallbladder removed do no full swings I’m guessing for 2 weeks. Should be able to chip and putt some. Maybe my putting will be improved. What things have others focused on in times that they were forced from active play.
  11. bbutler

    Cobra Big Tour 3 wood

    Looking at this as an option off the tee. Love my speedzone 3wood but also believe the big tour model would be a beast off the tee in certain places. Is there any advantage in going with the Radspeed version vs the speedzone model. Found a pretty good deal on a Radspeed big tour head.
  12. bbutler

    Deep faced 3 wood

    Anybody using deep faced or strong 3 wood off tee vs driver. I know there are some of you out there.
  13. bbutler

    WTB Cobra Big Tour 3 wood

    Any Cobra Big Tour 3 woods for sale. Smoke black stiff shaft a plus.
  14. bbutler

    For Sale Radspeed OL 5 & iron

    For sale or trade Radspeed OL 5 & 6 irons. Steelfiber i95 reg flex shafts. Hit maybe 20 or so times mostly in sim. If your thinking of going OL and want to give some a try here you are. 150 each shipped. might trade for something that trips my trigger.
  15. bbutler

    Hzrdus rdx black iron shaft

    Looking for info on the hzrdus black rdx 80 iron shaft. Considering it in reg flex for my test set of C721 Tour Edge irons. From what I’m finding very little info.
  16. bbutler

    Homemade shaft puller

    What do you do when you need a shaft puller and you have a welding shop and machine tools. Oh and time on your hands to tinker. Of course you build your own. I’ll post up a few pics today. Should have it finished if I don’t have a bunch of interruptions or spend to much time in sim.
  17. bbutler

    Online golf instruction

    Posted about my buddies self inflicted issues using online instruction. I have my opinions about how to properly use this training tool. What do you all think. Do you follow multiple instructors subscribe to their programs. I personally follow one specific instructor looking at video watching...
  18. bbutler

    Buddy going for a lesson.

    My golf buddy is heading to a lesson. He has spent a year and a half on the quest to get better. Sim time and YouTube swing guros. Has failed to improve. Swing is in a bad place all out of time. If this instructor can put his swing back in order he will have earned his pay. Have my fingers...
  19. bbutler


    My membership hat from 2013 when I first joined THP
  20. bbutler

    Rickie gets special invite

    Rickie gets special invite to Pga Championship. Difference of opinion on pga radio this morning. Let’s here THP opinion. I for one am glad he gets this chance and hope his game is on the mend.

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