1. ohio_striker

    Drone footage from 4th of july scramble

    It was shot on a mavic pro you can change the quality up to 4k. you can even check out my short game skills 25 seconds in enjoy.
  2. ohio_striker

    2017 NFL draft

    tomorrow is the draft what players do you guys like? my breakdown this years players if i had to chose some to be a pro bowl players QB's - dont really love any if i had to choose id say Watson DL- Solomon Thomas is my guy over Garrett i wasnt about clowney when he was drafted either WR-...
  3. ohio_striker

    Describe your golf game in under 10 words

    Interested in how THPers would describe their own golf game in 10 or less words below is mine. if i know THPers i think the funny responses are coming. above average distance , streaky iron player, good putter
  4. ohio_striker

    Prisma picture app for Android and apple

    Just thought I would share this app makes your photos into artwork Its pretty cool. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  5. ohio_striker

    How many birdies per round ?

    interested in how many birdies you normally get in a round and what is the most you have ever had? i normally get 1 or 2 most being 4 in a round that i can remember.
  6. ohio_striker

    Cant play well on the back 9 for whatever reason.

    i have been noticing a trend when playing 18 hole rounds this summer in my scoring. last 4 rounds Front 37,37,40,38 Back 42,42,39,45 for what ever reason it seems like my full swing leaves me driver and irons on the back. i tend to take more penalty's on the back. my short game stays...
  7. ohio_striker

    Do you practice recovery shots?

    Last weekend i think i had the best recovery shot i think of my life. i was behind a tree 150 out on the right side of the hole. The tree was blocking the green and i had to hit it low due to branches. My best case scenario was going to be a bunker on the left side of the green. So i took my 5...
  8. ohio_striker

    what trajectory do you have and would you prefer ?

    My question for you guys is what is your trajectory of your golf shots in general comparing to other golfers you play with? does it very from irons to woods? i have noticed i am a lower ball hitter then most i have learned to embrace it even with my driver. i was chasing more distance and...
  9. ohio_striker

    What's the better shot shape draw or fade?

    after the run DJ has went on since changing his shape from a draw to a fade. It makes me think a powerful fade is the best shot in golf. hogan, jack, tiger and dj now more recently have had success hitting pretty much all fades. A draw can get out of control quickly and a fade is more...
  10. ohio_striker

    What is your best and worst golf stat?

    For guys that keep track of statistics what is your best and worst golf stat? Fir, gir, putting, scrambling, sand saves ect. Mine would be putting for the year i am averaging 31.32 putts per round. worst would be GIR at 36.1%
  11. ohio_striker

    Forward Putting Grips

    i came across these grips they claim to align the putter shaft with your arms by placing more material above the shaft creating a straight line all the way from your forearms to the putter head. what do you guys think? http://forwardgolfgrips.com/product/forward-putter-grip/
  12. ohio_striker

    WITB- Ohio_Striker

    well here is my bag i dont really have any brand loyalty. just kind of pick up stuff on sale and roll with it. In my Adidas powerband stand bag :wilsonstaff: FG tour M3 Driver DIAMANA D+ PLUS WHITE BOARD :wilsonstaff: FG tour M3 Fairway Wood 14o :adams:Pro Gold hybrid 3/4 Irons 5-PW :projectx...
  13. ohio_striker

    The most and least Fit cities in the US 2016.

    who do you think it might surprise some. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/05/18/fittest-city-united-states-america-american-college-sports-medicine/84492256/
  14. ohio_striker

    hyperloop? a new type of travel would you use it?

    Just read an article and could be in operation carrying people in 2021. 750 mph in a tube 30 min from san fran to LA in 30 min also 30 minutes from DC to Ny city. these are times from another article from Columbus ohio Cleveland – 12 minutes Cincinnati – 9 minutes Chicago – 30 minutes...
  15. ohio_striker

    Anchored putting ban results so far ..and in the future

    so from what ive seen so far the anchored putter ban hasn't really effected adam scott but keegan bradley seems to be struggling. what other guys have been better or worse this year i cant think of anymore? what do you think the long term effects will be for guys that used to anchor? better...
  16. ohio_striker

    Another golf coach knocking the modern swing...

    Another guy knocking how golf is taught today. Do you think more teachers will go back to a more feel focused teaching. rather then the new position based teaching ? http://www.golf.com/instruction/peter-kostis-too-much-data-modern-teaching?xid=nl_instruction
  17. ohio_striker

    Switching back to old irons not sure what to do?

    i have spent about 8 months trying to transition from my previous irons Adams pro golds that i played for about 5 years. The new irons are the cobra bio cells with 85g shafts, the old irons have project X 6.0 120G shafts. i went to the range yesterday and took half of each iron sets. it was...
  18. ohio_striker

    what do you hit better irons or woods/ driver?

    i have noticed that people usually are better hitting one or the other not really both. why do you think that is the case ? AOA ? different paths into the ball? when i am playing well i usually keep my driver and woods in play they are what i struggle with. if i have a look at the green and...
  19. ohio_striker

    what golf instruction do you use and why?

    In our quest to get better there are lots of different ways to go about it. what instructors, magazines, golf pros, work for you? -Free online video instruction youtube ect. -paid interactive online instruction. - in person private lessons - magazines articles ect
  20. ohio_striker

    New Drivers are they really longer?

    Lately i have been getting sick of golf manufacturers with their new driver commercials. every year its the same thing, better aero and hotter face for faster ball speeds and more distance. how can this be the case every year? I was interested so i looked at the driving distance from the PGA...

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