1. Dartgod

    Big Mac vs Whopper?

    I haven't had either in ages, but I'd have to go Whopper.
  2. Dartgod

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    I forgot my hat going to league last night so had to pick this up in the pro shop. I had some b-day money burning a hole in my pocket and had been wanting a Callaway hat anyway.
  3. Dartgod

    Trying to Break 100

    An "ok" night in league tonight. Quadruple bogey on the first hole because it took me 3 shots just to get on the green after my 3rd shot was pin high, just off the green. I need to take my time and not rush those shots. My short game has improved but not when I do THAT. I had a couple of triple...
  4. Dartgod

    GRIP CHECK! What’s in the bag?

    Lamkin TS1 in wedges, irons, 3W and driver. 5W is the stock Taylormade grip. Putter is the Flatcat Solution I won here a few years ago.
  5. Dartgod

    Your Club Choice?

    I could probably get it there with a 6i, but might use a 5i instead to be safe.
  6. Dartgod

    How Often Do You Play?

    I'm playing 9 holes in league every week now, which is a whole lot more than previous years. I'll sneak in an 18 hole round once a month as well.
  7. Dartgod

    Trying to Break 100

    Some good, some bad lately. The good has outweighed the bad for the most part. It gives me hope anyway. Two weeks ago in league, I shot a blistering 44, as I posted last week. Monday I fell back to earth with a 57 on the more difficult 9. Mostly due to a crapload of lost balls from errant tee...
  8. Dartgod

    Have you birdied every hole at your course?

    I haven't even parred all the holes at my regular course.
  9. Dartgod

    EXPERIENCE Shaft Up: Whistling Straits with UST Mamiya

    Haha, I saw the thread title and thought at first that there was going to be ANOTHER Shaft Up experience.
  10. Dartgod

    Next Career Grand Slam

    Speith has the "easiest" path at this point.
  11. Dartgod

    2022 Masters Ticket Application process is open

    If only this were true...
  12. Dartgod

    CONTEST Titleist T400 Irons

    It would have been better than working unexpectedly for several hours this weekend. I'll get out an hit them at some point, but it won't be in league tonight.
  13. Dartgod

    Does your pitching wedge match your wedges or your irons?

    PW and AW match my irons. 54 and 58 degree wedges are Cleveland CBX2
  14. Dartgod


    My wife got me a dozen of the red/yellow for my birthday. I've played Q-Star Tours previously and really liked them so I'm looking forward to giving these a try.
  15. Dartgod

    2021 Open Championship Contest and Thread

    Ruh-roh Louie.

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