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    Eye Putt Pro

    Hey Guys, Was buzzing around looking at putting mirrors, and came across this... Not sure if it has been discussed before, looking for some feedback from anyone who has tried it.... THANKS...
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    World Golf Hall of Fame

    Wondering if anyone has been to the World Golf Hall of Fame? Heading on a road trip this summer and will be passing through Jacksonville. Looking for information regarding: How long do you need at the H.O.F to see it all? Has anyone played the King & Bear or the Slammer & Squire.. (reviews on...
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    First Club Champion Fitting next week... Any Advice??

    First Club Champion Fitting next week... Any Advice? I had a fitting at a big box store about 6-7 years ago....
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    Best Grip for the Claw

    Guys, Looking for some input here. Is there anyone who uses the claw grip? If so, is there a specific grip that works best? Standard, Oversize, Superstroke, or just personal preference? Thanks in advance
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    Glad to be back

    I think its been almost a month since I have been on..... Things got crazy. Looking forward to catching back up with what is going on in the group
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    Driver Refinishing

    Hey Guys.... I am looking for a place to send my driver head to be re-finished. I know Taylormade does not perform this service (or at least I think). Looking for a place to get it done. Any help would be appreciated!!!
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    Lyons Golf Superbowl Contest

    http://www.lyonsgolf.com/ Hopefully a THP member wins From their website Super Bowl Sunday means it is time for you to win (regardless if your team is playing or not!) You have a chance to win... a chance to win big...a chance to win a years worth of new Callaway golf apparel - worth over...
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    Cosmetic or performance???

    Question here fellas... The back of the club where the logo is....... is the part of the club I am referring to The callaway logo and the razr x wording is a very thin piece of metal. It is attached to piece of plastic/rubber. It is held on by double sided tape. My question is do you feel...
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    What Golf Stuff Did You Buy Today?

    Got both of these today at Golfsmith off the clearance rack... 7.48 each
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    GolfEtail Superbowl contest

    Superbowl Contest to win a FREE set of TaylorMade Irons - a $799.99 value. http://www.golfetail.com/default.aspx Hopefully a win here by THP Good Luck Guys
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    Golfsmith January contest PING G-25 Driver

    http://www.golfsmith.com/ Not sure if it is already up...... Golfsmith January contest PING G-25 Driver Good Luck
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    Callaway RAZR X Black Iron finish

    I need some opinions here guys..... I know this may not seen like a big deal, but the more I think about it, the more I want to fix it My Callaway RAZR X Black Irons are a little under a season old, and they look all scratched up. I take care of my clubs, I assume this is from normal play...
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    ADIDAS ATV Air-force Blue

    I have been looking all over for these. Does anyone know where I can get a pair?? Thanks
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    Proud Coach

    Guys I hope this is in the right spot. If not, I am sorry. If this is not allowed by site rules, I understand. Just posting as a proud coach I am the Head Golf Coach at Westminster High School in Westminster MD. I have a Freshman golfer named Jordan McKelvin who has started this program...
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    Hitting Net Repair

    I was given a hitting net as a gift, I used it twice and the nylon frame tore. Anyone have a good product to fix this?? Thanks in advance

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