1. Lynchburg14

    FS: Masters Tickets

    I have 2 Masters tickets for sale for Wednesday which is also par 3 day [emoji16]. Asking $1000 each (less than both stubhub and seat geek), if you want both we can do $1,700 so you have extra money for the food and merch. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. Lynchburg14

    AC Membership over the years?

    So with this being the 10th year of THP it had me wondering how much has been raised for donations from the wonderful AC membership during that time. I know that it has gone to different charities but did not know if there was a count of how much awesomeness THPers have raised for those...
  3. Lynchburg14

    #sb2k18 or Augusta

    Okay had the convo with a friend on if you were given the chance to play Augusta or go on #sb2k18 with Rickie, Jordan, Justin, and Smylie which would you choose. Now I think the answer to this all depends on your age. Both of us under the age of 35 said hands down we were going on spring break...
  4. Lynchburg14

    FS: Epic Subzero with 2 shafts

    I have a 9 degree Epic SZ with Diamana whiteboard shaft stiff 70. Cut down to 44in. Also have Ozik 75M Black Tie stiff shaft at 45in to go with it. Club is in great shape but found something else. Asking $325obo shipped to lower 48. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  5. Lynchburg14

    Contest: Callaway Customs Goes Rogue

    Cool Contest here is what I went with.
  6. Lynchburg14

    Tigers pairing for the Masters

    Okay you are incharge of pairing for the Masters so who are you putting as Tigers playing partner?
  7. Lynchburg14

    Carts for PGA?

    Talking yesterday with my buddy during our round it was brought up that if the PGA wants to speed up rounds why not give the guys carts. Do you think it could ever work?
  8. Lynchburg14

    Need Technical Question Help

    Recently I have been doing some driver testing on the newest Foresight LM, and I don't exactly understand all the numbers and hoping someone can explain. So with my current driver I was avg a swing speed of 111, smash factor of 1.42 total distance avg around 263 but longest 290 and the shaft is...
  9. Lynchburg14

    Golf Standards

    So in the WM thread debating with JB about John Rahm emotions for hitting a bad shot has me thinking. Why are golfers held at different standards than other professional athletes. Why do some of us have not problem with a club slam or a f bomb being dropped and others get all upset about it. The...
  10. Lynchburg14

    Where is PING

    Just curious where is PING? I can't remember them or THP ever reallying doing anything together. Now I don't remember all the amazing things that have gone on so there might be a real easy answer to my question. They seem to make some really good clubs and I would have thought somehow over the...
  11. Lynchburg14

    Bullying/Suicide Prevention Video Please Watch

    Guys this is the video my 8th graders made with a little camera work from me. They were tasked with coming up with a video idea to bring focus to bullying and suicide, as it is a big topic in our health class. They chose the song 1-800-273-8255 by Logic and they made the video around the song...
  12. Lynchburg14

    Big Thank You to Callaway Golf and Carlos Caliente

    So I would like to take quick second and give a big thank you to Harry Arnett, Aj Voelpel, and Alex "Carlos Caliente". I just went out to San Diego and the west coast for the first time in my life and while there I played Torrey Pines and got a private tour of Callaway from AJ. So let me give a...
  13. Lynchburg14

    Range Ball leftovers?

    Today went up to the local course and to hit a bag of balls. The course has done a lot of beautification recently but they treat the place like it is nicer than it really is. For the first time at any course that I have been to they had a range guy throwing leftover range balls back into the...
  14. Lynchburg14

    The Greatest Invention

    This morning during planning time my department had a discussion on what was the greatest invention was between Electricity and Light bulbs. We were split with arguments saying without electricity the light bulb would be no good and others saying without the light bulb we would not be able to...
  15. Lynchburg14

    Mountain bikers on Strava

    Did a lot of riding and racing when I was in high school as cross training for baseball. Most of the tracks in my area of VA are more flat courses but there are some with some good hills. Don't really ride a lot now even though there are three tracks in a 20 minute drive of me. Still have my 99...
  16. Lynchburg14

    Wesley Bryan and the 90 minute round

    Wow Wesley Bryan https://www.yahoo.com/sports/wesley-bryan-plays-18-holes-145127442.html that is one way to play fast and good.
  17. Lynchburg14

    NCAA is joke

    Not sure how many have seen the story but if not check it out. http://www.tmz.com/2017/08/01/donald-de-la-haye-ucf-scholarship-youtube/ The NCAA can make all the profit they want off a student but a student can't make a profit off themselves. This might be the biggest corrupt sport organization...
  18. Lynchburg14

    San Diego golf October 22-25

    Just found out that I am going with my wife to San Diego this October 22-25th. While she is at work conference I am free to roam around. My first thought was I need to surf and play golf on the west coast. So I am hoping yall can help me figure out things while I am there. 1. Do I play Torrey...
  19. Lynchburg14

    Best Famous Amateur Golfer

    Sitting here watching the American Center Championship and Mark Mulder is back on top again. So it got me thinking who is the best famous amateur golfer? Would think Mulder has to be on the top or close. He's beating Romo and Curry Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  20. Lynchburg14

    Trail shoes instead of spikeless golf spikes?

    Anyone ever thought about using running trail shoes instead of spikeless golf shoes? I like some of the spikeless shoes but saw these UA trail shoes and thought they had almost the same bottoms. With these I can basically get two shoes for the price of one...

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