1. U_of_Bucky

    My putting expectations

    Do you approach every putt as a "make it" situation? OR some are "make it" and others as a "good leave". Me? Contrary to popular advice I am making every putt. The comebacker is the next chapter. I do watch the miss as it approaches and/or passes the cup. Onerall I approach putting with a...
  2. U_of_Bucky

    Picker changes to divot maker with irons

    I have been a picker like forever. 8 iron carry is 145 with a small plane warning for the ball apex. Has anyone converted to a stock swing allowing for lower ball flight? My goal would be be to achieve the same distance with less effort.
  3. U_of_Bucky

    Reid Lockhart and Eildion wedges? Any Love?

    With the pro grinds and milling available I am attracted to these wedges. Anyone else?
  4. U_of_Bucky

    social security ag drive and 8 iron distance]

    What are your expectations Mine at 67 years old drives 250 to 275 yard 8 iron ( Mizuno mp33 38 degrees) at 90 percent 150 yards after the rollout
  5. U_of_Bucky

    Dominate eye while putting and swinging

    Do you determine which eye you will use when putting, chipping, and full swing? I find when I forget to do this action my directional choices suck.
  6. U_of_Bucky

    Shot my age today. thanks to THP forums

    I am 67. My round included 7 birdies and two bogeys. Granted it was on a local 9 hole 6,100 track. It does have a 218-yard par 3 with the left guarded by a huge oak tree and a large mound on the right. The 9th hole is a 410-yard uphill par 4 with a narrow fairway with trees on each side. Both...
  7. U_of_Bucky

    Clubhead speed and swing plane change

    At 67 years old I have been seeking a way to regain lost clubhead speed. I measure my speed at the driving range with a SwingByte or an SC500 launch monitor. 90 mph to 93 mph gain Dropping my trail foot Flaring my trail foot out. Both these gave me more shoulder rotation on the backswing. They...
  8. U_of_Bucky

    retirement and golf

    I recently sold my farm. 3600 acre three family three-generation farm. We did retain 200 plus acres of irrigated Jack O Lantern pumpkins which will keep me busy from Late September through the third of October. We ship 220 semi loads of pumpkin which has 56 pallets with 35-40 pumpkins of...
  9. U_of_Bucky

    Alternative to Scotty circa 62 #3 putter

    Alternative to Scotty circa 62 #3 putter. I know I get along with this breed Scotty. However, I gave this putter way to my daughter-in-law. A sacrifice that has paid outstanding dividends. I am looking for a reasonably priced replacement. A slight arc 1/4 toe hang putter with a similar lie and...
  10. U_of_Bucky

    Grip change to add distance and eliminate slices

    This video was a revelation for me. At 67 I have lost some distance, a 7 iron for 150 a carry rather than an 8 iron. Also, 10% of my drives resulted in unacceptable slices. I was using a grip that was neutral with both my elbows pointed at my hips. Perhaps like Hogan recommends within his book...
  11. U_of_Bucky

    Anyone play with hickory shaft clubs. Should I get plus 4 pants or a Kilt?

    Today I shot an 85 with my hickory playable sticks. They are the original H&B Grand Slam irons and various woods. I used Wilson Duo golf balls. About a 50 compression ball. 6150-yard course. I parred the toughest 4 holes (5 pars and 13 bogies) Not bad for not hitting these clubs for 2 years. I...
  12. U_of_Bucky

    Getting hit into

    Today I played a shot cutting the corner of a 90 dogleg. I am 250 yards out preparing for my second shot of the par 5 when I hear a golf ball hitting some trees behind me. I see the single at the tee is now driving a cart. I am a walking single. So I shrug it off. He did not see me. Now I am on...
  13. U_of_Bucky

    Hickory shafted clubs

    I been in a rut the last few years. I played in a scramble last year. The low team was composed of the officers of Hickorygolf.com. Played at The Castle course at Northern Bay. A howling wind with 40+ mph gust yet one of the winning team ACED the 10th hole. The 10th hole is a replica of the 17th...
  14. U_of_Bucky

    Rose Bowl match up

    The Rose Bowl...#3 TCU Horned Frogs vs #5 Wisky Badgers....Discuss
  15. U_of_Bucky

    Yo from Wisconsin

    Hello I've been golfing on and off since the mid 70s. Seen lots of changes in the game. I still love it. A great form of relaxation for me. As a farmer this keeps me healthy. I'm looking forward to discussing golf equipment, swing theories, experiences, etc. I build my clubs via ebay and forum...

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