1. captaincaution

    Euro 2020 (2021)

    Haven't seen a thread discussing the Euro 2020 tournament which got underway on Friday. Denmark's Christian Eriksen, who collapsed on the field Saturday and was resuscitated using CPR appears to be in stable condition. Netherlands vs Ukraine featured 5 goals in the second half. Two spectacular...
  2. captaincaution

    Every televised shot of Tiger Woods at the 2008 US Open

    USGA just posted this to YouTube:
  3. captaincaution

    2021 USGA Final Qualifying - Longest day in golf

    Today is the "longest day in golf" with 9 qualifying sites for the Men's US Open playing 36 holes of golf. Live scoring is available at: https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/final.html An old coworker of mine, Kent Monas, who qualified for the Mid-Am and made it to match play, is attempting to...
  4. captaincaution

    Hole-in-one insurance

    The previous thread on this is 10 years old, so here is a new one. Our club has a hole-in-one insurance program that, if you opt-in, works like this: Whenever anyone in the club makes a hole-in-one, all primary golf members are charged $10. If you are at the club the day of the hole-in-one...
  5. captaincaution

    Be careful when you're hoarding gasoline

    I can't believe that this twitter thread has to exist.
  6. captaincaution

    Alex Smith Retiring from the NFL

    Announced today. What a remarkable comeback to the game, and going out on his terms.
  7. captaincaution

    For Sale For Sale - 2017 GBB Epic 3w and 2019 Apex 4 hybrid

    For sale is a 2019 Apex 4 hybrid with Project X Catalyst 70 in 6.0 (stiff). This one was barely used and is in very good shape. $100 shipped. All reasonable offers considered! Epic 3w SOLD 4 Hybrid
  8. captaincaution

    EA Sports PGA TOUR is coming

    So the TOUR is licensed to 2K Sports, and EA? https://www.pgatour.com/news/2021/03/29/electronic-arts-announces-next-gen-golf-video-game-ea-sports-pga-tour.html This is... interesting... to say the least.
  9. captaincaution

    Legalized Sports Betting and the Tour

    I think it is safe to say that the TOUR is all-in *snickers* on the legalized sports gambling bandwagon. This does not bother me at all. I think gambling should be legalized across all jurisdictions. I don't participate currently, but I might dabble if it becomes legally available in my state...
  10. captaincaution

    Captaincaution's Club Champion Fitting Experience

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a Club Champion complete long game fitting at the Cleveland location. My goals for the fitting were to be fit for a new driver, fairway woods, and possibly a hybrid. When I time up with my current driver, a GBB Epic with a Fujikura Pro Green shaft in stiff...
  11. captaincaution

    Win a trip to Universal Orlando and a round of golf

    From Golf Channel: https://www.golfchannel.com/universalorlando Trip for 4 to Universal Orlando - 3 days, 4 nights, including theme park tickets and a round of golf in Orlando. Open to continental US and DC only. Sorry pals up north and in the oceans.
  12. captaincaution

    Cart or Caddy

    A number of clubs in our area, including the club we joined, require a riding cart or caddy. Some at all times, others during certain times, for example, before 10 am on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Faced with the choice, which would you choose? I am planning on taking a caddy...
  13. captaincaution

    WTB Callaway Truvis Suits

    Shot in the dark looking for a dozen or two of the callaway Chromesoft truvis with the card suits on them. Looking for a Christmas gift for our gambling mother-in-law. Thanks!
  14. captaincaution

    Fall Membership Promotions

    I am considering joining a club near my home and work, and they are offering two pretty good promotions to try to get us in the door. One is getting 12 months for the price of 9 with dues paid up front and waived initiation. The other is pay the initiation fee in full and get free dues until...
  15. captaincaution

    Cancelling U.S. Handicap account

    I know a lot of members on THP get their handicaps through US Handicap. It was a good affordable option that worked great for members who don't have a club where they can get a handicap. The website and app were great, until the WHS kicked in. A lot of the functionality of the app has been lost...
  16. captaincaution

    FS: Wilson C200 w Recoil 780 Smacwrap, Recoil 780 pulls, KBS Tour 90 Pulls

    Offered for sale: Set of Wilson Staff C200 irons (4-GW) with UST Mamiya Recoil 780 Smacwrap shafts F4 flex (stiff). The GW shaft is 0.355 tip, the rest are 0.370. Irons are well used, and came to me from another thper in a trade. Lamkin UTX midsize grips. Some gouges on the soles, see the gap...
  17. captaincaution

    Do you do your own work on your clubs?

    Simple topic. Do you like to do your own work on your clubs? Personally, I like to do my own grips, and I reshaft myself as well. I am not confident in the abilities of the folks at the limited retail shops around here, so I just bite the bullet and do it myself. I definitely don't save much...
  18. captaincaution

    FS Brand New Wilson Staff C200 irons 4-GW KBS Tour 90

    Offering for sale a set of brand new, still in plastic, Wilson Staff C200 Irons. 4 iron through Gap Wedge. Stock steel shafts (KBS Tour 90) and stock length, lie, loft. Stock grips. These clubs have never hit a ball. Asking 325 shipped to the cobtiguous US. Thanks for looking!
  19. captaincaution

    Thanksgiving Travel and/or golf plans

    Thanksgiving is next week! We are getting out of the cold for the week and heading down to Florida with the family. Hoping to play golf a couple times down there. Are you traveling for the holdiay? Any golf plans, even if you're not going anywhere?
  20. captaincaution

    What do you do during your golf offseason?

    Many golfers are forced into an offseason because of where they live. Even those with year round available might not play all year. What do you do with your golf offseason? How do you keep your game sharp to be ready for next season?

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