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    Which Mizuno Would You Choose?

    I already made that choice. PW -6i in MP20 MB 5i & 4i IN MMC 2 iron in HMB Love them!! hey beat out my Apex Pro 19 dot irons out of the bag.
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    Which Club When Struggling Off the Tee?

    I am struggling with my ego off the tee. I lost almost 20 yards over the winter. So I am always swinging out of my shoes cause I am shorter than all my friends now.
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    Ping Glide 3.0 Eye 2 wedges

    I like my 60. Fun little wedge.
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    Golf Books Have Misled Me

    The only thing that matters is impact and repeatability. Face to path relation and it happening over and over is it. The rest is glamor or ego on how far you hit it.
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    Next Gen Mizuno MP Irons?

    I so badly want these to come out in the Denim copper finish that I saw in the video for the T-22 wedges. Then I will buy for sure! Otherwise I will stick with the MP20s. The Writing does not bother me, looks very JDM.
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    For Sale Custom Max LS 10.5* head only

    Wish I could pick this up. But too right for my blood at the moment. Bought too many sets of irons this spring.
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    Should be interesting

    I would not be surprised if you put up a good number today. Focusing on just making good contact can free the mind up and make a more feel day then a swing though day. I cannot wait to see how it goes.
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    What's your nemesis shot?

    This is mine as well. Downhill lies get the best of me all the time.
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    For Sale Custom Max LS 10.5* head only

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    Next Gen Mizuno MP Irons?

    I like the Muscle shape on my MP-20 then the new one. That could change when I see them in person but the 20's look so good it will be very hard to beat.
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    Warm up on the range before league round play for average senior hackers?

    I am 50/50 if I hit good shots on the range right off the bat then the little warm up is good for me. If I shank the first few or they go a different direction then I think it is bad for me because I start searching and my swing thoughts take over and ruin the round.
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    Good mid-tier set of irons?

    I have a brand new set of ping 425 irons with like 3 rounds on them. Sole is too wide for my liking. Pm me if you are interested.
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    Getting more speed

    Yes, fast backswing makes everything break down and I loose all the angles at the top and the way down is a compensation mess. My body refuses to let me twist it up in ugly X factor way. When I try I end up flexing elbows and getting super wristy and throwing away the good angles. TONS of...
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    Other player's equipment

    I only perk up and start looking if I hear a few different irons. I could care less about anything in somebody's bag except irons.
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    Next binge: The Wire or Breaking Bad???

    Between those two I would vote the Wire. I have tried BB about 4 different times and loose interest. The Shield is a great show as well.
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    Why do I play better golf in the afternoon / evening time?

    My game is MUCH better with food in my stomach about a hour to a hour and a half before I tee off. When rounds are early I find this harder to pull off since I do not like eating super early. Might not be just the time, it could be caloric intake that makes the difference.
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    2nd lifetime HIO

    Congrats!! Posting here so hopefully your luck helps me get my first.
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    What is your favorite sound on the course?

    Flushed blade with the air sizzle sound from the ball. Even better if it is a Mizuno that caused it. (marketing I know, but it just sounds different/ better to me)
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    Whats your bad golf habit you are trying to break?

    This is mine also. If it is slow I find myself more interested in talking other sports or equipment and my score goes through the roof.
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    Single Digit Handicap Mystery

    These are good advices, as my nephew says.

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