1. tomcat

    Are you ready and/or willing to get on an airplane?

    As an airline employee, of course, my livelihood relies on filling up airplanes and flying people across the country. As things spool back up, I was just curious what the general feeling was of THPers, and whether you had concerns about getting on an airplane in the near future. This poll...
  2. tomcat

    Direct vs Non-stop

    Okay, if we're going to have a travel forum....here's how the airline industry uses these terms.... :cool: A direct flight is a flight that operates between two cities, but has stops along the way. It will have the same flight number, and most of the time you will remain on the same aircraft...
  3. tomcat

    Online Access Quiz

    Through some “interesting” conversation over in the Grandaddy thread, I’m wondering that if you had to pass a quiz to gain access to the internet, what would be some of the questions? Would it be an IQ test? Would it just have general knowledge questions? Would it be more of a personality test...
  4. tomcat

    How long do you keep your vehicle

    Not including leases / company vehicles, how long do you typically hold on to a car or truck? Would you prefer to stay in a newer vehicle, despite having that car payment, or do you run it to 200,000 miles and only get new when you have to? Also, when you make that purchase, is it typically a...
  5. tomcat

    Playstation Vue is going away

    Just saw that Sony is pulling the plug on Vue in January. They evidently couldn’t find anyone to take it over so they’re shutting it down. Well, the search resumes for a streaming service with locals like Vue had.
  6. tomcat

    CONTEST Grandaddy / Hideaway Prize Pack Contest

    Hopefully, as Team THP has been adding members, you've started getting to know everyone through the "Meet the Team" thread. That thread can be found here: Meet Your 2019 Grandaddy Team What you may, or may not, have noticed was that each and every picture has an #easteregg. Some are obvious...
  7. tomcat

    Your favorite style of pizza

    This doesn't mean whether you think cheese is the best or not. This is about which style of pie is your favorite. If you had to pick one style of pizza (of those listed below), which would it be? New York Chicago Detroit Neapolitan I know these aren't near all of the styles /...
  8. tomcat

    Strange family traditions

    So, for as long as I can remember, my parents have ALWAYS made a Chef Boyardee pizza for lunch on Saturdays. Every Saturday. Without fail. For decades, every Saturday. That's not something that I've continued as a tradition, but my parents continue having them to this day. I estimate that...
  9. tomcat

    You're the course architect...

    An exclusive opportunity has been handed to you.... You are sitting at your desk just wondering how long until the weekend, and a stranger walks up to you. He identifies himself as a developer that just purchased a large tract of land and wants you to design the ultimate golf course. You have...
  10. tomcat

    Most vulnerable club in your bag

    Since THP is littered with internet golfers who change clubs almost more than they change clothes, this could be an interesting one. If money wasn't a factor in your decision, and you could change one club out to something different, what would be the most vulnerable club in your bag? In this...
  11. tomcat

    Vietnam Vet Finally Comes Home

    A story some may have heard about over the past week... Fifty-two years ago, a 5 year old Bryan said good-bye to his dad at Dallas Love Field, as he left for his tour in Vietnam. He was later shot down in Laos, and was listed as MIA as his remains hadn't been found. That was until earlier...
  12. tomcat

    Big jumps in tech

    Several years ago I transitioned from some old knock-off irons by Cougar to '15 Big Berthas, then two years ago changed from progessive to one length. Both were pretty decent changes in technology, one more so than the other. It got me to wondering what the biggest jump in technology that...
  13. tomcat

    Worst weather you've completed a round in

    After hearing about the winds the Lake Tahoe crew dealt with yesterday, it got me to thinking about the crap that people are willing to put up with for this game. So, what is the worst weather condition that you've encountered that you were still able to complete your planned round (9 or 18)?
  14. tomcat

    Meet Your 2019 Grandaddy Team

    One of the best things about THP events is following along and experiencing everything with the participants. An average event may have 100 photos posted to the live thread. Even if you’ve been a THP member for years, there’s still participants that you may not know. So, in an effort to...
  15. tomcat

    Fitter said X, you went X, should've gone Y

    This isn't something I've experienced, and hopefully won't in the future. But got to wondering if many others have run into this problem. When most people go through a fitting, it's a long process that may even consist of a couple of visits to the studio. For those of you that have been...
  16. tomcat

    What's going on your wedge?

    Most of us have witnessed the amazing things that Callaway's Anthony Taranto can put on a wedge. The laser etching, or whatever other kind of magic they use, is fun to watch, but the end result is crazy cool. I think that if I was going to have him create one for me, I'd likely go with the OSU...
  17. tomcat

    Bright and loud apparel or conservative?

    Scripting has been a big deal in golf for awhile now, and nothing new to anyone here. Most probably feel that when they go to the course, they want to look appropriate for where they're playing, especially since golf is very much a sport for those that like tradition. Whenever I'm on the...
  18. tomcat

    Fly With Me - Tomcat's Trek to the Grandaddy 2019

    One of the things that I've enjoyed about previous editions of the Grandaddy was that by the time the actual event arrives, I felt like I knew some of the members. That immediately helped me connect with the team, and in reality, I cared more about what they were experiencing. So, I'm still...
  19. tomcat

    Paris' Notre Dame cathedral on fire

    Terrible to see something like this happen. Amazingly beautiful place to visit. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2019/04/15/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-paris/3474597002/
  20. tomcat

    Hey Calgary residents...(Calgarians?) quick question

    The wife and I will be in the Banff area for our anniversary towards the end of March, I'm booking flights and was wondering about drive time from Banff Springs to YYC? I've read some that suggest at least two hours, Google maps says 90 mins, but didn't know if that was taking into account...

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