1. TMAdidas

    Stability Shaft Alternative

    With things like the KBS CT Tour, Mamiya Frequency Filtered, and others, is there a good alternative to the Stability Shaft? I'm adding a 1.25" to my current gamer and figure maybe I'll reshaft instead of just add an extension. Anyone toy around with any other putter shafts?
  2. TMAdidas

    The Side Hustle Thread

    Anyone here on THP run a side hustle? Outside of golf, working on side businesses or hustles is one of my favorite things. There's something about having 10 bucks and turning it into 20 because of a a good idea that really gets me excited. Some things I've been really into have been flipping...
  3. TMAdidas

    Your Last 10 Years In Drivers

    Saw this thread about irons and thought it was a fantastic idea. So what were your last 10 years in drivers? Here's mine (probably forgetting 1 or 2) from most recent to oldest: Taylormade SIM Srixon Z785 Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond Taylormade SLDR Titleist 913 D2 Taylormade...
  4. TMAdidas

    Your Last 10 Years In Putters

    Saw this thread about irons in the club forum and loved the idea. What was every putter you've played in the last 10 years? Here's mine (and I am totally forgetting at least one, probably several, because I go through putters more than any other club) from most recent to oldest Taylormade...
  5. TMAdidas

    Offset A Heavier Grip

    Hi all, I'm a total newb when it comes to club-building and had a question. I'm considering switching my Ping Blackout grip to an Evnroll Gravity grip. The issue is the Ping grip is 58 grams and the Evnroll is about 130 grams. I really like the current swingweight of my putter and don't want to...
  6. TMAdidas

    The Best Putting Training Aid You've Used?

    Curious as to what putting training aid has made the biggest improvement in your putting? My dad asked for the Perfect Practice Putting Mat for Christmas, and when I went online to buy it for him, I didn't realize just how many training aids were on the market. Some looked super helpful while...
  7. TMAdidas

    Hzrdus Green Vs. Yellow Vs. Black

    Hey all. Currently in a bit of a dilemma. I currently have a Hzrdus Smoke Green 6.5 70 gram "Hulk" in my SIM driver. It feels amazing and launches pretty straight, but the launch angle is a little less than I'd like, at around 10-11* or so. Definitely not terrible, but I feel like I could eek...
  8. TMAdidas

    Increasing Loft Without Closing Clubface

    I recently picked up an 8* TM Sim head because it was too good of a deal to pass up. That being said, I typically play my driver at a higher loft than 8*. I'm aware that increasing the loft on a driver will also close the club face, and am wondering if there is any way to offset or neutralize...
  9. TMAdidas

    Reshaft Or New Driver

    In full ponder mode of swapping out the shaft in my driver (Srixon Z 785 w/ MC Tensei Pro Orange 60 Stiff) or getting an entirely new driver. SS is about 120 and I recently got fit for irons with C-Taper X's, and this got me thinking that I may need to be playing an X in the driver as well. I...
  10. TMAdidas

    Sik ArmLock Putters - Anyone Gaming One?

    Anybody gaming a Sik (or any brand) ArmLock Putter? Been watching some videos on it and I'm extremely intrigued. $500 is obviously pretty steep ($800 if you get the LAG Stability Shaft), but I suppose if it keeps from constantly buying and selling, then it could eventually be worth it. The...
  11. TMAdidas

    WTB / WTTF: Edel Irons or Heads

    I am looking for Edel irons or iron heads. I would prefer to trade my 714 AP2's with KBS Tour V's for them, and compensate with cash if necessary, but would also be open to purchase should the price be right. I am especially looking for Tour Issue S400 or Nippon Modus's in them. Please PM me if...
  12. TMAdidas

    FS: Piretti Cottonwood II w/ SuperStroke Flatso 3.0 CounterCore 50gram Grip

    Title says it all, this putter has been used gently for about 2 months. 34", 2* Loft, 2* Flat. Asking $275 shipped CONUS. Biggest trade interest would be a high end Bushnell or Leupold rangefinder, but feel free to offer what you have and the worst I can say is no.
  13. TMAdidas

    TMAdidas's WITB & Progress Thread

    So I figured that instead of posting a WITB, and just taking new pics every time a new club came my way, I would post a progressive WITB, documenting changes in every aspect of the bag, and giving clear info as to how and why these changes occur. Also, as some of you may know, I'm on a quest to...
  14. TMAdidas

    Edel Wedge Fitting

    So I made a similar thread about when I was fit for an Edel putter about 2 weeks ago, but I was so impressed that I recently made an appointment for a wedge fitting. The fitter is Erik Barzeski of Golf Evolution, and the fitting will be conducted on Saturday, June 4th at 8am. I will try to...
  15. TMAdidas

    Edel Putters Thread

    I didn't see an Edel Putters Thread, so I figured here would be a place for one. Is anyone currently playing one? I'm considering a fitting at the end of the week for one, but would love to hear thoughts.
  16. TMAdidas

    Golf Spotify Podcasts

    I use Spotify every day on my 30 minute commute to classes, just plugging in my aux cable and listening to music, comedians, and most recently, podcasts. I've been going through the Golf.com Podcasts and have listened to almost all of them. Does anyone here know any other good golf podcasts on...
  17. TMAdidas

    Piretti Introduces Black Onyx Finish

    Just in case anyone didn't hear about this yet, Piretti just introduced a Black Onyx finish on 4 of its models: The CottonWood II. The Potenza II, The Bosa, and the Cortino II. Here's a link to the release info: http://pirettigolf.com/product-category/milled-putters/black-onyx/ According to...
  18. TMAdidas

    Free to A Good Home: SLDR/ Taylormade Fujikura Speeder STIFF SHAFT

    I have an SLDR Fujikura Speeder stock stiff shaft which is free to a good home. Not sure if this fits on newer TM models or not. First PM will get it. As I will cover shipping costs, I am asking please CONUS only.
  19. TMAdidas

    Can You Gauge How Good A Player is By Their Equipment & Looks?

    So I was up at the club during my luck break and after practicing I went in to say hi to the club pro, and noticed his clubs in the back. I saw how his clubs were a pretty solid mix of newer models as well as some pretty old clubs (he's sponsored by Taylormade, so I'm talking RBZ 3-wood, ATV...
  20. TMAdidas

    Would you play for money against a "kid"?

    Now that the golf season is underway, I've begun to get accustomed to something I kind of forgot about during the snowy offseason. I belong to a small, relatively inexpensive country club, and naturally there are often money matches, mostly between the better golfers and the shop pros. I often...

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