1. chirpy

    WTB: Nike Midnight 007 Putter

    Anyone have a 35" they are looking to part with?
  2. chirpy

    Regular grip --> Midsize grip

    By all the normal measurements, I need a midsize grip, and I really like the feel of a midsize grip as well. However, sometimes it's hard to find the style I want in a midsize (for example, those limited edition Golf Pride ones are cool - but only come in standard). I've heard you can add more...
  3. chirpy

    FS: BagBoy Golf Push Cart (Bay Area)

    I'm selling my BagBoy push cart. It's in great shape, very practical to use (easy to fold & throw in the trunk) and includes the drink and umbrella holder. I'm only asking $30 and would prefer to sell to someone locally (it's a little big to ship - plus the shipping cost would probably be higher...
  4. chirpy

    FS: Callaway X Hot Pro Irons 4-PW

    For sale is a set of Callaway X-Hot Pro irons 4-PW. I bought them new from Callway and they were my go-to irons for a year. Regular wear & tear from use - the faces are clean with no unusual marks. They have Project X 5.5 standard length shafts, 2* upright, regular Callaway grips with 2 wraps of...
  5. chirpy

    FS: Callaway Apex Forged Sand & Approach Wedge

    For sale is a set of very slightly used forged Callaway Apex Sand & Approach wedges. Both clubs are +1/2" long, 2* upright, with SP95 S300 shafts and Midsize Golf Pride grips. They are very clean and hardly even used (maybe a dozen shots at the range and on the course). Asking $160 for the...
  6. chirpy

    FS: Nike VR Pro XEX Forged Wedges 50* and 54*

    [ Update: reduced price to $50 shipped for the pair - and included slideshow below ] Two forged Nike VR Pro wedges, tons of life left in them, asking $50 for the pair shipped. Both have S400 shafts, standard length/lie, and new midsize new decade grips in black. Details below: - 50*/10...
  7. chirpy

    Blinding reflection from wedges

    On monday I played and it was super sunny - and my nike wedges, which I normally hit really well, were killing me because the sun reflection was making it hard to look down at the ball. I'm guessing this is why we've seen the black wedges lately? It got a little better when I delofted the club...
  8. chirpy

    Taylormade R11S Driver, 9* Stiff Shaft w/ HC and Tool

    For sale is my R11S Driver. It's in very good shape and still bombs the ball (my wife got me a new driver for Christmas, so can't justify keeping two). It's a 9 degree, with adjustable loft and angle, with a stiff RIP Phenom shaft and mid-size Lamkin Crossline grip. I never used the headcover...
  9. chirpy

    FS: Titleist Vokey Wedge Set: 50, 54, 56 & 58 / Spin Milled & SM4

    Update: I sold the 54* and 58*. The only two left are the 50* and 56*. Asking $̶7̶5̶ $65 for the pair (shipped). Here are the details on each club: 1) 50*08 Spin Milled (Chrome) w/ New Lamkin Crossline Oversize Grip 2) 56*11 Spin Milled (Black Nickel) w/ Used Midsize Tour Velvet Photos...
  10. chirpy

    How do you define "high handicapper"?

    When I read reviews for various golf clubs, they say "designed for high handicappers" or "best suited for low handicappers", etc. However I've never really understood what this line is. At what point do you go from a high to low handicap? Does "low" mean single digits? I was a 20 when I...
  11. chirpy

    FS: 3 DVD Combo (Haney Short Game, Full Swing & Mickelson Secrets of Short Game)

    For sale are 3 essential DVDs: - Hank Haney Essentials: The Short Game - Hank Haney Essentials: The Full Swing - Phil Mickelson's Secrets of the Short Game (2 DVDs + Booklet) I'm looking to sell all 3 DVDs for $4̶0̶ $30 (shipping included) or best offer.
  12. chirpy

    FT: Odyssey White Ice #1 35" RH Putter

    For trade is my Odyssey White Ice #1 35" RH Putter. It comes with the original headcover and currently has a midsize Winn grip in grey. This putter is in very good shape. I'm open to offers, but am seriously interested in a Cleveland #2 Putter (preferably black), Odyssey Versa putters, Nike...
  13. chirpy

    Experience with Ralph Lauren Golf Shoes?

    I'm looking at a pair of Ralph Lauren golf shoes on eBay. Does anyone have experience with them? Are they comfortable and do they fit true to size? I'm a 44 in Eccos - so do you think I'm also a 44 in the Ralph Laurens?
  14. chirpy

    Hard Balls

    Last weekend I tried a new ball: the Bridgestone B330S. Prior to this, I had been playing the B330RX. I thought I'd try the "S" model because my driver swing speed is 105-110 and wanted to see if I got more greenside spin. I actually played really well with the B330S, but it felt like a rock...
  15. chirpy

    WTT: B330RX and ProV1 Balls for Hex Chrome+ and B330RXS

    I'm looking to try the Callaway Hex Chrome+ and Bridgestone B330RXS balls. Does anyone wants to trade me a sleeve for a brand new sleeve of B330RX or ProV1x balls? Send me a PM.
  16. chirpy

    FS: Scotty Cameron California Fastback Putter 35"

    For sale is a Scotty Cameron California Fastback putter, right-handed, 35", original headcover, and the standard 10g weights installed (but I'm also including some generic 20g weights that I got on eBay). This putter is approximately 1 year old and was very well cared for, however I'm paring...
  17. chirpy

    FS: Odyssey White Ice 1 35" and Odyssey 2-ball CS (vegas style) 35"

    Update: I'll sell both for $130 shipped. I'm selling a couple of great putters that I don't use enough to justify keeping. 1) Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball CS (Vegas Style) 35" RH Putter. Comes with both the original headcover and vegas headcover, as well as 3 weights + tool (350g, 360g, and...
  18. chirpy

    Question about club length

    I've fallen in love with the new Callaway X Hot Pros and am going to buy a set. I had a fitting yesterday, and given my height (6'2") and arm length, the club builder at Golfsmith was recommending the +1/2" shaft and +2deg upright. However, when I hit the 6 iron that was +1/2" in length, my...
  19. chirpy

    WTB or WTT: Odyssey Metal X #9 Putter

    I'm looking for an Odyssey Metal X #9 Putter in 35" (or possibly 34"). Please let me know if you have one willing to sell. Or if you're interested in a trade, I can offer the following (both in excellent condition): - An Odyssey White Ice #1 35" Putter - An Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball CS 35" Putter
  20. chirpy

    Professional athletes who smoke

    A friend send me this Sports Illustrated photo gallery of athletes who smoke, and the first photo is Ben Hogan hitting a shot with a cigarette in his mouth -- and a few photos later is Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of golfers in this gallery of smokers...

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