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    CONTEST Win the Jon Rahm Winning Combo

    I'm absolutely going with my favorite part being the belt. There's something to be said about understated elegance.
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    Socks with Boat Shoes?

    I'm with those that said with no show socks. I absolutely wear socks with my boating shoes, you just can't see them.
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    Do You Make The Tee Times?

    I've never done it. Once @MattyD-MPLS did for the group and we paid after the round. Usually it's my FIL who sets up times because we tend to golf where he wants to golf and I don't really care which course he takes us to, then we all pay our own when we get in.
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    How to clean your clubs

    I feel like I'm with everyone else. Warm water and a few drops of dawn then depending on how dirty they are I have a little brush cleaner and a toothbrush. I then towel dry them and it's all done.
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    What’s going on in this video of Jordan Spieth?

    I saw this yesterday or two days ago or something. I assumed he just got frustrated with that deep shot he took and decided to take it out on the turf. Normally I would say I'm worried about his club breaking, but I guess at his level he has spare clubs that are identical in case something...
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    You have to hit a fairway! What shot shape are you trying to hit?

    The plan would be to aim straight and hit straight. The reality is a slice, but if I am left to compensate it'll shoot straight that time.
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    Push cart mafia deal on Target

    Thanks for that information! I'll have to take a look at that one. I wonder why it's half as much as this one regular price, or if they do the kohls thing where they seemingly mark up stuff just to give a bigger discount.
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    Push cart mafia deal on Target

    The wife and I were browsing the online deal days and came across this push cart. Looks to be nearly half off, I couldn't really find and reviews on it with a phone search. Has anyone used a cart like this or from this company?
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    What golf stuff did you get for Father's day?

    Nothing. However the wife did ask if I wanted to pick out someone new to get lessons from.
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    Equipment Judgement Day?

    If he goes from double to par, then likely there was something distracting him or he was very stiff or something. To answer your question, I don't think I would judge because I don't really care. If the personality was there, I'm good with whatever.
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    2021 Titleist T-Series Irons Hit Tour

    Yay for another great experience. Also it's always fun to read the new release information.
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    Congrats: You Just Won a Callaway Epic Max Driver

    Great prize @ddstanford play it well!
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    If you were looking to buy new irons, name the 3 you would look at to purchase

    Cleveland Mizuno Those are the two that I'm looking at right now. No reason other than lots of good reviews from people in this site.
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    CONTEST Grandaddy Tees and Balls

    3 and a quarter here. I do tee it down a bit sometimes if I am hitting it to high instead of straight. Fun contest!
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    Tour Event 2021 US Open Contest and Thread Sponsored by Callaway Golf

    Will Z - my pick to win. 10.5 regular, right handed.
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    The Last Time You Quit Early

    Not before 9 but last weekend we played 36 and on the 33rd hole I was just having a tough time. Heat and fatigue along with never playing that much before in one day after hitting 3 shots of the tee terrible I dropped where @Golfever hit to and played in from there. I just had a blow up hole...
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    What handicap do you think you look like? Is it accurate?

    I have some skills that are better than my 35 handicap but the reality is that I can't hit a driver to save my soul so I am constantly trying to get myself out of trouble and those 2 swings each home really add up.
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    We Go Way Off Course!

    Thank you and I look forward to that option, until then I guess it's on the computer which isn't a big deal by any means.
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    THP Live Round thread!

    I agree, I had a great time with @MattyD-MPLS , @Golfever and @djt311 at the Meadows in the twin cities. Temps were great, company was great; couldn't have asked for a better day. Thanks again and I look forward to another outing at some point.
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    We Go Way Off Course!

    I tried to find this to download for my golf trip up at the Meadows today with some other THP'ers. It doesn't seem to allow me to do so on audible. I looked up off course and hackers paradise. @jb are you on audible?

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