1. DB86

    WTS Original Taylormade M2 Hybrid

    As it says. Original M2 19 degree hybrid RH regular flex “says demo on the head” .Not played much, mostly to test the shaft that I had the privilege of testing. The shaft is the Matrix Ozick Altus Tour H8 that THP and Matrix sent out for testing last year. Club plays either right at standard or...
  2. DB86

    Good walking course Fredericksburg Va

    As the title says. Any good walking courses in the area? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. DB86

    Best Apple Watch app

    What is your go to Apple Watch Golf App. I have been using swing by swing but I think it leaves a little to be desired. Anyone have a better one they use. Also any other apps you use in general not just Golf that are good? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. DB86

    Walking the course

    My friend and I decided to walk the course this morning. I have walked before but it has been a long time and I carried my bag on a crappy pull cart and it was terrible. This morning though I absolutely had the best time ever. It was so refreshing to walk the course and really feel and see the...
  5. DB86

    Srixon Soft Feel Balls

    First off I want to say thanks again to my secret Santa for sending me the balls. I have been playing them for a few rounds now and I really love them. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these balls, but for my game they are perfect. They feel good off my putter, amazing with my irons/wedges and...
  6. DB86

    Wedge stamping.

    Got a little bored while the wife was at work a few weekends ago and decided to clean the clubs and do a little stamping on my wedges. I finished up this one, but am still trying to decide on something a little different for the others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. DB86

    WTS-Taylormade Aeroburner 3HL Wood

    This was a warranty replacement club. Only played a few rounds with it. Has MCC4 align grip and headcover. Regular flex shaft. This is the Black model. $50 shipped to CONUS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. DB86

    WTS- Taylormade M2 Driver

    Up for sale in great condition Taylormade Original M2 Driver Right Hand 10.5 degrees Kurokage Silver TINi Shaft Plays about 44.25/44.5. Can’t remember exact measurement Regular flex MCC4 align Grip **No headcover $215 OBO shipped to CONUS May entertain trades just depends on what it is. not...
  9. DB86

    How do you grow the game of Golf?

    I’m sure this has been posted before, or at least something similar. After listening to a few recent podcasts and going to topgolf, it really got me thinking about ways to grow the game. First I’d like to say that I believe the term “grow the game” is thrown around way to much these days. Almost...
  10. DB86

    Thinking about lighter iron shafts

    I wasn’t fitted into my irons, but I did go after and get some data from a launch monitor that turned out to be pretty decent. After seeing great results with my lighter swingweight Driver (C8) I was thinking about trying some actual lighter weight iron shafts. Probably just one or two irons...
  11. DB86

    Graphene in Drivers

    Just had a thought while I was sipping my coffee this morning and browsing through the info here. Maybe I missed it and somebody has mentioned it already.....but... Is it just me or does anyone else foresee the use of Graphene in place of carbon fiber in drivers? I’m sure it is being kicked...
  12. DB86

    Golf Course Architect of The Year

    Wanted to put this on here for you folks. This is the Architect that my brother in law works for. http://www.thepilot.com/news/magazine-names-mandell-golf-course-architect-of-the-year/article_f19ebe92-0066-11e8-a4b1-abffb8bd1118.html
  13. DB86

    Driver data

    Hit on a foresight today with the new epic driver. Only hit prob 10-12 and was not warmed up. Here are the numbers. What do you think?
  14. DB86

    Knit Driver Headcover

    Anyone know of a good quality knit/Pom Driver headcover similar the TM one I posted below. The one below I have is very good quality and has plenty length to cover the shaft. Now I need one for my Epic Driver without breaking the bank. I have one from eBay but it seems to be pretty low quality...
  15. DB86

    Light Swingweight

    Does anyone here play a lower SW....say like a C8 or lower? Reason I am asking is I just go the Epic Driver and I had it cut down an inch and it weighted out at C8. Brought it home and hit prob a dozen balls with it and a few with my M2. The Epic was killing the M2 by at least 10-15 yards and...
  16. DB86

    Top Golf

    I am going to be near a top Golf on a work trip next week. I am planning to go one evening and try it out. Just wanted to see if anyone has any tips or advice for a first timer.
  17. DB86

    4 Hybrid or 4 iron

    Thinking about dropping my 22 degree 4 iron for a 4 Hybrid. On the lower end I currently play Driver, 3 HL wood, 3 Hybrid (19 degree). Any opinions or recommendations. Also I’ve been eyeballing the Cobra King F7 Hybrid any experience with that club?
  18. DB86

    Smart Home Devices

    Didn’t really see a thread dedicated to this. Maybe I overlooked it. Anyway...is there any other smart home nerds out there. I am a beginner, but I love these type of gadgets. Currently I am using the Samsung Smartthings Hub. I have some locks, door/window sensors, light switches and...
  19. DB86

    DB86 WITB

    Wanted to update since I put the new irons in the bag. A little dirty since I haven’t had time to give them a good cleaning since my last round. This is my set up for a good long while. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Only thing I’m looking at is maybe a 4 hybrid to replace my 4...
  20. DB86

    That guy

    Has anyone ever ran into “that guy” on the course? I know there are many of “that guy” out there for one reason or another, but I’m going to focus on one or two. Im not speaking of anyone in particular but I may have been paired with him a time or two. Now don’t get me wrong he was a nice guy...

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