1. kokogirl

    Found golf book at MIL house!

    I am so excited. Darren's step mom had a Golf for Dummies book at her condo. (Background: His dad died this past October, and they did everything together. We have been trying to spend lots of time with her). So I asked her if she was interested in learning to play golf, and she seemed pretty...
  2. kokogirl

    Golf room in new house?

    Darren and I are in the process of moving. We are selling our current house, that has no extra room for us and our 2 girls, and moving to a larger house with extra room. The house has a 5 bedrooms in the main house. One is the Master, one will be our study, and each girl has a room. The other...
  3. kokogirl

    Playing a scramble with family this weekend

    This weekend Darren and I are playing in a scramble with our 2 girls. My oldest is 12 and the younger one is 10. The oldest has a good swing but hasn't been too interested in playing a lot. The younger one is less interested than the older one. They both have played in some local tournaments...
  4. kokogirl

    Neon pants

    I can't believe this color has come back from the 80's. This is some dude at Taco Bell. Sorry about the bad photography. I was in stealth mode.
  5. kokogirl

    Caught the rocket launch this evening

    Launches at dusk are the prettiest.
  6. kokogirl

    I love these shoes

    I got these new Eccos for Christmas. I love them! Too bad I only had green topped socks the day I took this pic. I keep looking for more shorts with purple in them so I can wear the shoes more often!
  7. kokogirl

    How do I tell if my irons are taper or parallel tip

    I have 09 Burner irons with the stock 85 gram shafts. I want to get the Nippon 750 shafts but I do not know how to tell if I need parallel or taper. I looked up the specs of my irons online, but I am not sure what I am looking for. Thanks to anyone who can help me!
  8. kokogirl

    Hello from Sunny Florida

    Hi! I was on here a while ago and now I am back, so I figured I would check in here again! (I am not sure why I strayed away...got busy...) I play golf every weekend with my husband and sometimes my kids and other ladies or couples. I love golf and took it up when I hurt my knee running. I...
  9. kokogirl

    Found this Ping beauty today at local shop

    Ping anser Ti3. When I saw her I knew she was special. I had to go out and play 9 more this afternoon to try her out. She has a nearly new Ping man grip. Sorry for the crappy pics. I can take better ones if anyone would like.
  10. kokogirl

    Hello from Sunny Florida

    Hi! I am new here. I found you guys on Twitter. :dance: I love golf. My husband got me hooked about 3 years ago when I hurt my knee running. I was going crazy since I could not run, so he said that I should just try golf. I was like "I am NOT good at games with balls." But he gently...

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