1. Canes

    Tour Event 2021 Honda Classic

    JB Holmes at his finest once again [emoji42][emoji42][emoji42]
  2. Canes

    PUMA Golf 2021 Spring Break Collection

    We'll keep our "social distancing" while walking the course [emoji1787]
  3. Canes

    Tour Event 2021 Honda Classic

    Miami resident Erik Compton in the field posting a 65 in Monday qualifying... so awesome!!
  4. Canes

    Post a picture of your day

    Our version of TPC Sawgrass #17 ~150 yards
  5. Canes

    Tour Event 2021 Honda Classic

    And pound John Dalys with you guys will be EPIC!!
  6. Canes

    The Official 2020 - 2021 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    How bout them Cats, eh? [emoji2962]
  7. Canes

    Which Course Should Host the 2022 PGA Championship?

    PGA National... the Bear Trap... been too long!!
  8. Canes

    2021 Masters to be conducted with limited attendance....

    Just received this email... looks like Jan 18th will be limited patrons selected for this year's event... those who don't get picked will be refunded and given the opportunity to buy 22 tickets [emoji2959]
  9. Canes

    Mizuno JPX 921 Irons Review

    It's @BigDill fault lol
  10. Canes

    Mizuno JPX 921 Irons Review

    A couple months ago I decided to take a chance and get myself some real irons. For years I've been a game improvement irons guy and felt comfortable with the extra forgiveness while sacrificing feel and workability. I was fitted for a set of 921 tour irons 4-PW with steelfiber i95s shafts and...
  11. Canes

    Tour Event 2020 Masters Contest and Thread

    Bryson DeChambeau... because he says Augusta"s par is 67 for him [emoji2962]
  12. Canes

    2020 Masters Merchandise

    Masters swag is here!!
  13. Canes

    2020 Masters Merchandise

    Impressive how this online shop has everything you can think of with a Masters logo.... Swag should be arriving Nov 16th!!
  14. Canes

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Mizuno 921 tours 4-PW with Steelfiber i95s shafts!! [emoji2956]
  15. Canes

    NBA 2019/20

    Paybacks a b1tch Lebron... we're coming for you!! LET'S GO HEAT [emoji91][emoji91][emoji91][emoji91][emoji91][emoji91]
  16. Canes

    What's New In The Closet & Apparel Pondering

    Nike US Open wings shoes arrived this week [emoji2956]
  17. Canes

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges

    And hot off the face too... took me a round to get adjusted
  18. Canes

    Chip shots — glove on or off?

    Glove off for chips and pitches inside 50 yards. Glove on outside of 50+... not sure why I picked that yardage but it works for me.
  19. Canes

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges

    I recently purchased brushed steel 50, 54 & 58 to replace my SM6s. Nothing better than fresh grooves and I'm more confident with my wedge game attacking the pins with great check on the ball [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]

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