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    Why so little love for Bridgestone on tour?

    Well the title says it all. They have Tiger, Bryson, Kuch and I think Brenden Steele won this year playing Bridgestone. Freddie on the Champions tour and Lexi on LPGA are the only others listed. Rocco was playing it but not sure if was later in the year. Even Jin Young Ko who carries a...
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    Srixon Ball Similar to B330S

    Have been playing the B330S the last 3 years but curious as to how the new Srixon balls will be. The reviews in the threads sound good but which one is more more like the 330S and anyone that can compare them directly is even better. Looking for any opinions.
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    Mizuno Impermalite

    Looking for new raingear. Have some really old gore tex stuff but looking for lighter. Need it for a trip to Scotland but also to wear in Virginia. Anyone try the Mizuno gear? I like the cut and comfort of Zero also.
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    Zero Restriction Pinnacle Jacket

    Has anyone tried this? It got a good review on PGA site and isn't Gore Tex but has a lifetime waterproof guarantee. Sounds like it is supposed to be lighter and quieter but looking for any first hand knowledge.
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    2013 Pro V1 vs 2012 B330s

    Anyone compared these head to head?

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