1. links_slayer

    Joining a Private Club - What Would You (Should I) Ask?

    We joined a public course this year and could not be more disappointed with the experience. Pro shop manager is a giant a-hole (club pro is super great), abysmal pace of play, no tee times available between 2pm and 6:30/6:45pm Mon-Thu due to leagues, course conditions are very meh...
  2. links_slayer

    Any CPAs? Non-Profit Question

    I'm pretty sure I've seen some CPA's posting around here but 3 letters is too short to search :) Looking to bounce a quick question off someone re: compiled financial statement prep for my non-profit. We're eligible to file a 990-N so we don't need anything fancy for the tax man but as we're...
  3. links_slayer

    Bones Back on the Bag (for JT this time)

    Seeing some tweets saying JT's regular caddie is still having some dizzy spells so Bones is going to loop for him this week in Memphis and next week at Harding Park.
  4. links_slayer

    "Respect (of) the Game"

    I've seen this thrown around in discussions when it comes to things like following the rules to the letter to dress code to behavior and everything in between. Do you subscribe to the school of "respect (of) the game"? If so, what does it mean to you exactly?
  5. links_slayer

    Golf Channel's GOLF Am Tour Permanently Shut Down

    Anyone here play in these events? https://www.amateurgolf.com/golf-tournament-news/26063/Golf-Channel-s-GOLF-Am-Tour-to-shut-down-permanently
  6. links_slayer

    Your Favorite 2-Player Games

    Wife and I are in a rut and need some suggestions for our after-work/weekend time killing. Card games, board games, anything. What’s your favorite? Please no pervy/kinky stuff - we’ve got that covered ;)
  7. links_slayer

    Home Wireless Help?

    All of our devices are only showing the 2.4 GHz network - the 5GHz network isn't showing up as available on any other them, either on the list of available that shows up or by manually entering the network name and password. Two firesticks, one apple tv, two ipads, two iphones, one macbook, one...
  8. links_slayer

    Calling All Creative Minds: Win Albatross Club Membership & Golf Balls!

    I recently established an LLC (LINKS_STRONG LLC) whose sole purpose is to coordinate fundraising efforts (primarily through an annual golf outing) for cancer research here in Madison. Here's where you come in! I need help coming up with a tagline/slogan for the company. Show me what you've...
  9. links_slayer

    Charity Golf Outings & On-Course Games: Yay or Nay?

    I am in the very early stages of planning my first charity golf outing. I've played in a ton of these over the years and I know it's going to be impossible to make everyone happy. I just want to create an event that people enjoy, look forward to so much that they put it on their calendars a...
  10. links_slayer

    5th Annual Golf-A-Thon Fundraiser...(pics)

    Way overdue posting this...haven’t been very active on the forums this season for a variety of reasons. As I’ve done the past 4 years I decided to raise money for Head & Neck Cancer Research at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. Why so specific? For those that don’t know (I suspect this is a...
  11. links_slayer

    My 2017 Golf-A-Thon Fundraiser (aka: I played a lot of golf yesterday)

    tl;dr Cliff's: 126 holes over 11.5 hours plus more than $8,800 raised for head and neck cancer research at UW Carbone Cancer Center ========= In 2013 I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. As a non-smoking, non-chewing 30 year old, to say I was low risk for this type of...
  12. links_slayer

    FS: Left-Handed Titleist AP1 716 4i 5i

    For sale are the following: Titleist AP1 716 4 iron w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold Stiff Flex steel shaft Titleist AP1 716 5 iron w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold Stiff Flex steel shaft Both clubs are Titleist standard length and lie, and were bent (by Titleist prior to delivery) 2* strong. Golf...
  13. links_slayer

    Lefty Fitting Conundrum

    All the fitters I've been able to find in my area only offer a few (2-3) left-handed brands, and only a couple different models from each brand. Might be a dumb question (and I'm a tad embarrassed to even ask) but are "standards" for length/lie the same across OEMs? I get so envious when I see...
  14. links_slayer

    Free Bushnell Tour v2 Rangefinder

    I'm upgrading and don't need this anymore. I just want it to go to a good home. If you are interested in taking this off my hands only to and flip it for cash behind the scenes here or on eBay or on Craigslist I obviously can't stop you but I do believe in karma.... The unit works perfectly...
  15. links_slayer

    Shoutout to Bushnell Customer Service

    Several years ago my in-laws gave me a tour v2 laser for Christmas. A couple seasons ago I noticed that a piece of fuzz made its way into the unit at around the 9 o'clock position inside the unit. It's fully functional but it's pretty annoying. I emailed them about sending it in to get it...
  16. links_slayer

    Your Top 1 or 2 Golf Books

    I am not much of a reader but I just returned from a 2 week vacation and read a few golf books on the planes and trains. Looking for recommendations on what to read next. I'm not looking for anything instruction-related (for now). What are you 1 or 2 "don't miss" books???
  17. links_slayer

    Your Dream Foursome

    If you could tee it up with three other people for 18 holes, who would you choose? Mine would be me, Phil, Spieth, and Day.
  18. links_slayer

    10th Annual Heads Up! Outing for Cancer Research

    On Monday, my buddies and I participated in the 10th annual Heads Up! golf outing to benefit the Head and Neck Cancer Research Fund at UW Carbone Cancer Center. This event is near and dear to me since I was diagnosed in 2013. I was too slow to sign us up in 2014 (it fills up VERY quickly) but...
  19. links_slayer

    My Annual Golf-A-Thon Report (118 holes)

    I thought I would share this with all the folks here. Today is the 3rd anniversary of my cancer surgery (squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue). On the 1st anniversary in 2014 I decided to do a fundraising golf-a-thon to raise $$ for the cancer center here at UW that performed the surgery. I...
  20. links_slayer

    My Annual Golf Marathon for Cancer Research (aka: Shameless Plea for Donations)

    As I have done the past two years, I will be doing another golf marathon fundraiser in July to celebrate the anniversary of my cancer surgery. This year's event will take place on Thursday July 7th. All funds raised will go directly to the University of Wisconsin Carbone Comprehensive Cancer...

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