1. c0ncept

    Nike Golf

    So this has been posted a few times but as Tiger is in the final round of the masters I am curious if anyone has different opinions now. About 2.5 years ago (I think) Nike quit the equipment business. Now you have Tiger "back" and Rory playing really well. Was this a mistake? Should they...
  2. c0ncept

    LPGA Founders Cup #DriveOn

    This week is the LPGA Founders Cup. At the same time the LPGA just released a marketing push that you may have seen on social media with the #DriveOn tag. I rarely see much on the LPGA here so I was curious if anyone watches? What would get you to watch more? This tournament is actually right...
  3. c0ncept

    Harold Varner III Penalty After Scorer was involved

    https://www.golfchannel.com/news/harold-varner-iii-assessed-two-shot-penalty-after-equipment-change?utm-tags=golf1305000&fbclid=IwAR3IwW-8rdN-CON1T9HGvCyZo84KKNw0EtPTNFuJ-qOzSYXLS5uhoHa2XYg Unbelievable...
  4. c0ncept

    USGA in the spotlight again: HV3 penalized after rules official's mistake.

    https://www.golfchannel.com/news/harold-varner-iii-assessed-two-shot-penalty-after-equipment-change?utm-tags=golf1305000&fbclid=IwAR3IwW-8rdN-CON1T9HGvCyZo84KKNw0EtPTNFuJ-qOzSYXLS5uhoHa2XYg Unbelievable...
  5. c0ncept

    What do you consider a good putt?

    With people talking about putting with lines on the ball I have another thing to throw in the mix. What do you consider a good putt? Does the putt have to go in to be considered good? For me if I hit my line with the speed I wanted I am happy even if the results are terrible. This is actually...
  6. c0ncept

    ISPS Handa Vic Open

    No thread yet but this event is incredible! "This week’s Vic Open in Australia—a ground-breaking collaboration of the European Tour, the LPGA Tour, the PGA of Australia and Australian Ladies Professional Golf—has men and women playing alongside each other on two golf courses at 13th Beach Golf...
  7. c0ncept


    Hadn't seen anything posted yet so sorry if late on this (please merge if needed) https://www.golfpass.com Thoughts? Seems interesting.
  8. c0ncept

    2019 New Year's Resolutions Thread (Non-Golf)

    2018 has been an interesting year for me and as we get closer to it being over I have been thinking a lot about the things that I want to do differently next year. Setting these goals is pretty outside my comfort zone but I really am determined to get on a better path in life. I have just been...
  9. c0ncept

    Do you know your course's green speed?

    I tend to call the pro shop before I play a round of golf to find out how the greens are running so that I can know what to expect. Curious if anyone else keeps updated on what the green speed is on the courses that they play. Do you call ahead? Do you just use a practice green before your...
  10. c0ncept

    UL International Crown 2018

    Noticed there wasn't a thread for this yet. The UL International Crown is a women's match play event that is made up of 8 teams of 4 players representing different countries. In 2016 it was in the US and we won. This year it is in South Korea (same course as a presidents cup) and the Korean team...
  11. c0ncept

    New Titleist Iron

    So I saw a picture of a new Titleist iron...Looks very interesting. Also, they spelled my name wrong. Has anyone else seen it? Thoughts?
  12. c0ncept

    Have you ever played a 1 man scramble?

    So basically it is like having unlimited mulligans (one per shot). The catch is that if you choose to take one you HAVE to play that ball. Have you ever done this? What is the lowest you have scored? If you haven't tried it would you? I feel like if I could have an extra putt I could shoot a...
  13. c0ncept

    What is your greatest golfing achievement?

    What are you most proud of doing? Me personally was hitting a HIO although I am really proud of helping a kid I met on the range in Arizona make his High School golf team after a few playing lessons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. c0ncept

    Boeing Classic

    So I guess I am going to be there on Sunday. Never been to a champions tour event. The course is incredible. I have driven past it a few times but sadly it is private so I haven’t played it. Will get a great view of the finish since I’ll be at the 18th. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. c0ncept

    c0ncept WITB

    :ogio: Exodus Cart Bag (not pictured because I hate the logos on it) Driver :callaway: X Hot Pro 10.5° | :MitsubishiRayon: Diamana 'ahina 70 x5ct X Fairway Wood :cleveland: CG Black 16° | :miyazaki: C Kua 39S Irons :taylormade: M3 4-PW | :TrueTemper: XP 100 S Wedges :callaway: Copper Forged 48°...
  16. c0ncept

    Under pressure to win the PGA Championship?

    I was curious as to who people think has the most pressure to win this week. I lean Speith since it is the career slam for him. He hasn't been playing great but the talent is there. Lots of golfers with no majors, Tiger, people just not getting over the hump, etc. Who do you think is under the...
  17. c0ncept

    Contest: #THPCallout c0ncept vs Checkered

    We wanted to have a bit of fun and have ourselves a match. I am going to give Checkered 12 strokes. He could have had 16 because I am stupid and offered that but he was nice and went with 12. Don't let the yardage of this course fool you. It does not forgive mistakes. The 17th also might be the...
  18. c0ncept

    FS - Cleveland Launcher HB 3 Wood 15* S Flex

    So I bought this thinking it would work and it is just a bad fit for me. Has hit 5 range balls with the plastic on and then 2 golf balls on the course without the plastic. Comes with headcover. Looking for $130 shipped. Almost brand new. Stiff Flex. 15* loft.
  19. c0ncept

    Need help with re-shaft

    So I originally got these club heads and they had this shaft in them. I just put it in one and while it fits snugly at the tip but it wobbles a little on the sides farther up. They heads are .355 as are the shafts. I am wondering if they might have been drilled out a little? (It looks like a...
  20. c0ncept

    What is the dumbest shot you took last round?

    I was just going over the round I played on Saturday and one shot in particular stuck out to me as a "What were you thinking!?" moment. I came up short on an uphill par 3 and was on a decently steep upslope with a bunker between me and the pin. I got it in my head that I should open the...

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