1. RicYork

    Patriot Golf Day

    Just a reminder to all to play at the courses that are supporing Patriot Golf Day this Labor Day weekend. Each course will donate to the Patriot Fund which grants scholarships to dependents of our American Heroes killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's a cause near and dear to me...
  2. RicYork

    What's Your Favorite Hamburger Restaurant?

    I hear a lot of people talking about Five Guys and In n Out Burgers. I don't have one of those close to me but we do have a Smash Burger and i've fallen in love with that place. From the great burgers to the onion strings that place is fantastic! So the questions is..........what's your...
  3. RicYork

    The First Tee Program

    What a great program for the kids. I signed up both my daughter and grandson today. Teaches life lessons thru golf. It's free to the participants. www.thefirsttee.org
  4. RicYork

    Finally Found It!

    What a great website and forums. Where have you been for the last year? Oh, I guess it was me who couldn't find you. My real name is Ric York and I started playing golf again last August after not playing for 25 years. I plan to play once a week until late November and drop my handicap...

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