1. TC

    Your 2012 mid-year Winners!

    Alright folks, September is approaching and golf seasons will be dwindling down for some. Most of the 2012 equipment is on shelves and I want to know what gets the gold medal from you! Drivers, fwy woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and the flat stick, what takes home the gold medal in each category...
  2. TC

    Matrix "Prototype" U11-D05 Preview

    This beauty showed up for testing last week and to say I'm intrigued is a massive understatement. I'm a bit of a Matrix fan, it's well known around these parts, so to receive anything that's labelled "prototype" gets my loins tingling. I know absolutely zilch about this shaft. I don't know the...
  3. TC

    Mizuno JPX 825 & 825 Pro Irons

    Mizuno is littering their Facebook feed with talk and pics of these irons. It seems as though CH3 has the Pro's in his bag this weekend for the PGA Championship. The Pro's The 825's I got to tell you, I think aesthetically, these are an amazing upgrade to the 800's that came out last...
  4. TC

    THP Live Round thread!

    To much club! Hit my custom 588 52 degree wedge way past the hole. Sorry dean, I will stop now.
  5. TC

    THP Live Round thread!

    3 birdie in the last 4 holes and 3 under through 7. I've got this left on 8 (91 yards)
  6. TC

    THP Live Round thread!

    How about another?
  7. TC

    THP Live Round thread!

    I'm playing today. Off to a hot start too. Par'd 1 - 3 then back to back birdies on 4 and 5. Just hit this shot on the par 3 5th from 146 with the 588 PW
  8. TC

    Westwood is Coming to America

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/golf/18498532 Hell yes!!!
  9. TC

    Yonex Rexis NP Shafts - THP Preview

    Well, now that demo day has come and gone I can get back to doing what I love, and that's being the official shaft tester for THP. When I found out I would be testing 2 shafts from Yonex I was elated. I've always appreciated Yonex's participation with THP as they've been a fixture at the last...
  10. TC

    What is the Easiest Major to Win?

    I don't know why, but I was thinking about this this morning. Of all the Major Championships, which one is the easiest? I'm still a bit on the fence about my selection, though I'm leaning towards the Masters. Some will think I'm crazy but I think the US Open highly caters to guys who are...
  11. TC

    FS: (LH) PING G20 Driver ; (LH) W/S Fybrid RS Hybrid ; (LH) W/S Fybrid RS 3wood

    Good morning THP'ers. Time to move some stuff as my Cleveland woods arrived far quicker than I ever imagined. My gain is your gain, or something like that. Up first, a LH PING G20 Driver. This driver is 9.5* and comes with the stock shaft in STIFF flex. This driver has been used for a handful...
  12. TC

    Old Edwards Club - Highlands, NC

    Recently I had the chance to play the Old Edwards Club back in my hometown of Highlands, NC. The club was built in the late 90's by architect Tom Jackson and at that time is was called "Highlands Cove". The ownership has changed hands and it is now named as the title of this thread indicates...
  13. TC

    FS: LH Callaway Razr Fit Driver (10.5*)

    Up for grabs is a USED Callaway Razr Fit Driver. The driver comes equipped with the stock RIP'd shaft in a Stiff flex. It is a 10.5* head and has a RED Lamkin REL 3GEN grip on it. The driver is used and has appropriate wear on the sole and face. No sky marks, dents, or dings. It comes with...
  14. TC

    Graphite Iron Shafts vs. Steel Iron Shafts

    Now we may proceed with the discussion. I find it comical that guys try to justify their graphite iron decisions. You know who I'm talking to. Why? Old deano gets fit for S300 shafts and wants PX 5.5 graphite. A little different characteristics between the two mon frere'. And Tmex...
  15. TC

    FS: LH 3woods and Hybrid

    OK lefty THP'ers, time for some Spring cleaning. All sales are final. Paypal is the only form of payment and every listing below will have an asking price but you have to pay shipping. If you like something and want it, I will send it to you, then PM you the cost of shipping. That cost will...
  16. TC

    Wilson Staff FG 62 Irons

    We've been discussing these irons in the Ci11 and V2 threads so I figured it would be best to start a new thread. Well, and I haven't started a thread in ages and everyone else seems to be doing so, so why not? Anyway, I don't own these but I sure do want to. I hit the 7iron at my local...
  17. TC

    FS: LH Cleveland CG15 Black Pearl Wedges

    Ok lefties, up for grabs are my 50* and 56* CG15's. They have been used appropriately for the last 4 or 5 months. I never hit off mats, and I'm meticulous about keeping my clubs clean. I would like to sell them as a pair but wouldn't be opposed to selling them individually. However if I do...
  18. TC

    2012 Ryder Cup - Medinah Country Club

    So, I was thinking about the Ryder Cup today on the golf course and I was thinking about who might make the US squad. Right now the 8 automatic spots go to these guys: Kyle Stanley Keegan Bradley Steve Stricker Johnson Wagner Brandt Snedeker Mark Wilson Jason Dufner Ben Crane Pretty...
  19. TC

    On Course Action Pictures

    Thought it would be cool for folks to share some pics of them mid swing or mid putt or in "action" on the golf course. I found this picture of my son today and couldn't help but notice how sweet his form is for a 2 year old, albeit cross handed.
  20. TC

    Super Bowl Commercials

    Well, this weekend is the big weekend. And I'm not a Giant or Pats fun but love the Super Bowl. At any rate, the commercials can sometimes be the star and I expect good ones this year. Here's a sneak peak of the Cars.com Super Bowl Commercial. For those of you that don't know, I work for...

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