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    Tour Event 2021 the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide

    You have to have the buckeye shake if you make it! And the walleye sandwich is damn tasty.
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    What Ball Did You Play Last - What Are Your Thoughts?

    Pro V1. Enjoying it more and more. Like the X also but the softer feel of the non X still is better.
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    STITCH Releases The Clubhouse Duffle, Dopp Kit and Shoe Bag

    Has anyone seen or heard of issues with the SL2 bag? Really like the looks and gets great reviews for a carry bag which is what I want. Know someone that has one and same issue as described above and the areas where the straps attach to the big were ripping and tearing away. Hate to spend...
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    Food in your area your “known” for.

    Just had chipped ham when I visited my parents. Would love to find Lemon Blend mix. Ohio valley (Steubenville) style pizza where I am from.
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    Joaquin Niemann's look-a little too casual?

    If the tour wants to control what the guys wear they should be clamping down on the companies like Nike, Adidas versus the player getting the grief. The younger guys especially want to wear more casual lookand the companies are marketing to that. Also, as for Joaquin has done for his infant...
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    Bubba Moving on to Another Apparel Company

    Saw some articles that he invested in Linksoul as well as brand ambassador.
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    Mike Whan stepping down in 2021

    He was a great commissioner for a brand that was struggling. Grew tournaments and purses. Think he will move to even bigger opportunities.
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    NCAA Football Playoffs: Who you got?

    Wish I would have seen this before last night Dabo 😁
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    Your Favorite of 2020 – Ball

    Pro V1. Love the changes to the last iteration.
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    Tiger vs. Jack: who is the greatest of all time?

    Completely agree with career it is Jack but Tiger over a shorter span. I do think by far the talent level is deeper today but the guys who were their direct competition were better in Jack’s day. Started with Palmer and others, Trevino, Floyd, Watson, etc. and they had no fear and didn’t...
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    How to create basic Green Mapping book??

    I think the books would be easier than the app. To me the best feature is the putt break green map rather than the heat map shown. Looking forward to taking these out to the course when less crowded and confirm the breaks they show. Another good feature I think is it gives a layout of...
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    How to create basic Green Mapping book??

    Our club has 36 holes and I just picked up the Golf Logix books for each. They had a special of $28 each rather than $40. Our greens have a lot of slope and subtle slope and think these will be a great help.
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    Why so little love for Bridgestone on tour?

    I think for mid or lower tier guys the money is a big deal. Same was the case with TM drivers so completely agree with the money comment. For the top players not linked to a larger endorsement deal I just think a few would play a Bridgestone. Koepka and Reed are two examples knowing Reed...
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    Why so little love for Bridgestone on tour?

    I know they pay a weekly for guys not in full equipment contracts but look at Brooks, Fleetwood, Finau, etc. I don’t think some of these guys are getting paid. Even a lot of Callaway guys play Titleist and you know Cally pays. Bridgestone has Tiger and Bryson so they can pay a lot of money...
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    Why so little love for Bridgestone on tour?

    Well the title says it all. They have Tiger, Bryson, Kuch and I think Brenden Steele won this year playing Bridgestone. Freddie on the Champions tour and Lexi on LPGA are the only others listed. Rocco was playing it but not sure if was later in the year. Even Jin Young Ko who carries a...
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    What mallets should I audition for 2021?

    Have always been a blade guy but this one has me intrigued.
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    Do you have a specific brand preference?

    Ping for clubs. Have played them for years at least irons and to me Ping really stepped up their woods about 5 or 6 years ago. Love their company values and support of military and handicapped golfers. If anything happens to a club or need a single replacement or additionyou just call...
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    How much of your bag is from THP?

    Blutarski grade point 0.0
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    Which Clubfitter Do You Prefer?

    I know this is not in the four you mentioned but Miles of Golf in Fairfield is very good. Not sure exactly where in central Ohio you are so would be a little drive but have had great experiences with them. They never pushed just high end shaft, etc. Hit from a bay to driving range so can...
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    What part of your game needs the most work in 2021?

    Iron play and chipping. Driving it really well. Need to hit more greens and be able to get up and down more that 15% of the time.

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