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    Just swing?

    After years of watching YT videos, reading threads and taking lessons. Today, I took my driver and just went with what I have and just swung the club. It was decent, not great and predictable. Anyone just swing and gave up on the hip bumps, elbow to the hip, cover the ball etc? It's funny my...
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    Good running shoe with lots of cushion

    Can someone recommend a good running shoe with extra cushion? I had a broken toe that never healed properly and need lots of cushion. Any suggestions? Skechers arch fit?
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    Sub 70 799 irons

    Anyone game or demo the new 799's? They seem to be similar to the HB Turbos, will be watching the comparisons. https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-799-irons.html
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    chip shortage for new cars

    We were excited to buy our son a new car for his graduation and came to realize there's a chip shortage and basically you can't buy a new car easily. Does anyone which brands are not affected by this?
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    Chiropractor, what's been your experience

    Have a chronic lower back back problem (even the Theragun mini won'thelp much), and I just started the "wellness" monthly program due to a lower cost. What's been your experience? I've tried it off and on over the years with limited results. Yesterday's doc was very young and good. Gives me some...
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    No tool included - used adjustable clubs

    Have been searching for a used 9 wood for my wife and wonder why aren't tools included for most used adjustable clubs?
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    lining up driver with right arm first

    I noticed while watching the ladies tonight, that many of them line up their driver with their right arm/hand, then they get square and then drop the left hand/arm in. I do it the other way around. Who is right?
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    Anyone use two drivers during the same round?

    Curious, if anyone else carries two drivers. I have one set at 10.5, it gives me more distance and has slice tendencies. Then there's my old reliable 12 degree driver, straight but a little short. Rather than compete, I thought I'd use both depending on the layout of the hole. That takes out a...
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    Staying on plane in the backswing

    The one bright spot of struggling with my new 10.5 driver, I realized how vertical my swing was in the backswing. I knew I had to swing more around. Doing some online research, I realized something basic that I ignored, the swing plane and the ol visual of the hula hoop, showing the tilted swing...
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    Back pain - Dr Sarno's TMS theory

    For those not aware of Dr. Sarno's TMS theory, he says that your pain might not be physical, it might be connected to emotional stress. I can relate as it's been very stressful at work and it's just a matter of time before my back tightens. My question is, for those who have been successful with...
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    massage -anyone stick with it?

    Have started going for a massage as I have a chronic bad lower back. Even the popular Theragun Mini does nothing for me. I've had one so so session and today's was really good. I feel very loose and I think there could be a long term improvement. Anyone stick with it, go to a massage therapist...
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    Grips to improved a fade

    If I was trying to help reduce a fade. Would I get a Lamkin Sonar plus (wider) or a Lamkin (Black) Crossline (.58 - narrow)?
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    body rotation to square the face

    I'm not sure who shared this advice (I normally save the good ones and refer back to it) On backswing you roll the club inside lead arm separates from body arms overswing. Downswing, you throw the club and stand up with no body rotation to square the face. Pretty much every amateur has...
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    Value of a used driver sold at Golf Galaxy

    If I expect a club to retail at $300.00. What amount should I expect for a used 2020 driver? Also, do I ask them for a number or do I give them a number I'd expect?
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    What gets the club up in the backswing?

    Looking for some help for a better turn in the backswing, I found this old video. I have this exact problem of using my arms to get the club up in the backswing and I take the club to the outside. How do you get the club up or is there no up in the backswing?
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    Phil's thoughts on committed shots

    On the Golf Channel interview yesterday, it was cool to hear Phil's post game thoughts. He attributed the victory to playing committed shots. Not worrying about direction, but, be committed to each swing and focus on swing feels prior to the swing. Also, earlier in the week, he spoke about...
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    Exercises for a better turn

    Can anyone recommend exercises or stretches for a better turn/pivot in the backswing? Years ago, a golf trainer/physical therapist tested me and said, I am good half way in the backswing. But, then need to stand up to complete the backswing. The result is my club gets vertical. Would love to get...
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    Getting rid of a cupped wrist - Driver

    What are good ways of a getting rid of a cupped left wrist at the top for a rightie especially for the Driver?
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    adjustable driver settings

    I'm new to an adjustable driver. What is a good setting for a high capper trying to get rid of a fade/slice? My previous driver was glued at 12 degrees without any of these problems.
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    Cleveland-Srixon demo day

    Anyone been to a Cleveland-Srixon demo day recently? Is there a new version of the HB Launcher turbo irons out yet? I am also looking forward to demoing Srixon products.

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