1. Wake

    Greatest basketball player of all time

    It's been discussed before, but the side conversation in thr Tiger thread made me think it's time for the conversation to have its own thread. Who do you have as the greatest BBall player of all time. Some say Jordan, based on his ability to take over the finals. Some same LeBron, based on his...
  2. Wake

    Most influential person in hip hop.

    I recently had this discussion, and was interested in some more input. Who do you think has had the biggest influence on hip hop over time? Could be an emcee, producer, label owner or anyone else attached to the industry. I have a couple in mind but I'll hold my opinion for now.
  3. Wake

    Ben Crane not paying off bets?

    Ben Crane got called out for not paying up on a 6k bet. It appears Daniel Berger was the one holding the note. It really sounds like Ben Crane is not a popular guy on tour. http://golfweek.com/2017/04/26/pga-tour-tom-gillis-calls-out-ben-crane-over-unpaid-6000-dollar-bet/
  4. Wake

    Tiger vs Rory, what's the bigger signing?

    Tiger has signed with TaylorMade, as expected. Rory is still unsigned as far as we know, but has said he is playing Callaway for the year. Who is the bigger draw? If you were a major OEM who would you rather have on staff, Tiger or Rory?
  5. Wake

    What course do you want to play in 2017?

    What is the one course you have your heart set out on playing in 2017? Could be a course you've always wanted to play, or somewhere you are itching to get another crack at?
  6. Wake

    Best new course you played in 2016?

    What is the best new course you played in 2016? The course you hadn't played before but you are so glad you got the chance to play it? Will you get to play it again in 2017?
  7. Wake

    Do Urethane balls help your game.

    I constantly buy high end Urethane balls because I think that they will help my game. I mean how could it not right? So Monday I shoot a very good round for me, sub 80 for the second time of the year. And the whole time I was using a two piece ball. Thinking back it seems many of my best...
  8. Wake

    How low will you go

    We are in the latter half of the year, for some of us our seasons are near end. What will your lowest round of the year be? Have you already shot it, or is it yet to come? My lowest round to this point is a 79, but I think I have a 77 in me.
  9. Wake

    World Golf Ranking a year from now, whose number 1?

    So a year from now we will have wrapped up the 2017 Major season with the PGA Championship being recently completed. What do you think the top 5 will look like? Will we see much change? My guess 1. Jason Day 2. Henrik Stenson 3. DJ 4. Adam Scott 5. Brooks Koepka What is your guess
  10. Wake

    Make Olympic Golf better.

    So you are named IOC commish, and you obviously like golf and want to see it succeed in the Olympics. What do you change for the 2020 games to insure the event is a success and golf is in the games for years to come?
  11. Wake

    25K foot skydive jump... without a parachute.

    How freaking nuts is this guy? Will you tune in to watch? http://www.usnews.com/news/offbeat/articles/2016-07-28/hes-a-skydiver-working-with-a-net-but-no-parachute SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (AP) — He's made 18,000 parachute jumps, helped train some of the world's most elite skydivers, done some of...
  12. Wake

    How many majors does DJ win?

    Now that DJ broke through the demons and won a major, how many do you think he wins in his career? Was this a one and done? Can he win 3-4? Is this the opening of the gates and he wins 8-10?
  13. Wake

    How hard is your home course?

    How hard is your home course, or the course you play the most? We see alot of people who talk about their handicaps not traveling well or traveling well, and I wondered if that might be a case of their home course being tough, or easier than ones they travel to. Do you think your course is...
  14. Wake

    Hat storage

    I know I'm not alone in having alot of hats. I have always struggled with finding an organized major to store hats. So what is everybody doing?
  15. Wake

    WTB: #7 putter cover

    My Tank #7 has been my gamer for close to 3 years now, and the cover is looking really sad. Obviously it's a big putter, so I don't think just any mallet cover will get the job done. If anyone has a #7 cover or another mallet cover that will get the job done shoot me a pm with what you want...
  16. Wake

    Golf advisor top 50 courses

    Golf advisor released its top 50 list of courses that get the best reviews. It's an interesting list, it's obviously not the 50 best courses in the US, but it seems to be courses that are good deals and worth checking out. I've played 4 courses on the list, and 3 of them are personal...
  17. Wake

    Is the world trending in the right direction?

    I see people make statements all the time to the effect of they fear for the next generation. Whether it's because of a belief moral decay in civilized countries like the US, the ongoing threat of global warming, the threats of violence from the Middle East. People always insinuate that the...
  18. Wake

    Top 10 Active golfers-career vs current

    Who would your top 10 active golfers be if you looked at their entire career? Now who would your top 10 active golfers be if you only looked at recent results, as in the past few years. How much would they overlap? For career Tiger and Phil are clearly the top 2, but I doubt many would have...
  19. Wake

    Billy Hurley's father missing

    What an awful feeling for him and his Family. Billy Hurley's father has been missing for 9 days. http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/29652803/golfer-billy-hurley-iii-father-missing
  20. Wake

    Top course you haven't played in your state.

    What is the 1 course in your state that you would love to play, but haven't been able to play. Is it a incredibly hard to access private course? Far end of the state and hard to get to? Price to high? Just haven't gotten to it yet.

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