1. links_slayer

    Cart Bags

    same here. Couldn’t be happier with mine
  2. links_slayer

    Big Mac vs Whopper?

    yeah, whopper all day
  3. links_slayer

    Charity Scrambles, when is enough enough?

    The #1 goal I set for my charity's outing is to create an enjoyable experience for everyone attending. We want people to have a good time, be in a good mood, smiling, laughing, and ready to open their wallets for the silent auction and raffles. The course hosting the event has a cap of 144, we...
  4. links_slayer

    Joining a Private Club - What Would You (Should I) Ask?

    really appreciate everyone's thoughts, suggestions, and advice so far!
  5. links_slayer

    Joining a Private Club - What Would You (Should I) Ask?

    that’s one of them we’re considering
  6. links_slayer

    Joining a Private Club - What Would You (Should I) Ask?

    thanks for the input so far. Uhhh, this is for a private course.
  7. links_slayer

    Golf Club Member Tournaments/Events

    First round of our member four-ball tournament today. Going to be warm and humid. Gross.
  8. links_slayer

    Tour Player YOU hope breaks out?

    don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
  9. links_slayer

    Tour Player YOU hope breaks out?

    anthony kim
  10. links_slayer

    GRIP CHECK! What’s in the bag?

    MCC Plus 4 top to bottom* Gray on Driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 3-Hybrid Blue on 4i thru PW Red on GW, SW, LW *SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 on the flatstick
  11. links_slayer

    Joining a Private Club - What Would You (Should I) Ask?

    We joined a public course this year and could not be more disappointed with the experience. Pro shop manager is a giant a-hole (club pro is super great), abysmal pace of play, no tee times available between 2pm and 6:30/6:45pm Mon-Thu due to leagues, course conditions are very meh...
  12. links_slayer

    How Often Do You Play?

    League on Tuesday afternoons I try to get out 2-3 more times super early in the morning but work has been getting in the way - darn calls with clients in Europe.
  13. links_slayer

    Back bone.

    Yeah, I use a stiff arm (assuming this is the same thing? maybe not...) TSA has collapsed it ~half the time hahahaha. One time it was out of my bag but still in the travel bag.
  14. links_slayer

    Which Club When Struggling Off the Tee?

    3-wood or 21* hybrid if when things really go off the rails
  15. links_slayer

    Cracked My Driver

    keeping you in my thoughts during this difficult time
  16. links_slayer

    Single Playing Through

    when we're last off for league we've invited singles to join us and *GASP* play as a fivesome. we've met some really cool folks doing this. when i'm playing as a single i have no issue waiting if i can see it's stacked ahead. i'll just play a bunch of balls, chip/putt until it's clear to tee...
  17. links_slayer

    CONTEST Enter To Win: Dream Foursomes with True Temper and Callaway Golf

    entered - thanks for another great contest!
  18. links_slayer

    What did you shoot today?

    2 putted from 8 feet and then from 5 feet to start things off last night. Brutal. Then got into big time trouble off the tee on 12. Relatively steady the rest of the way in - finally no 3 putts and no penalties. Feels like it's been a while since that's happened (too lazy to actually check...
  19. links_slayer

    Have you birdied every hole at your course?

    11/18 at this years course 18/18 at my previous course
  20. links_slayer

    2022 Masters Ticket Application process is open

    *price is right tuba*

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