1. mancest

    2021 UST Mamiya Shaft Up # 3 Irish Course Hole by Hole

    As @BuckNasty started the Straits course, I will be looking to THPers to help plan a strategy for the Irish course. https://www.destinationkohler.com/golf/whistling-straits/the-irish While not as acclaimed Straits, the Irish course is still a tough test. Today we Start on Hole # 1 "High...
  2. mancest

    WTB: Swag Super Swag Bros Driver Cover

    Not sure how many THPers are COTM Swag members, but I am trying to pay a fair price (not trying to beat anyone up, but also not trying to get gouged) on the most recent release. I would be more than happy with either the standard or a special and know the price for a special should be...
  3. mancest

    Largest spread between your scores?

    Played in a tournament Monday and was just dreadful. Day started 3 putt, 4 putt, 3 putt, 3 putt and it didn't get a lot better from there. Shot a 102. Next day shot an 87. Played 3 times this weekend and went 78/84/78. So in the span of 5 days I had 24 strokes between one score and another...
  4. mancest

    2020 stats/highlights

    Played my last round of 2020 yesterday and thought about the year that was: 62 rounds played Lowest round: 78 Highest round 98 (I think that might be ESC because pretty sure I cracked triple digits at least once...) Starting index: 12.6 Ending index 9.6 (this is an all time low) random...
  5. mancest

    Tour Championship: match play format

    So lots of people don't like the low net championship to finish the season, what about a huge revamp? Top 40 get to the Tour Championship Top 8 get a bye to 3rd round of play plus another bonus: Thursday: 9-40 play seeded match play Friday: Winners of Thursday play seeded match play Saturday...
  6. mancest

    FS: Callaway Chrome soft Truvis collectors

    Have 4 dozen various truvis, some rarer than others and I am only kept 1 of each for my collection. no trades at this time, would like to sella sleeves worth at minimum, here is some initial pricing: 1 sleeve mixed: $8 shipped in the USA 2 sleeve mixed: $14 shipped in the USA 3 sleeve mixed...
  7. mancest

    True Linkswear Lux knit

    Preordered these several months ago, and like all things right now, there were delays. To their credit True was very upfront and kept me updated throughout. They upgraded to 2nd day air, and amazingly after going to play came home to find these on my doorstep Sunday morning. Will get some...
  8. mancest

    Fashion or item you laughed at, but then turned the corner on and loved?

    So I am going to preface this by saying I don't think there are any clothes that will make me actually look good, so comfort, function and least crap looking are the order of importance... In that vein, I laughed at the jogger pants that came about. Being a short fat man I don't need anything...
  9. mancest

    FS: Callaway Mavrik 3+, Callaway Epic forges 6I-GW

    Let’s call this the shelter in place sale, won’t be playing for at least a couple weeks so no need to have extra clubs. 1st up Mavrik 3+ (13.5*) w/Aldila NVS Orange 65S shaft, it is 1/4” short of standard, 43” ordered direct from Callaway. Has the Mavrik orange Lamkin grip. Hit maybe 12-15...
  10. mancest

    Chostochondritis, anyone ever deal with this?

    So I have been lifting weights regularly for the first time in a long time and I have seen some series benefits including helping alleviate some shoulder pain, but last night after a good workout I had some chest pain right by the sternum on my right pec. Nothing to make me worried about a...
  11. mancest

    Favorite bets/wagers?

    The recent podcast and subsequent thread between @JB & @golfunfiltered has me really excited. I like it when stakes are something other than money (that is fun too) and in the past on this forum I have wagered my facial hair against another members facial hair, my forum name for a year as well...
  12. mancest

    The Ignore feature is phenomenal

    Just FYI, the Ignore feature of this new forum is easy to use and works fantastically. I have used it myself to avoid posts that I don't care to see, and I am sure some have used it on my posts to not see something. I think it gets overlooked so wanted to remind people of it.
  13. mancest

    Slow play: could caddies be the solution?

    So in our continuing solution to trying to fix slow play, could caddies/forecaddies be the answer? You have what is basically an employee (think most are independent contractors but they are paid by the course) of the course with every group, they are helping give reads, find balls and club...
  14. mancest

    Visio putting aids

    I have purchased a couple of the visio putting Aids myself (the Mi template and the gates) then we got the putting mirror as well at the Odyssey Experience. I really like the gates, the Template I don't find myself using much and I finally busted out the mirror last night..... and I am a big...
  15. mancest

    Callaway Tour Authentic Line

    I have tested out Callaway Apparel before and it has been hit or miss, was lucky enough to get one of their new premium Tour Authentic Polos and man it is a big hit in my opinion. Super soft, breathable and look sharp. Will add some photos in the next post, but am definitely going to pick up...
  16. mancest

    Favorite non golf athletic shoes?

    Couldn't find a thread on this, if there is Mods, please merge. I am not exactly fashionable, but I have some sneakers that I like. When I was in college the Adidas Rod Laver and stan smith were really popular, then I found the Puma GV Special... I had several pair and they were comfortable...
  17. mancest

    2017 Cleveland Golf Stand bag Review thread

    Couldn't find a thread on this bag, but 6 of us lucky THPers got one of these at the Gamechanger this past weekend (1 went with the cart bag). Will get some photos up shortly, but so far I am very impressed with this golf bag. I have been on the search for the perfect bag, and this one is as...
  18. mancest

    Nor Cal Crew outing at Carmel Valley Ranch 6/9 or 6/10

    Trying to get our peeps in Nor cal together again at a great course in Monterey. https://www.carmelvalleyranch.com/golf/carmel-golf-course NCGA price is $98, while it is usually $180 for day play and $165 for resort guests. We can bring non NCGA members as guests for the same rate so if you...
  19. mancest

    What do you do with the crappy tipper?

    Yesterday one of my friends and I played in a NCGA and got paired up with a couple interesting cats. One guy was quite pleasant, but had a consistent habit of moving around when others were putting, including being very close to them. The other guy.... well I would call him a hat for donkeys...
  20. mancest

    Michelle Wie WITB Winner 2018 LPGA HSBC

    Figured I would do this for the LPGA winner because I stayed up to watch this finish, and also because her bag set up is FASCINATING! Driver: Callaway Rogue 10.5* w/Mitsubishi Diamana X 60x 3W: Callaway GBB Epic 15* w/Mitsubishi Diamana X 5W: Callaway Rogue 19* w/Mitsubishi Diamana X 7W...

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