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    Easiest way to fix this?

    I went a month or so ago to get fitted for some irons. I decided to get some ping 425 irons since I wanted to test if my GIR would go up with a more GI iron. Since the saying is go with the most forgiving iron you can look at. Since I don't really care about looks I went with these. Well weeks...
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    What do you think of this?

    So, in the search to find different looking ways to do things that have been done for a long time. I came up with a different looking way to finish a putter face. What do you all think of the look of this? It's just a 6061 test to see how everything looks before cutting it out of stainless. The...
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    Why is the course swing so different then the range?

    Is it just me, or do you have two different swings that you use. One for the course and the range. I am almost at the point that warming up on the range is a detriment to my score. I can be hitting a nice baby fade on the range... Then get on the course and it is hook and block city. My miss...
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    What is world did Callaway send me?

    So I ordered some like new "dot" 19 Apex pro irons from Callaway pre-owned. They show up and I open the box up. I find these irons. Brand new "double dot" irons. Still in the plastic with what appears to be the best looking satin finish I have ever seen. Does anyone know anything about these? A...
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    XR pro VS X2Hot pro Irons

    Who has hit both and how do they compare? I looking for new shafts in my SLDR irons (need stiffer flex) and it is almost the price of X2Hot pro Irons to get them reshafted and gripped. I am currently using X2hot pro driver thu 5 wood and really like them just not sure about the Irons. I know I...
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    Swinging harder on course?

    I feel as I am guilty of this and cannot seem to stop. When Im on the range nice smooth swings great contact going where i want them. Out on the course another story, I feel like I speed up my tempo and try to clober the ball. More so the drive but irons as well. Seems the longer I wait between...
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    Eyes and hands backwards...advice

    Turns out as my vision starts to go down in my right eye I have become left eye dominant. I am right handed and have always done everything right handed right eye dominant. I have been having a problem as of late with aiming too far to the right when I swear up and down I am pointed with my...
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    How much?

    At what point do you tell your students that they are practice too much. Such as over training in athletes. At what point do drills become detrimental? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk
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    What "budget" ball to try?

    Well it has happened, I'm tired of paying over 30 bucks a dozen for balls. I am playing around 3 times a week so between hitting a cart path/tree or dropping a ball in the water/deep rough. This is getting too expensive and my shag bag is full of soft Cover balls with hair and big scuffs. So I...
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    I hate swing changes!!

    Just came on here to complain and whine about how bad going through a swing change sucks!!! Chunking shots, thin hits awful ball flights. All while telling yourself that it is good for you. I think swing changes are the like the nyquil of the golf world. At first it taste like **** but after a...
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    Best way to get fit?

    So I am thinking about going down and getting fit for some shafts. I will more then likely be going to a place with a booth and letting the guy tell me what my best numbers are and then go from feel from there. However I was wondering if it would be a good idea to tell him to turn the big screen...
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    need shaft help!!!!

    So today at the range I felt a shaft that was perfect for me in a fairway wood. I mean the smoothest perfect ball flight I could imagine. The kick point was right where I wanted it to be and hit bombs, over and over and over. It was a older shaft and I tried to buy the club from my friend but he...
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    New driver help

    I'm loosing my love for my SLDR. For no reason other then how much better I hit my old driver. I cannot seem to kick it out of the bag for more then a month at the most. It's a 905 with a pro force v2 shaft in X flex. That combo is a call the shot and hit it. Not sure what I drivers or new fancy...
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    Righty putting lefty?

    Lately I have noticed that I putt much better left handed. Messing around on the putting green the other evening during practice I ran into a friend of mine. He is a lefty and was doing a putter shoot out on his couple of putters. So I jokingly picked one up and started to putt with it. First...
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    What is with teaching pros these day?

    So I am newer ( a few years in) to the game of golf. My parents were big into it when I was a kid ( mom teaching pro, dad course manager) but I went to other sports when I was younger. Well now getting back into it and 3 tines this year I have noticed a trend here ( colorado springs). A...
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    Shortening backswing

    I have been suffering from a past parallel swing for a bit now. My arms break down at the top and I have to rely on my hands making up for it at impact. This works half the time. When it does I'm on, when not..... well not so much. Is there and training aids or drills that will help me groove a...
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    learning to putt

    I was wondering how much time a week is ideal for putting practice. As well as the best drills to work on. I am a decent putter, but I want to be a great putter.
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    Push carts? thoughts?

    This year I am looking into the push cart idea. The last few years I have always just carried my clubs. This winter I suffered a back injury. carrying my bag and walking 18 is just too much that I spend the rest of the weekend with ice on the couch. I rented a push cart and felt great after 18...
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    What is the best way to shorten up my back swing on my mid to long irons? I find that I naturally stop my wedge and short iron swing before it gets too far. But my mid and long irons I find myself going past parallel most of the time seeing my club face out of the corner of my eye. This causes...
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    Really slow play......Day killer?

    Well this weekend it took a fuzz short of 6 HOURS to play 18 :angry:. The weather was nice and a forecast of snow this week (which is going on now) the course was packed but moving like pond water. I found that hitting a shot then walking to my ball and waiting around for mins to hit my next...

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