1. Rambler

    Happy Birthday Lynchburg14!

    You’re getting older, Patrick; be careful with those tires, now!
  2. Rambler

    Happy Birthday Michigan Slice!!!

    Hope you have a good one, CJ!
  3. Rambler

    Iron Connoisseurs - Rank 'Em!

    I know there are quite a few THPers who have played a number of different irons sets over the past, let's say, 3 seasons... For those of you/us who have gamed multiple sets of irons in that time period, give a few rankings (obviously, without actual metrics, this is pretty subjective)... -...
  4. Rambler

    Ouch! Multiple high school players DQ'd due to scorecard...

    Rules stated blue tees, but the scorecard showed the distance from a different tee on a specific hole... https://www.golfchannel.com/article/golf-central-blog/dozen-hs-golfers-dqd-after-scorecard-error/?cid=Email_WednesdayNL_20180516
  5. Rambler

    Happy Bday greggdrews

    Happy Bday, Gregg. Hopefully Jamestown is able to handle the celebration. :cake::laughing:
  6. Rambler

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Anyone see it this weekend? I wanted to, but promised my daughter I would wait until next weekend so we could see it for the first time together. I've already read some of the plot synopsis, and even though I read some serious spoilers, I'm even more stoked about it, to see how they executed...
  7. Rambler

    Happy Birthday MICKPACK!

    Happy Bday!
  8. Rambler

    TXG - Tour Experience Golf

    Given I'm a golf equipment junkie, I consume information from a bunch of sources (obviously, THP is one of the primary ones). Having gone through a couple of really in-depth fittings (including one with Club Champion), I've really grown to enjoy the content being published on the TXG YouTube...
  9. Rambler

    Skechers 2018 Golf Line-up

    Skechers keeps adding more golf shoes to their lineup. Note, that some are carry-overs from prior model years - looks like anything with a V3 is the newer model. https://www.skechers.com/en-us/men/styles/shoes/performance/go-golf?category=%2Fshoes%2Fperformance%2Fgo-golf&genders=M I bought a...
  10. Rambler

    Hooping it up...

    My favorite sport to play when I was younger was basketball. Played all through high school, tried-out but not good enough in college (so it was intramurals, baby), and then played in a couple of corporate leagues for a couple of years after college. Decided to give hockey a try after moving...
  11. Rambler

    Ping Vault 2.0 putters

    Perusing the Ping site and saw the new lineup. Loving the inclusion of multiple models with different finish options, and something new for Ping - adjustable sole weights. https://ping.com/clubs/putters/ping-vault-2-0
  12. Rambler

    How high is too high?

    No, not a herbal-related question. A few comments from one of the driver threads regarding shot height, or apex height... I have heard comments that my typical driver apex height is high, and that's what I prefer to have as my standard, and then alter the apex lower if needed. Jman...
  13. Rambler

    Malcolm Young passes - AC/DC

    Just saw this news this morning. Gonna dial up some AC/DC tunes on his honor. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. Rambler

    Mike & Mike going, going, gone...

    I know some don't like their show, but I have enjoyed it, really, since its inception (I actually remember the show Golic was doing before Greenberg was brought on). A lot has changed in the world, in sports, and certainly at ESPN over the years. This show was one of the truly consistent...
  15. Rambler

    New Deadpool Teaser

    Freaking hilarious. Can't wait for the 2nd movie. https://youtu.be/8-Cjsnq8kVU
  16. Rambler

    WTB: Pink Ping driver

    My boss was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and she is looking forward to next spring, being able to play golf, post-treatment. So, I'm on the hunt for one of the Bubba drivers. New or Mint preferred. Ok with just the driver head. If you have something, or have a connection who can...
  17. Rambler

    Golf Goals for 2018?

    Too soon? :D Not for me, since the season is basically done in/around Chi-town, and my thoughts are moving towards what I want/need to do over the winter towards 2018 golf goals. 1. (The easiest one) Have fun! Play some rounds with my daughter. Play rounds with local THPers. Play rounds...
  18. Rambler

    Happy National Vodka Day!

    I'll be partaking this evening, how about you? What will your vodka drink of choice be?
  19. Rambler

    What would it take to overcome your equipment/brand prejudice?

    Gotta give fupresti credit, as he freely admitted that he had not given Wilson Staff much of a look until #StaffProto (just ask him about the irons and another product he tried. #Bombs). So, what would it take for "you" to overcome a golf equipment or golf brand prejudice you have?
  20. Rambler

    FS: Callaway Apex CF16 4 thru AW

    +1/2 inch and 2 degrees upright. All clubs shafted with Matrix Ozik Program F15s in stiff. Very rare shaft color - kind of a pearl lime. Grips are Golf Pride MCC Plus4, with one extra wrap. Irons are in very good condition after 50 or so rounds. Not abused at all, with just some bag chatter...

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