1. Barberakb

    WTB WTB - Cobra One Length

    I will say I have a set in A flex and they feel just like my other set of reg flex irons. Maybe because they are all short irons. You might be fine with reg instead of stiff flex
  2. Barberakb

    Costco Kirkland Signature Putters?

    I do find it interesting that people will swear off this without trying it because its UGLY and then game Cleveland launchers :sick:o_O
  3. Barberakb

    Examples of poor leadership

    I had one MSgt who just got put in charge of a section and was getting ready to call the police and report a guy AWOL - absent from one's post but without intent to desert. "the men have gone AWOL" A very serious offense. It took me 30 mins of digging to find out where they were... They were...
  4. Barberakb

    How do you hide your major golf purchases from spouse/significant other?

    I never hide it. We usually poke fun at each other about it tho. She might say why do you need 4 of these and I might say , I dunno why do you need 15 purses... :ROFLMAO:
  5. Barberakb

    Could You Move?

    Well I was in the military and moved 7 times in 20 yrs so pretty easy YES for me
  6. Barberakb


    it cant hurt, it wont hurt your score. Plus anything over 750 is goona get you the best rate anyway. I got quotes from 3 lenders
  7. Barberakb

    Stock Market & Retirement Planning

    So you are contradicting yourself... You believe that No one knows what is about to happen, but are stating to only buy gold and minerals like you know what they are going to do. You don't, nobody does. This is why diversification is key. To throw all your money in gold or any 1 asset is foolish.
  8. Barberakb


    Congratz. Just started the process of mine.
  9. Barberakb


    That is probably very location specific. I checked my local banks on my last 2 mortgages, and they were the highest cost of all the people I contacted. And yes waiting may pay off, but you never know. I will take the 2.5% I am getting now. It could drop further than that but probably not by...
  10. Barberakb


    Also, you should always shop around for title work. Should look something like this. I am refinancing right now and my local title company was 30% lower than the one they suggested C. Services You Can Shop For $1,929 Title - Abstract/Title Search Fee $100 Title - Closing Fee/Settlement Fee...
  11. Barberakb

    Stock Market & Retirement Planning

    I use Vanguard but I dont really day trade
  12. Barberakb

    Examples of poor leadership

    People that don't lead by example. People that expect you to do something they either haven't or wouldn't do themselves. People that have a short temper. People that jump to conclusions and make a decision before gathering the pertinent info. People that expect everyone to be just like them...
  13. Barberakb

    Are You a Closer?

    In most other sports yes, but not golf unfortunately
  14. Barberakb


    Its like shopping for a new car. If you want the best deal, you have to pit the dealers against each other. Same with mortgages.
  15. Barberakb

    Stock Market & Retirement Planning

    Ask here, plenty of experienced ppl here that are willing to help
  16. Barberakb


    You don't have much leverage now. You need to get quotes from several different places. Then have them work for you to see who gets the best deal for you. Be careful of the fees. Someone might offer you 3.0 but with $9k in fees. A key indicator of that is if its a 3.0 interest rate but the APR...
  17. Barberakb

    Write a happy story in 2 words

    Enjoy Life :cool:
  18. Barberakb

    NEWS Tour Edge Stimulus And Donation Package

    anyone know if they make kids clubs?

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