1. miller821

    Check this course out...if you happen to be in Michigan

    Bucks Run Golf Course in Mt. Pleasant MI. I had the pleasure of playing this course this past week. I was invited by a current customer of mine, to join him and one of his customer's (a potential future customer of mine) to come up and play. Being 5.5 hours away from the "booming metropolis" of...
  2. miller821

    March 17th-Not only for the Irish!

    Just as a reminder to all THP'rs out there. Today is St. Patrick's Day (Duh?!) It is also the birthday of one of golf's most beloved heroes... Robert Tyre Jones Jr. (Bobby Jones). 2010 also marked the 80th Anniversary of the One and Only Single Season GRAND SLAM! With Bobby being one of my...
  3. miller821

    Junior Tester for Cleveland - Long Term Review

    My son was the lucky recipient of Cleveland Launcher Junior set (Thanks GG!) the other week. I'm not really sure how to do this thread so forgive me if I get off track and ramble... First off, my son Jake is 9 and loves to play golf. He was okay with just hitting balls around the back yard when...
  4. miller821

    Payne Stewart Clothing question

    Okay gang, here's a silly question.... Who out there knows the manufacturer of the Payne Stewart Clothing line? I just saw that JC Penny picked it up and would like to see an entire catalog. Granted, it is not that I particularly love what I saw at JCP, but have been trying to find Payne...
  5. miller821

    Look's like a party...Can I join?

    :hello::hello::hello:Just doing what the sign up message says...Stop by the desk and introduce yourself. I'm Marc from Dayton, Ohio. I am the proud owner of Premium Logowear (screen printing and embroidery plus ad specialties). Being the owner of a small business, I don't get to play as much as...

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