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    For Sale FS - PXG clubs: Driver, 3i, Putter

    Moved to eBay.
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    For Sale FS - W/S 3 wood and 4/5 hybrids

    WTS - 3 wood and 4/5 hybrids - all RH - all 3 built at Impact Precision Golf. Used in good condition. Wilson D7 3W 15*, D2 SW, 42.5”, PX HZRDUS Smoke Grey 70 gram 6.0/stiff, standard Golf Pride tour velvet 360 Grip - $135 shipped OBO Wilson D350 4/5 hybrids (22/25*), both D2 SW, 4h at 39.5”/5h...
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    Wedge Grooves - We've come full circle...

    There's been tons of discussion on wedge grooves over the past few years were some thought that wedge grooves were only to channel debris and didn't actually bite into the golf ball cover. Largely this opinion came from Callaway and comments made by "F'n" Roger Cleveland. I guess we've come...
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    Standards in Putter Builds/Fittings

    Like Ping does with static measurements for fittings, does there seem to be a consensus among OEM’s on any standards for length based on height, head weight for length, swing weight, etc.? I saw this interview is Rife from 2017 where he states his thoughts...
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    5 Wood over 3 hybrid for slower swing speeds?

    Just curious for those of you that swing mid 80's with hybrids/fairways, do you see a sufficient distance gap between various hybrids/fairways on the top end? My son swings his 4 hybrid around 84 mph, carries it around 190, and typically sees 200 yards total. His spin is around 4k with range...
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    What golf apparel is/is not okay to wear off the course?

    In the "hat ball-marker clips" thread, I learned that wearing "flip-flops, tailored shorts and golf shirts" are worse than "dorky". That's my normal go-to outfit for daily wear outside of work, except I've never had to have my golf shorts tailored. So that got me curious, what golf apparel...
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    New PXG 0311ST Irons

    Apparently spotted on tour. I couldn’t find much info yet. Looks like somewhat of a blade design.
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    TXG - Snell MTB-X vs. Callaway Chrome Soft X

    Video drops in a few minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1_YllqrEE8 It will be interesting to see if their results differ from others.
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    https://www.pxg.com/en-us/clubs/irons/0211 Designed to be an "affordable"/entry level option with PXG. $195 a club with TT Elevate shafts as a "stock" shaft option. Other shafts available as an upcharge with most being $25-40 per shaft (model dependent). It's a progressive set, cast...
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    PGA Tour Live Subscription

    Anyone have a PGA Tour Live Subscription? I'm interested in hearing what people like/dislike about it, and whether it might be a suitable replacement for the Golf Channel should I finally make the move to cancel cable. https://www.pgatour.com/live.html
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    New show on Golf Channel - Como Concepts

    New show on Golf Channel - Como Concepts https://www.golfchannel.com/video/como-concepts-experts-join-chris-comos-series I just learned about this today, so I missed last nights episode. Anyone watch it? I thought there has been a lot of good information in Cameron McCormick's Skill Code...
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    DeChambeau on the range at The Masters with dual launch monitors

    I didn't get a screen shot and I can't find any images/video yet online, but I found it interesting that Bryson was using both a GCQuad and Flightscope on range at The Masters this morning. The commentators indicated he wanted quick ball numbers from the GCQuad, but had the Flightscope for club...
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    Rick Shiels - Groove Sharpener Test

    +600 rpm added to a 7i and wedge, with no loss of distance. Interesting and proves the tools do/can work as advertised. It would be interesting to see the sharpened clubs compared to brand new clubs of the same make/model to see if the sharpener brought them back to new condition or...
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    FS - Golf Swing Shirt, black, men’s size #7

    FS - Golf Swing Shirt, black, men’s size #7 $25 shipped, Paypal only, shipping continental US only. https://i.imgur.com/d67WgGu.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YTJleSK.jpg https://i.imgur.com/kshwihv.jpg
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    FS - Bushnell Neo XS

    FS - Bushnell Neo XS $45 shipped, continental US only, Paypal only.
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    FS - Srixon Z565/765 combo set 3-PW RH

    FS - Srixon Z565/765 combo set 3-PW RH with Cleveland 50* RTX-3 wedge. 1* flat, std length/loft, Tour Issue X100, spine aligned, tour velvet midsize grips $325 shipped, continental US only, paypal only.
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    FS - Vokey SM7 wedges, 60.04L and 54.08M,

    FS - Vokey SM7 wedges, 60.04L and 54.08M, stock length/loft, 1* flat, Tour Issue X100, Tour velvet. $100 shipped for both, continental US only, paypal only.
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    FS - Tour Edge Exotics BetaTI 13* 3 wood RH

    FS - Tour Edge Exotics BetaTI 13* 3 wood RH with Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSI 70 x shaft cut to play at 43”, Tour velvet grip, head cover included. $75 shipped, continental US only, paypal only.
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    FS - Cobra F8 driver with 2 shafts

    FS - Cobra F8 driver with 2 shafts - Fuji Pro 60x cut to play at 44” and Matrix MFS Q4 Red Tie 60x cut to play at 45”, tool included, no head cover. $140 shipped, continental US only, paypal only. Head only for $100 shipped.

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