1. Trout Bum

    WTB Titleist TS2 with a Stiff hazardous 60

    Anyone have a titleist TS2 with a hazardous 60 they’d like to sell? 9 1/2 or 10 1/2 would be fine but prefer a 9 1/2
  2. Trout Bum

    Hogan 2020?

    Anyone know if Hogan is coming out with anything new in 2020?
  3. Trout Bum

    What's your dream job?

    I'm sitting here thinking about my 2017 work year, over 200 nights in hotels, enough flights to circle the globe a couple times, and all in all it's been a good year. My dream job though would be owning a small coffee shop/used bookstore with great seating, a fire place, and excellent Wi-Fi on...
  4. Trout Bum

    What swing move gives you the most trouble?

    As my play becomes less frequent I'm noticing I am struggling to keep my plane on track, my subtle over the top move has become more pronounced and I'm losing my consistency in predicting ball flight and direction. Swing plane has always been a struggle for me, I just wish I had the time to...
  5. Trout Bum

    Cowboy Boots

    Any of you guys wear Cowboy Boots? I've been looking for a nice pair that I can wear regularly and there are so many to choose from it's not funny. So far I like Dan Bailey and Frye but I just want something that looks cool and is comfortable for daily wear
  6. Trout Bum

    The Golf Ball, How Important Is It?

    I was reading another thread and a comment struck me pretty hard about accentuating your miss by not properly compressing the ball. I had no idea that that was something that had a direct effect on my performance and it got me wondering, how important it the ball really? Do you guys really...
  7. Trout Bum

    What's your Buzzkill?

    What are some of the things in life that kill your buzz for happiness? Mine are rude people or people that don't think others matter, a sense of entitlement, or people with control issues. How about you?
  8. Trout Bum

    Jubess delivers

    Wanted to give a shout out to Jubess, I bought a shaft from him for my driver and when I got home tonight it was here waiting for me, Thanks Jubess, much appreciated and the condition was excellent.
  9. Trout Bum

    What's your favorite grass?

    Grass has come an awful long way over the last ten years, there are all kinds of grasses out there with hybrids of just about every type. What's your favorite grass for greens and fairways? Greens I like bent grass and fairways I love a tight Bermuda.
  10. Trout Bum

    Does your tee matter?

    I've seen a lot of tees over the last few years, the brush tee, the stinger, some plastic thing that's supposed to reduce spin, you name it and it's out there. Do tees matter or do they make a difference for your game? do some launch farther than others? What's your experience?
  11. Trout Bum

    WTB Titleist driver shaft

    Does anyone have a Titleist shaft with a high launch profile for sale that fits the 915 ? I prefer 65g and under but will look at others.
  12. Trout Bum

    Which OEM?

    Which OEM has the best stable of PGA tour players? Callaway are up at the top with their rosters but Cleveland/Srixon has solid guys, as well as many others. Who has the best roster of players on PGA tour?
  13. Trout Bum

    What is your favorite season to golf?

    What is your favorite season to get out and play and why? Is it the heat of summer? the blooms of spring? the cool crisp air in the fall? or the cold weather when the courses are empty and you're free to drop a couple balls and play them out? I love late summer early fall golf, there always...
  14. Trout Bum

    What are your strengths?

    We often focus on what we did or are doing wrong in the swing or on the course and I think it's important to know that information in order to correct it but, What are you doing right? Are you a good ball striker? do you control distance well? are you looking good at impact? I believe in the...
  15. Trout Bum

    Do you let it deflate you?

    Do you let bad days on the course deflate you? I've come to a point where my game has gotten really inconsistent due to not playing much or practicing and it used to really bother me a lot because I was always measuring myself, I got deflated thinking about how much work went in to the game...
  16. Trout Bum

    How has forgiveness helped you?

    With all the new technology out there, a lot of clubs are being built with forgiveness in mind. How has that forgiveness worked for you? mishits go further? ball goes straighter? massive distance gains? Are you hitting more fairways and greens?
  17. Trout Bum

    RIP Lemmy

    For all us metal heads out there, there are some confirmed reports that lemmy has passed away today at the ripe old age of 70. He lived life on his terms and went out his way, rock on my brother and thanks for the ride that was motorhead!
  18. Trout Bum

    Do you play the course?

    When you play, do you play the course or do you play your opponent? I have always played the course and thought about every shot as an independent swing and tried to put the ball in a place that would give me the best chance of beating the hole, last year sometime I got away from that practice...
  19. Trout Bum

    What are your golf plans this winter?

    The fall season is upon us and it's been a season filled with ups and downs for many of us. Winter is a time to re-evaluate our games and equipment and get a game plan for the upcoming season, Do you have a plan to improve or get your equipment fit? This year for me was by far the most...
  20. Trout Bum

    What makes a brand fail?

    Sitting here eating dinner and was thinking about some brands I used to love that just fell into oblivion and wonder what happened. Is is it that they stopped listening to their customers? Did staying in the past lock hem out of a future? Bad releases? what do you think makes a brand fail?

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