1. M2Giles

    Cobra King Tec Hybrid

    Another few rounds with this guy in the bag and I'm quite impressed. Flight doesn't feel quite as forward as I was initially seeing and I think I was delofting it a bit before. As I've gotten more comfortable with it launch has come up but the spin feels like it has stayed pretty manageable...
  2. M2Giles

    Cobra King Tec Hybrid

    So thoughts on this is that it's pretty hot of the face and comes out quite flat. Have it in the forward setting so will need to see if the other settings change the characteristics. The stock shaft actually feels pretty nice as well.
  3. M2Giles

    The 7-Wood

    Right now i've dropped the 5 wood. Again it proved to be too hot at times so its been benched (probably permanently). I grabbed a 3H for the time being, but the 7 wood still has me super intrigued. I played a bit last year with a 21* hybrid and while that worked, it kinda lacked pop at times...
  4. M2Giles

    Spin is King. Prove me wrong

    We don't play courses like the pros. Generally our courses are a lot softer and fairways and greens are slower. Yes, spin matters, but getting something that works for your delivery and conditions matter more than having the spinniest ball or super low spin. Chances are if you as an amatuer...
  5. M2Giles

    KBS PGI Players Graphite Iron

    wonder how this compares to the TGI they had before
  6. M2Giles

    Fairway Wood Shafts: What are you playing?

    Was in Ventus red. Back to my beloved Tensei Pro White.
  7. M2Giles

    Other player's equipment

    constantly looking at something new which is unfortunate since I do like what I have.
  8. M2Giles

    COBRA KING 3D Printed and Vintage Series Putters

    I am definitely intrigued. I really want a supersport armlock and the Vintage series has a few styles I would purchase. The sik face is super intriguing.
  9. M2Giles

    How fancy is your ball maker?

    I usually use a swag skull for my ball marker. I've collected to many nice ones, but i keep using that marker.
  10. M2Giles

    Cobra King Tec Hybrid

    After an extended hiatus from golf (joys of infants and work) I decided to come back. First thing I saw was Cobra having a new hybrid so swung by the local edwin watts to pick it up and see how it is. People are posted pictures but definitely larger than my speedzone 4 hybrid by a decent...
  11. M2Giles

    Softspikes on home matts

    Pretty much always spineless when at home. Can't bother to put on cleats.
  12. M2Giles

    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    29. Nothing on first dose. Second dose had a mild fever and body aches the following day. Felt fine the day after.
  13. M2Giles

    Golf Sim Numbers - Irons & Wedges

    Last year when I spent a ton of time in my sim I found the most useful thing being wedge shots. The next best thing is just practicing in general and learning tendancies with each club. What Rusty said was the truth. Scoring happens went you put the ball in play and learn to get close to the hole.
  14. M2Giles

    SWAG Putters Thread

    So I have a stupid large collection now. Honestly, I think these are fun, but I'm not sure if I'll add to collection anymore. Also, the reseller community has become really annoying. It was fun while it lasted.
  15. M2Giles

    Full Face groove wedges

    They look weird. I had a pm grind which was fun for a bit, but I like traditional scoring better. Heck I even hate nip it grooves
  16. M2Giles

    2021 Round Count Thread

    First round of the year and fought a hook the entire day.
  17. M2Giles

    What cigar did you smoke today?

    Perdomo ESV. Picked up a box and a good go to right now
  18. M2Giles

    For those that work in IT, what do you do?

    Doubt it. Mine is an overly broad statement that could mean a lot of things. Let's just say I sit in a lot of meetings and deal with a lot of policy/politics
  19. M2Giles

    What do you pay for a haircut?

    $25 with tip
  20. M2Giles

    Tweener Spot - between longest iron and FW

    5 wood. Gaps really well

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