1. J

    For Sale MINT Ventus Red (Velocore) 6s

    One range session with Epic Speed driver. Flawless shaft with fresh MCC align grip and Callaway Optifit adapter. $225 shipped CONUS
  2. J

    For Sale BRAND NEW Apex 21 3 Hybrid

    Love my 4H so much I ordered this bad boy, but then I hit the best 5w shots of my life. Just can’t imagine taking the 5w out of the bag now. So my haste is your gain. Delivered today, still in packaging. Recoil DART F4 with MCC red/black grip (std). LOCKED UP!
  3. J

    For Sale Spring Sale - Covers, Grips, Training Aid, etc.

    Making room in my golf closet. All prices include shipping to CONUS. Offers welcome. Thanks! 1. The Hanger Training Aid - SOLD 2. Stitch Alignment Stick Cover - SOLD 3. Callaway Customs Mavrik Driver Cover - $20 4. Set of Callaway Generic Covers (3w, Xw, H) - SOLD 5. Set of 3 UTX Blue...
  4. J

    WTB Junior Set

    Hi, Guys - I have a friend whose 7-year old son is interested in playing golf this year. I told her I'd ask if anyone has a Junior set they are looking to off-load. PM me if you have anything you're interested in selling. Would ship to WI. Thanks!
  5. J

    For Sale Bonobos Golf Pants

    Bonobos Highland Golf Pants. Straight fit. $25 shipped per pair or $50 shipped for all 3 pairs. Khaki - 35x30 - new w/o tags; never worn Grey - 36x30 - worn twice Navy - 35x30 - worn a couple times each of the past several seasons; look darker in person than in photo
  6. J

    The 7 Wood

    The 7 wood seems to be an incredibly popular club at the moment, even showing up in tour bags (DJ, Fitzy, Hatton, etc.). Do you bag one? If so, which model and why? And where does the 7W fit in your bag? I am hoping you guys can help me figure out a slot in my bag for 2021. As someone who...
  7. J

    For Sale Mavrik 4H - Graphite Design HD HY-75s

    Time to move this bomber to a new home. Clean crown and shaft. New MCC Align grip. Upcharge GD shaft. $165 shipped CONUS OBO.
  8. J

    For Sale NEW MMT 60 S Driver Shaft - Callaway Tip

    Had another shaft waiting for my Epic Speed, so this bad boy is brand new. Std length, no tipping. $85 shipped CONUS OBO.
  9. J

    For Sale Rose & Fire Hybrid Cover

    Used black bomber. 1-2 seasons of use. Still good shape. $40 shipped CONUS OBO.
  10. J

    For Sale Mavrik Max 12* Driver (Women’s or Head Only)

    I purchased this Mavrik Max for my girlfriend in “like new” off CPO. She’s put a couple sim rounds on it since. Some signs of wear such as brush marks. Shaft is the Helium 4F1, playing 44.5”. Head alone weighs 192g, which I believe is on par with my old Max head. Will sell as complete driver...
  11. J

    For Sale Mavrik 3H with Graphite Design Shaft

    Love my 4H and 5H, but this bad boy just cannot see the course thanks to my 5w. Like new condition. Maybe 2-3 rounds; likely less than 10 balls. Upcharged Graphite Design Tour AD HY shaft 75s. Grip is brand new but builder left a sliver of tape exposed. I can throw in an MCC Red/Black it...
  12. J

    Custom Paint Designs - Option 1 or 2?

    My girlfriend learned about Continental Golf after I needed a bad sky mark fixed, and I showed her some custom work @radiman had done on his old Epic driver head. As a result, for Christmas, she bought me a CG gift certificate so I could get my Mavrik Max fairway woods custom painted (kinda...
  13. J

    For Sale SOLD SuperSpeed Sticks with Radar

    I used the sticks last offseason and saw a significant increase in speed. My trainer/coach has a set for my golf/fitness program, and I no longer have a place with high enough ceilings to swing these, so thought I’d move them to a THPer. I purchased the sticks around this time last year...
  14. J

    For Sale SOLD Stroke Lab Toulon Austin - 34 inch

    The TTTen has stolen my putter spot for the foreseeable future, making this beauty available. I purchased towards the end of the 2019 season, but it’s probably seen just a dozenish rounds total. Comes with stock head cover. $190 shipped CONUS OBRO.
  15. J

    For Sale Inadvertent duplicate

    This can be closed, thanks!
  16. J

    For Sale SOLD Mavrik Max Heavenwood Head

    Swapped a Max 5W head in, making this bomber available for sale. PLEASE SEE THE PHOTOS for condition, as I am still cursing a range rock that badly scuffed thecrown. I filled it in with some sharpie to get by, but if I was going to roll with this head long-term, I’d send it to Continental Golf...
  17. J

    For Sale Apex Smoke 5 and 8 irons (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

    Fearing the Pro 8i in my combo set would be too much, I simultaneously purchased the Apex 8i. Pro won out. Both sit in my backup bag, just begging to be hit. Excellent condition. Black Elevate 95 in Stiff. Red MCC grips. $90 shipped CONUS for each OR $160 shipped CONUS for both.
  18. J

    For Sale SOLD Ventus Red with Velocore 5s Driver Shaft

    Used off and on this season. Excellent condition. Plays stock length in my Mavrik. Comes with Callaway Optifit adapter and standard MCC Align grip. $175 shipped CONUS OBRO. No trades. I may end up regretting this one, so nab it before I can change my mind! Haha. (NOTE: in the images...
  19. J

    For Sale SOLD Arccos Sensors

    13 standard sensors and 1 putter sensor. Two were never used. The others were used for two rounds. $45 shipped CONUS Thanks for looking!
  20. J

    For Sale SOLD Headcovers - Rose & Fire

    Hi, All - The following headcovers have all been gently used. Any minor imperfections should be visible in photos, but please feel free to ask questions. Prices include shipping CONUS: Rose & Fire “Thin Red Line” driver cover - $30 Rose & Fire Black “Old Glory” fairway wood cover - SOLD Rose...

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