1. uitar99


    I am also a member at golfwrx. Rec'd an email yesterday, and saw the same message when I tried logging in yesterday, that they have had issues and I need to sign in with a new password. Anyone else know about this.
  2. uitar99

    Looking for ereader app info

    Folks, I use an older Kobo e-reader. I have been purchasing through the reader via wi fi. An acquaintance has given me a thumb drive with hundreds and hundreds of ebooks I am a Mac user. I am attempting to move books to my kobo I have found instruction on doing this ...but...once connected...
  3. uitar99

    Getting to the end of the year

    This week's Monday Men's night was cold and raining. 33 of 110 guys turned out. Me and my walking mate trudged through the 9 holes, rain gear on. Had a blast. Farted and burped our way around and finished it off with a bevvie and chicken, bacon , cheese wrap special. Two more Mondays then we...
  4. uitar99

    I discovered a new feel yesterday

    I start my backswing with a slight forward press with my hands. Yesterday, for some unknown reason, during the forward press, I could feel myself shifting my weight slightly forward to my lead leg. It felt noticeable to me. Maybe I've always been doing it...but...once I started this new feel...
  5. uitar99

    First day out this season

    Played a local nine hole course twice yesterday. First nine, played with two friends and one of their grandfathers. He was 85. It was very pleasant. Great guys, lots of kibitzing with gramps, he putted lights out. Second nine, we were 4 singles. two of the guys were long hitters.One of who was...
  6. uitar99

    Wilson Duo

    If you are using these, golf town has them on for two boxes for $30.
  7. uitar99

    Moving to orange balls

    Playing yellow right now. Leaves are starting to change and found it difficult to find mine yesterday. Time to move to the orange, spring and fall colour
  8. uitar99

    Suggestions for activities after retirement

    Been working full time for financial industry for 44 years. Gonna retire next year and wondering about activities in the winter (I live in the snow belt) Folks I've talked to suggest winter in retirement can get housebound. I read, I write, I can walk, go to the range couple times a week...
  9. uitar99

    "fixing" a golf swing

    Listening to Doniger and Shear last night on The Golfers Edge, talking about changing a golf swing. Shear made the comment it should only be changed because of poor ball flight or if it causes injury. Denier suggested we should stop taking video of ourselves and then try and change something...
  10. uitar99

    Joined my first mens league

    Starts May 7-Just got my initial email. Modified stableford scoring-gotta read up on that local courses haven't opened yet, to much snow. the extra nights will make up for lost late march/april rounds. My wife has done the same. Should translate to 60 or 70 outings each this year, counting...
  11. uitar99

    What method do you use to record FIR, GIR, etc

    I still use pencil and paper scorecard. Not comfortable using an app while golfing. Trying to track some of my shots off the tee, where the ball ended up. FIR GIR or where I miss on approach shots etc Could someone point me towards a common or standard method folks might use
  12. uitar99

    Ball spin question

    Folks, I probably should know this answer...but....yesterday tried some Wilson staff duo balls (non urethane). I am a lefty and do have a fade bias but noticed that on approach shots where I surprisingly was hitting a few greens, the ball spun like crazy left, after hitting the green, despite...
  13. uitar99

    Golf club age

    Folks. I bought used golf clubs in 1980. They were old then. I only have one left. I keep it outdoors all year and use it to pitch wiffle balls in the back yard. Just wondering how to age it. On the back of the club it's marked: Spalding MRO-Flight (first letter is a guess) Pat'd Nov. 29/27 AG...

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