1. U_of_Bucky

    Best Bachelor Party Location?

    Las Vegas then do this drive a race car on a road track
  2. U_of_Bucky

    Looking for input and opinions on a new 75”+ TV

    OLed or QLed, LQ or Samsung
  3. U_of_Bucky

    LPGA To Allow Transgender Membership

    Well, this news adds to the Goff channel and others the complexity of setting boundaries for the live and news commentators. I have no problem with a change. We all were created,(or evolved) with gender biases not necessarily binary. Cie la vie!
  4. U_of_Bucky

    BBQ Top 10 Cities....I really don't know what to think about this.

    Well, I am in Wisconsin. Some good BBQ places. BBQ here used to be considered ground beef and tomato sauce on a bun! A wasteland considering some of the southeastern and southern states. Omitting Texas, Alabama, DC, Florida, etc is a serious crime! I ended up buying a Traeger Grill with wifi...
  5. U_of_Bucky

    Favorite Hole at Augusta

    Agreed. I golf The Castle Course at Northern Bay in Wisconsin. These two holes are replicated on the course. My favorite is "Azalea" #13. Depending on your drive a go for it in two with risk-reward is possible. Or lay up with a short 85-yard wedge in. I have double-bogeyed the hole and eagled...
  6. U_of_Bucky

    Modified Stack N Tilt?

    I use your techique of S&T modified again. I make a larger hip turn on the backside. Think Johnny Miller, Brooke Henderson to visualize. My shoulders are not as flexible as the examples. (68 y.o). Closed stance with the open rear foot to help the larger backside turn.
  7. U_of_Bucky

    Wisconsin Golf Trip - Erin Hills and Irish Course at Whistling Straits

    If you gt a chance Sand Valley/Mamouth Dunes/ Sand Box are worthy too. Congrats!!!!
  8. U_of_Bucky

    Godzilla vs Kong

    Adult male, adult female, and a young girl main human characters in the movie. The same set up as the 2005 remake of The War of the Worlds The saving grace of Kong v Godzilla was the young girl was mute. Dakotah Fanning in the War of the Worlds was screaming throughout the movie. I wanted her to...
  9. U_of_Bucky

    The Pets Thread

    Two grey ghosts. Smart dogs. Athletic. You have your hands full. Such a striking aristocratic breed!
  10. U_of_Bucky

    The Pets Thread

    Third dog is a Wired Haired ???? Vizsla???
  11. U_of_Bucky

    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    Thanks for the input. I am going to try your technique soon! I will let you know how my endeavor turns out. A slight twist is I have some beef suet. I am going to render the suet and then rub it on the chuck prior to a dry brine of 1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt and brown sugar. 12 to 12 hours in the...
  12. U_of_Bucky

    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    Has anyone tried to make burnt ends out of Chuck Roast or Chuck steak? could you share your success failure? My recent try was chuck roast. Cut into 2-inch cubes. Brined in Worcester kosher salt mix. Rubbed with Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and Smoked until 165 internal temps and a nice bark. Then put...
  13. U_of_Bucky

    The best hot dog can be found where?

    Portillo hot dogs are good. But the question only considers hot dogs. A bratwurst beats any hot dog. And smoked is even better.
  14. U_of_Bucky

    How to make more birdies on par 5’s

    The wedge game will get you birdies on par 4 hols too.
  15. U_of_Bucky

    What Swingweight Do You Play?

    D2 with modern clubs. With hickories it's another matter. Lucky if the club can be balanced at C1
  16. U_of_Bucky

    Anyone using a 10 finger grip?

    Yes. I have good control with it. At 68 y.o. I needed more swing speed from whipping the club. The ten-finger grip has allowed me to grip the club lower into m fingers. This allows me more flexibility at the hand-golf grip connection. It is easier for me to sling the club downrange. I have...
  17. U_of_Bucky

    Any mechanics here?

    The starter the second time is not engaging the bendix throwout. Can be rebuilt easily or replaced. Parts store will give you a core rebate. If you need to get somewhere have someone crank the starter while tapping the starter lightly with a hammer, wench etc. good luck
  18. U_of_Bucky

    Your Walk Out Music?

    J Geils Band...........Whammer Jammer

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