1. royalwulff

    Best distance app for an iPhone 6+

    I have an iPhone 6+ now and was curious what you guys think is the best app for on course distances? I have not decided on a GPS or range finder at a later date, so I need a good app for my iPhone until I make that purchase. So which one is the best one out there in your guys opinions?
  2. royalwulff

    WTB Callaway Apex or Mizuno 825/850 pro irons

    I am looking to buy a set or Callaway Apex or Mizuno 825 or 850 pro irons. I am wanting graphite shafts preferably in stiff. Thanks
  3. royalwulff

    Kuchers shoes

    Ok so what kind of shoes are those that Kucher is wearing at the WGC?
  4. royalwulff

    Golf in Sedona Arizona

    Ok it looks like I may be in Sedona Arizona in June and was wondering if anyone has any reccomendations for a good golf course there?
  5. royalwulff

    WTB: Callaway Razr 3 hybrid

    Ok with alll the mattykracking that has been going on here I was wondering if anyone has a Cally Razr 3 hybrid for sale? I am not real particular about the shaft as it will most likely be reshafted anyway.
  6. royalwulff

    My GolfTec journey

    Well this coming Saturday at 2:30 pm my journey and quest for three goals begins... I am fortunate enough to live close enough to the GolfTech where our resident pro Josh works that I was able to sign up for an evaluation and lessons with Josh. I have already talked with him on the phone and I...
  7. royalwulff

    Did he whif it?

    Did you see Kevin Na's tee swing on 15 at the Justin Timberlake tourney? Did he whif it or not what are your thoughts?
  8. royalwulff

    a question abut one shaft and multiple heads.

    I thnk I put this in the wrong section the first time so here it is again. Several years ago I was fitted for the shaft I am currently using using the Callaway X460 driver head. Since then I have upgraded to the Callaway Octane driver head. My current driver head feels lighter than the X460 that...
  9. royalwulff

    A question about different heads and one shaft

    Several years ago I was fitted for the shaft I am currently using using the Callaway X460 driver head. Since then I have upgraded to the Callaway Octane driver head. My current driver head feels lighter than the X460 that I first was using or the FT-5 after that one. I cannot finh head only...
  10. royalwulff

    Long putter on tour

    I don't know if it is just me, but does there seem to be more belly and chest putters on the PGA tour now?
  11. royalwulff

    Fitting and new irons

    Tomorrow I will be going to Denvers PGA Superstore and getting fit for a new set of irons. I will post more tomorrow on how it went and the process they used and which set I finally decided on.
  12. royalwulff

    Raven Golf Course at Silverthorne, Colorado

    Well I went up to the mountains with Mrs. Wulff, and I was able to play the Raven and while only the front nine was open it still played tough and was a pretty course. Here are some pictures. Hole #1 the green is to the left of the trees. Looking back up #1 Lots of snow still on the mountains...
  13. royalwulff

    Golf Carts

    Ok I need some help. The missus is buying me a golf cart, so I was wondering which brand you guys might reccomend and whether it should be gas or electric? I have only done a little bit research so far and the only thing i do know is that i have no need for one that is street legal and has all...
  14. royalwulff

    Golf Expo Experience

    Well I was at the Golf expo in Denver today and I got to hit several fairway woods and the Cleveland Mashie and here are some of my thoughts on them. The Cleveland FL 17 degree I was really suprised and pleased with this club. As several of you know I am in the search for a three or four wood...
  15. royalwulff

    3 wood v. 4 wood

    Ok some help here please I am in the hunt for a new three wood. I have seen some guys playing a 4 wood and not having either a 3 or a 5 wood. What are the up sides of this and the down sides?
  16. royalwulff

    New duck hooks

    Ok Andy I am in need of more of your magic. I now have a Diablo Octane in my bag with the same shaft as was in my last driver the FT5. the last shaft was 45 inches and this one is 45 1/2 inches long. I went out to the range today with it for the first time and it was duck hook city. I normally...
  17. royalwulff

    Cracked driver

    Ok well I finally got out to play on Friday and my driver cracked on the sole in the composite area. Any way I will be calling Callaway tomorrow and seeing what they can do to help me out. I am not sure what they will do as the driver is several years old, but we shall see. In the meantime I am...
  18. royalwulff

    TGA a Nickent 3DX sand wedge

    I won a Nickent 3DX Genex sand wedge in a drawing at a golf tourney and was wondering if anyone on here would like it? I did take the plastic off and hit it about 5 times but other than that it is new. Its not for sale, just pay shipping and it is yours. I will try and post a pic or two later on...
  19. royalwulff

    Adidas Tech response 3.0 shoes

    Well after winning a pair of Adidas tennis shoes from THP ( I love them thanks JB and GG ) I went out and bought my first pair of Adidas golf shoes and bought the Tech Response 3.0 shoes. I have to say I love these shoes and am kicking myself for not buying Adidas shoes earlier. These shoes...
  20. royalwulff

    Fat and off the toe

    Ok my game is in a downward spiral and really need help. Lately I have started hitting everything fat and off the toe, yep at the same time..LOL What can I do to fix it?

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