1. M2Giles

    What the defining feature of a good Hybrid?

    What is the defining feature for a good Hybrid for you? Distance, Consistency, Feel, Looks, or something else?
  2. M2Giles

    Meal Themes

    Does anyone else's family do Meal Themes. Every season we change ours up but we've been doing this for about a year and a half. Right now for Winter. MRE Monday. Meals inspired by the main dish of an MRE. Italian Tuesday. Self explanatory Wok Wednesday. Self explanatory Caserole Thursday. Self...
  3. M2Giles

    Shaft Adapter Redesigns

    Which OEM needs to update their shaft Adapter? For me it's Callaway. I like the fact that it keeps the shaft aligned no matter the setting but it weighs a lot more. We already are seeing the need to update it and reduce weight with the Fairway and Hybrid adapters getting modifications in the...
  4. M2Giles

    Hitting Off Mats Fittings

    When hitting off the mat at a store, do you adjust spin/launch numbers for when trying out irons? I usually add 700ish revs and think launch is usually a degree or two higher.
  5. M2Giles

    Golf Ball idiosyncrasies

    Do you have any idiosyncrasies with your golf ball? For some reason I hate black numbers. No idea why but I prefer the look of a red number.
  6. M2Giles

    Weak lofts vs GW

    I currently play MBs and carry a set gap wedge. What would be the difference between playing a se 4-GW vs getting a set of 3-PW MBs bent a few degrees weak? I know club length and head weights would be a little different. Would there be a difference of spin and launch compared between the old...
  7. M2Giles

    Leading Edge Grind Fitting

    With Cleveland now offering 3 different leading edge grinds with the new Tour Rack, have you ever thought about getting fit for a leading edge grind in your wedges? In the iron space, turf interaction has been a major selling point in recent years. Have you ever thought about getting your irons...
  8. M2Giles

    Unpopular opinion: Topgolf

    I just had a work event at Topgolf. It was now my fourth time going to Topgolf and honestly I don't find it a lot of fun given the main selling point. It really isn't fun for wildly different skill groups to play together. There really isn't a handicap to make competition feel like competition...
  9. M2Giles

    Putter Length

    What length putter do you use? Were you fit to that length?
  10. M2Giles

    Club wear

    When do you think club wear is excessive? Pictures of my 3 wood that I've used most of 2019 and 2020. Personally, I think the wear of this is fine. It's clearly been used but from address it still looks in good condition.
  11. M2Giles

    Hilton Head Columbus Day Weekend

    I'm headed to Hilton Head, SC for Columbus Day Weekend. Looking to get a round in on Saturday or Sunday. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up and play. I'm looking to try and play one of the resort courses.
  12. M2Giles

    Toe Side Miss

    For the past few months I've been dealing with a toe side miss with my longer clubs. It's gotten to the point that I have put lead tape on the toe of my 3 worst offenders (3 longest clubs in the bag). But it's started to get me thinking that I should actually get a fitting done in the next few...
  13. M2Giles

    3 Years Back Playing Golf

    Today marks 3 years of being back to the game of golf. Who would realize that, that range session and beer on the patio with a set of Ping i3s would be the starting point to this wonderful hobby (well maybe obsession). Since that first range session I've worked my butt off and have shot in the...
  14. M2Giles

    Total Club Weight

    Does total club weight matter to you? I finally had some free time on hand this morning and weighed a bunch of my clubs on a scale. It was kinda eye opening to see why I liked some clubs over another when looking at relative weight. I had a 3 wood that weighed less than my driver and so on.
  15. M2Giles

    Titleist LinksMaster Bags

    So I've seen a few mentions of these around the internets but while watching a YouTube video today I finally saw one in action. There are 2 versions. Caddie and Members bag each have their own features. The members bag has easily swapped straps to switch between double strap and single strap...
  16. M2Giles

    Landlords post COVID19

    I'm pretty sure there are a few landlords that frequent THP. I'm curious if COVID19 is changing any of you to change your philosophy of renting your properties in the future. I believe I'll be moving in 2 years or so and was planning on renting out my current house after my family moved but...
  17. M2Giles

    4 Woods and why people hate even numbers

    I've been messing around with a Taylormade M2 Tour 3HL during the lockdown. Due to my simulator room limitations, driver doesnt quite feel safe. Hitting this club and seeing the ballspeed and the easier launch compare to a lower lofted 3 wood makes me wonder why do most companies not sell a 4...
  18. M2Giles

    Rory, DJ, & JDay Blind Call the Shot Challenge

    Apparently Rory and DJ will team up against Rickie and Wolff in a charity skins match on May 17th on NBC. Live golf?!
  19. M2Giles

    Simulator Courses

    If you had a Foresight FSX simulator which courses would you get? https://shop.foresightsports.com/collections/fsx-2018-courses https://shop.foresightsports.com/collections/courses (Pebble Beach and St Andrews) I've gotten a few so far and have tried to get a mix of courses from Links style...
  20. M2Giles

    MyMG2 now on Taylormade Golf

    For all of those that wanted to customize your MG2 wedge or get one that's raw, Taylormade put up the MyMG2 yesterday. 4 finishes and a number of stamping options. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/MyMG2-Wedge/DW-TA151.html?lang=default Price is way high and the shaft and grip options are limited...

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