1. JimBetts

    Suggestions for a 3 Wood

    I don't currently carry a 3wd but I'm ready to put one in play. I'm looking for suggestions with the following criteria: 1. Head needs to get the ball in the air quickly/easily 2. Would like to play a stock shaft; I hover at 100mph swing speed with a driver so I play stiff shafts 3. I have a...
  2. JimBetts

    Building a house on a hill country course

    Not mine. Seen on Cedar Creek in San Antonio this morning.
  3. JimBetts

    For Sale Mizuno Leather Pro Cart Bag

    2018 Mizuno Pro Cart Bag Used from Aug 18 until Jul 19 on a cart. Has normal wear and tear, but honestly, not much; very well taken care of. Mizuno brand pro cart bag from 2018. Awesome usability and magnetic pockets. This bag is way more functional and easier to use than the 2019 model...
  4. JimBetts

    For Sale Callaway Epic Flash 9* Head

    Epic Flash 9* Head with Headcover - $175 Shipped No issues, I just couldn't get it to work for me so I went back to my 10.5* Epic.
  5. JimBetts

    Embroidering Name on Bag

    My friend shows up at the course last weekend with a new gift from his wife, a new bag with his name embroidered on the bottom pocket. I thought it looked fantastic and it turns out it was inexpensive; he said it cost less that $15 to have it done. Since I recently purchased a new bag I, too...
  6. JimBetts

    FS: Cobra F8+ Driver with EvenFlow Blue Stiff

    Cobra F8+ Driver - EvenFlow Blue stiff shaft - Original Arcoss grip never activated - Stock length 45.5 - Original headcover in new condition; it was not used I would rate this at 9 of 10, with no visible damage or ball scaring; it's not brand new so I can't rate it a 10. Seriously, this club...
  7. JimBetts

    FS/FT - Scotty Cameron Select Laguna 35"

    Scotty Cameron Select Laguna 35" Practically brand new $240 Will only trade for a comparable amount of Titleist AVX balls white or yellow, or a combination of these colors.
  8. JimBetts

    FS - Exotics EX9 3 Wood 15 Long

    Tour Edge Exotics EX9 15 Long Aldila Rogue 110 MSI 60-3.4-S Shaft Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Midsize Grip No Headcover or TEE Tool (I can pack a tool if needed) Condition - I'm guessing 8/10 $50 Shipped
  9. JimBetts

    WTT - Cobra F8 Head for a Cobra F8+ Head

    Trade made, lock it up... I'm hoping to find someone who has the F8+ but needs the F8, let me know.
  10. JimBetts

    Have you tried to teach your wife (gf) to play golf?

    My GF has mentioned that she'd like to play golf with me so I've offered lessons, she's not interested. She says she'll play if I teach her. Well, from my past experience (trying to teach the ex-wife many years ago) trying to teach a significant other is a bad idea. Has anyone here been...
  11. JimBetts

    2018 THP Goals

    My 2018 THP Goals: I occasionally read posts about site involvement and I know I can step-up my game here, so my number 1 goal is to be more involved with this site and its members. I plan on having more fun around here this year, such a great group of forum leaders and members! 2...
  12. JimBetts

    FS FT - Gortex Rain Suit 'Cobra Logo'

    I had this rain suit made for me a few years back. I wore the pants more than the top but because of the gortex material there is very little color fading between the two, if any at all. The good - It's Gortex material, it will keep you dry and unbelievably warm. The bad - Some of the...
  13. JimBetts

    FS - TM M1 3wd & 5wd, and other Driver and 3wd shafts

    I'm moving on to other fairway woods so I'm offering the following... M1 3wd with stock Fujikura Pro 70 Flex-R with a Golf Pride New Decade Midsize grip, standard uncut length; used for less than one season. It shows wear due to normal use but without scars or chipping. No sky-marks...
  14. JimBetts

    Where to use my Golden Ticket

    I’ve been so busy the past several weeks (new job, new house, family visits, etc.) and I haven’t been able to spend any quality time being involved here (outside of occasional lurking) much less playing golf. All should be settled by mid next week. Regardless, busyness hasn’t kept me from...
  15. JimBetts

    Scotty Cameron Red Dot Failure

    Playing this past Saturday, I used my SC to scoop a partners ball out of the water. When I wiped my putter clean one of the red dots came off, it basically wiped off like a drop of water. It didn't fall apart, but it simply came off. Has anyone else had this happen? Is the dot died poly...
  16. JimBetts

    Persimmon Wood Refinishing

    I have some persimmon woods that I've been hanging on to for a very long time. Would love to have them refinished; does someone here on THP do this kind of work, can someone recommend someone who can do the work? Thanks, Jim
  17. JimBetts

    FS - Ping G 3wd & Titleist Driver Shaft

    1. Ping G 3 Wood in excellent condition. Used very little, minimal play wear with no sky-marks, chips etc. Includes cover and tool. SOLD 2. Titleist driver shaft, regular. SOLD Thanks!
  18. JimBetts

    Three Club Challenge

    I play in a Wednesday afternoon gaggle and next week we're going to play a Three Club Challenge... Players can carry only three clubs, players choice. Holes are played tee to cup, no 'gimmies'. We're playing full handicaps for Low Net, Total Putts, Skins and Junks (Sandies, Greenies, Birdies)...
  19. JimBetts

    DG1 Laser Rangefinder from Dallas Golf

    Does anyone have any experience with the DG1 Rangefinder? The price is good so I was thinking about buying them for my boys.
  20. JimBetts

    Why Is There No Love for PING Around Here?

    Ping is, arguably, responsible for changing the game, in terms of equipment; 80s/90s. Most of us that have been around the game that long remember their dominance and innovation. They're still making some great products today. However, I read very little about their offerings here, and I'm...

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