1. Minarets

    Leather grips.

    Anyone got them? Best Grips or Master Grips? I’ve always been interested how they are as good as the ones that play them seem to think they are. But finally held a BG microperf on a set of user Srixon irons at Edwin Wats and they were the tackiest grips I’d ever felt. If they really last as...
  2. Minarets

    Ecco S Three or True Linkswear Original?

    What say you? Can’t decide between those two.
  3. Minarets

    Distance Fittings

    Seems like a few club manufacturers are offering up "distance fittings" for free online. What exactly is to be expected? Anyone know? How accurate could these be? I think I've seen where they want you to block off 30 min. How do they check loft or lie angle? Or how can they tell how fast you...
  4. Minarets

    Recoil shafts. What are the characteristics of protos vs standard?

    They are practically double the price and I see many of you have them here. I am currently using Steelfibers and love them but have liked the regular Recoils I have tried in stores but never paid enough attention to what shafts they are exactly, spec wise. I see standard recoils are available...
  5. Minarets

    Hybrid board shorts

    Anyone wearing for golf? What kind? Work well? Light weight and dry fast?
  6. Minarets

    FS: Masters Peter Millar jacket

    Bought this at this years Masters in XXL, washed it ( as I don't care to wear anything new/unwashed) and it shrunk a little bit. Fits more like an XL. It's never been worn, just washed. If you have any questions please ask. I'd like $110, that includes the shipping.
  7. Minarets

    FS: SeeMore ONEcs

    pics suck with my BB Bold. i can get better ones if you need. i just got a SeeMore z2c and am keeping my FGP so i have no use for this ONEcs it has been used for 1 round on the course and 3 practice green sessions. its in perfect shape. that said, you may want a new grip. this one is the...
  8. Minarets

    Difference in Midsize grips and built-up Regular grips

    Is there a real difference? Does it stretch out regular grips too much if there are more wraps to equal a midsize? And how many wraps does it take to equal a midsize? 3? I was thinking of ordering some midsize Pure Pros, but a course here has the color I want in regular. I'm trying to...
  9. Minarets

    Anyone formerly/currently play PING i3 or i3+ irons?

    What were your thoughts?
  10. Minarets

    Button down collar, performance materials: anyone make them?

    Ping makes an exclusive for Golfsmith like this that I love. Does anyone know anyone else that makes this style?
  11. Minarets

    Well, its gone...

    My game. This happens every year when I am absolutely playing my best. The last 3 years, right when I think I have figured things out, my game doesn't just go south, it leaves altogether. I normally shoot in the 81-85 range. I have only broken 80 once, but have hit 80 7 times and too many 81s...
  12. Minarets

    Why is it...?

    Tour players on the practice facility, when golf balls are lying right in front of them, always wait for their caddy to toss them a ball. Is it too much effort to get it yourself? Is a status thing? "I've got people now to get my golf balls." Its not just when they are hitting from a tee...
  13. Minarets

    NEW Footjoy Contour Casual

    they look good, imo. just wish there were more color options besides black and orange. i assume the insides, aka: comfort and feel and fit, are the same as the current contour casuals out there?
  14. Minarets

    Samsonite Sportlab Hardside golf travel case

    Anyone try one of these? I know most prefer the club glove offerings, but the 2 issues I have with those are price and no airlines will pay for damage on a soft case. This thing is a hard-like case and rolls real easy and runs about $150ish. I can't find anyone who has tried one. Not sure...
  15. Minarets

    Adidas Crossflex

    Its nearing June and if I remember correctly these are due for a release sometime soon? Anyone in the know, know exactly when that might be? I love the new more casual, spikeless shoes (love my True's) but I fell in love with the pics I saw of THP's coverage at the PGA show earlier this year...
  16. Minarets

    What is the difference in Dynamic Gold Tour shafts and what we buy at retail?

    Besides the bigger stickers? Anyone know?
  17. Minarets

    I Love watching Jason Dufner

    I am a big Phil fan and watch golf every weekend, no matter the tourney. It has replaced baseball as my spring/summer sport of choice to watch. I was obsessed growing up with baseball, playing all the way through college and watched the Cubs everyday after school. I knew ever Cubs roster from...
  18. Minarets

    2012 True Linkswear line-up

    hmm, how do i attach? i have the 2012 pdf of the 2012 lineup offered by True, but it says the file is too large? 3 different price levels for 3 models and more colors. i may pull the trigger this year. the file is 4.13 MB
  19. Minarets

    Mizuno MP-R12 wedges

    OMG, these are gorgeous. these should come with DG spinner shafts as well also, gallery on Mizuno's website http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/media/mediacentre.php?c0=images&c1=wedges&c2=mp-r12
  20. Minarets

    Sun mountain four 5 users: How do you set-up your bag?

    What is your bag setup? I am struggling on where my putter goes which is throwing off my whole bag. A putter well would have made this the perfect bag, I believe.. Anyway, I am currently doing this Hybrid, driver, hybrid 4,5,6,7 8,9,pw,gp 58, putter, 53 But only because the putter head...

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