1. snicker.doodles

    PING Arizona Centennial Anser

    just got my literature on this putter. yummy is all i can muster. the photo is pirated from the state of arizona store as i won't share my professional documents here. if you're a PING lover or an Anser lover....this one in Bronze is very tempting.
  2. snicker.doodles

    Odyssey Black Series Tour #9

    does anyone have any experience with the sightlines on the Odyssey Black Series putters and removing the the sightline? The topline has a groove with white paintfill....that's easy enough to remove. But the sightline has no groove. It looks like silver paint and I am considering removing it...
  3. snicker.doodles

    Hey Ladies.....

    I received my new Jo Fit PUD order for spring/summer and the order for the shop!! It is awesome! Everything is soooooo good looking. Fabrics are ridiculous! Seek it out! :happy dance:
  4. snicker.doodles

    Christina Kim

    okay.... I spotted this photo of CK on twitter the other day.... JB and GG or anyone else who can assist..... that sweater vest.... WHO's is it? I don't recall it as Lija. Any idea who she's wearing now? I knew she was working out. And by the looks of it....she's done a fantastic...

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