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    CONTEST Win the Jon Rahm Winning Combo

    The polo certainly looks awesome!
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    Shot Scope V3

    3 rounds in with shotscope and it’s been nice. What I do wish it had, since I’m coming from garmin, is the ability to enter score after each hole. Unless I’m wrong, shotscope scoring is based on it detecting a shot being taken but if a duff a bunker shot and hit again from the same bunker it...
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    Shot Scope V3

    Anyone know what the rated battery life is on the sensors? Something to worry about if I have a sim at home and use the clubs more often than out for a round?
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    Sky Diving

    I’ve gone twice. As others have said, great experience. Few things I specifically remember and share with others… you jump at about 13k in the air, it’s higher than you think and it takes awhile to get to that altitude. I’d say we were flying for maybe 15min and the guy asked me how high we...
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    Deal of the Day and Coupon Code thread

    Macy’s has a bunch of Ecco golf shoes on sale for 30% off with code FRIEND H4’s for $140 https://www.macys.com/shop/product/ecco-mens-golf-biom-h4-golf-shoes?ID=11818897
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    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Found the Ecco Biom H4’s on sale to decided to take the plunge!
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    Shot Scope V3

    So I got mine and set it all up. Won’t be able to use it until later this week. What’s obvious coming from a Garmin s20 is the size difference. Watch itself is a bit thicker and overall bigger with a similar size screen. Band itself is bigger which I also expected since it contains a PCB...
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    Mallet users: what's your preferred head style?

    Team Frontline Elevado here, checking in!
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    CONTEST Win a Trip to Hammock Beach for the Data Experience Sponsored by Shot Scope

    Another awesome event! 1. Do you use data tracking in your golf? Limited with a Garmin Approach watch. I did have Arccos for a few weeks but didn’t like having my phone in my pocket, but I do miss their stats. 2. Do you use a laser rangefinder? No 3. Confirm you are a 2021 Albatross Club...
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    Shot Scope V3

    Ok ok, I gave in!
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    Shot Scope V3

    ugh I know! 🤦‍♂️
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    Shot Scope V3

    Ugh, I’ve been on the fence on getting one. I’ve had the garmin s20 for a few years and tried arccos last year with the free sensors when you purchase a Cobra club but hated having the phone in the pocket and just love the convenience of the garmin to just quickly look at your wrist for...
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    CONTEST EPIC Contest: The 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

    My pick would be the Epic Max given the current state of my driver ability. Max forgiveness and draw bias would certainly help boost my confidence! Good luck everyone!
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    Indoor Simulators

    I recently went with skytrak and a spornia net in the garage. It runs off an iPad, cheap projector and hit off a fiberbuilt mat. Easily sets up and breaks down so it can still be used as a garage. Definitely nice to have!
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    For Sale Tour Striker Planemate

    Sold! please close, thanks!
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    For Sale Tour Striker Planemate

    Bump! Price lowered

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