1. Playdough

    American Heart Association's Heart Walk

    So this has become a pretty personal thing for me over the last couple of months. As some know my girlfriend Kristen, who many of you have met, had a minor heart attack at the age of 33. Luckily she was able to notice the signs and we was able to get her treatment fairly quickly with no real...
  2. Playdough


    So alot of comparisions are being made between Rory and Tiger and their early career numbers and how they match up. But I want to take that discussion one step farther and discuss the Tiger/Sergio dynamic and if Rory and Rickie may end up in the same place. Rickie has beat Rory head to head in...
  3. Playdough

    Champions Tour: Does it affect your thoughts on a Players Career?

    So this came to mind based on discussion in another thread. Does a players success or lack of success on the Champions Tour affect the why you think about their total career? Does a Member winning a major there count as much in your mind as them winning a major on the regular Tour? I...
  4. Playdough

    Patrick Rogers joins Nike Golf

    Patrick Rogers the number one Am in the world is Turing pro and is joining Nike Golf. He is from Avon, In (right around the corner from me), has tied Tiger Woods Stanford record of 11 NCAA wins, won all 3 Major NCAA awards, the Hogan, Nicklaus, and Haskins awards for 13-14 PoY. From the Nike...
  5. Playdough

    F/S: Miyazika Kusala Black 61S R11S Tipped

    I have a Miya Kusala Black 61S with a R11S tip for sale. I used the shaft in my driver for about 5 rounds and a small amount of testing and decided it wasn't for me. The shaft is an authentic Miyazaki with an etched serial number and holographic sticker. This was a very clean pull from a...
  6. Playdough

    Major Course Setup

    So read a snippet from the USGA presser from Pinehurst that the course will be set at 75xx yards for the men. That's a big, long track for a sea level course at the US Open. It's about 600 yards longer than Merion last year which played a shade under 6900 if I remember. It made ask myself...
  7. Playdough

    Pain: Why do some hurt and some don't?

    So I read a lot about guys who talk about pain in their elbows, wrist, shoulders, back, and other various joints. I see alot of guys who are pondering a move/have moved to graphite because its easier on joints, lighter, same feel as steel, better/longer ball flight, and other reasons. And I...
  8. Playdough

    How do You view a Demo Day?

    I know that for many Demo Day season is coming up and I want to ask a question. How do You view a Demo Day? Do you see it as a chance to hit the latest and test drive it and really get a feel for it? As a way to get a basic fitting by the club rep? Do you view it as chance to just hit some...
  9. Playdough

    The Food Truck Thread

    This is something that is dear to my heart as this is a dream of mine. The dream is to own a Food Truck. Theres just something I find special about them. The Food Truck scene has blown up in Indy in the last 3 years. I wish I was in a better postion to get in on it 3 years ago. We have a pretty...
  10. Playdough

    November Midwest Storm Check in.

    I looked around and didn't see a thread on this. I know that there are several hundred THP'ers that were in the path of this storm. Wanted to use this thread as a sort of check in for those that might have been affected and to be sure that all members are safe. In Indy we was very lucky as the...
  11. Playdough

    Titleist Vokey SM5

    Tour seeding has started for the new Vokey SM5. Charley Hoffman and Matt Jones are a couple of the players that have the new SM5 in the bag at the Shirners. I'm not going to post the pics that are out floating because I'm assuming this is still an embargo'ed item. Have seen where there will be...
  12. Playdough

    Oct. 2nd Dinner at Gmac's Nona Blue in Orlando

    Kristen and I will down in Florida on the first week of October in St. Augustine to see my parents and since we are in the state figure we might as well venture down to Orlando and hit up Nona Blue again. We had a great time there when we went during the Outing in May and are looking forward to...
  13. Playdough

    WTB Your old used up wedges

    Looking for old used up wedges. Face condition isn't all that important. I would like to stay in the mid-bounce range of 8-12. Looking primarily for 56* would be open to 52* as well. I'm not looking for anything special. These are going to used for grinding and testing some ideas I have and want...
  14. Playdough

    The 59 Watch Thread

    We'll use this thread to discuss and follow the magical 59 chase from all tours around the world.
  15. Playdough

    FS: BV Wings Vokey Flat Bill, Nike Wind Vest

    First off is a fitted limited edition BV Wings Vokey Flat Brim by New Era. All Vokey hats are limited edition and usually sell out the day they are released. This model was released at the end of Sept. This is a 5950 model for those that know New Era hats. This is a medium/large size (7 3/8th)...
  16. Playdough

    IJP Designs

    Been wanting some IJP stuff for awhile as I like that majority of his designs and I love the Tartans. How is the material and sizing for his stuf? I was cruising eBay and came across his store on there and found some pants I'm really digging. Without the ability to see his stuff and try it on...
  17. Playdough

    Dress Socks

    I like to think that I'm a fairly sharp dresser at work, stay fairly current in colors and patterns with my shirts and pants. But I've always had just plain boring, brown or black socks. Never really ventured into the fancier dress socks with colors and patterns and such. While in TJ Maxx last...
  18. Playdough


    I wasn't really sure where to put this, so FL's if you need to put it somewhere else feel free. I fired up one of these accounts about 6 or 7 months ago. I don't post a lot to it,but I probably will once golf season really gets going. Its cool to see some of the stuff posted there. I know that...
  19. Playdough

    Weight vs. Flex vs. Launch Angle

    So this is something that I have been thinking about as weighing out a shaft to put in my 3-wood. I just picked up a Adams XTD 14.5 3-metal head only. So I'm weighing some different shaft options out, as far doing something in a more mid-launch softer tip profile. I know that has weight goes...
  20. Playdough

    Whats for Breakfast/Lunch?

    So we have threads for dinner, beer, wine, and snacks but I couldn't find a thread for breakfast or lunch. So I figured with all the foodies here we needed one. So whats hear what you all eat for breakfast and lunch.. Me this morning I'm having a ham and egg sandwich with left over ham from...

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