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    I am just wondering what the ladies wear for pants when they are on the course? I prefer to wear a skort, but being in New England that is not always possible. I haven't come across some golf pants that I like so I usually end up just wearing khakis. (the problem there is the pockets) Most of...
  2. soxngolf

    Tattoo Golf Hats?

    Just wondering if anyone owns hats from Tattoo Golf? I like their style, but was a little disappointed in their quality of their shirts. Do you like their hats? How is the quality, the embroidery? Thanks!
  3. soxngolf

    Kerr Birdies for Breast CA

    I know she isn't everyone's favorite and while I am not a fan of hers on the golf course, her charity work is outstanding. Here is the newest fundraising effort: Kerr donates $50 for every birdie and $100 for every eagle and that is matched by her sponsor Mutual of Omaha. She holds several...
  4. soxngolf

    LPGA Mojo 6 (Spoilers)

    So the LPGA has a tournament this weekend, however it won't be shown on TV until May 1st and 2nd. So you may want to ignore this thread until then if you want to watch it without knowing the results first. The set up of this tournament is pretty cool. Here is the description from the...
  5. soxngolf

    Stella McCartney for adidas

    Stella McCartney has designed different lines for adidas. There is now a golf line as well! It is pricey and I wonder how practical with some of the jackets, but I love the idea of actual fashion in golf wear. Here is the link to check it out: Stella McCartney for adidas golf I like the...
  6. soxngolf

    Happy Opening Day!

    Woohoo! :blob::blob: Finally, the baseball season is here! And as an added bonus tonight is Yankees vs Red Sox. Sabathia vs Beckett. This should be a great pitchers dual, but as with all games Sox vs Yanks I am sure it will be a late night!
  7. soxngolf

    Shoes: Paula vs Natalie

    So I was at a golf store the other day and they had both Paula and Natalie's new shoes. Sadly, only is white though, boring. Anyway, I tried both shoes. Just to let everyone know, I am a huge adidas shoe fans...full disclosure. Paula's: these are modeled after the Powerband shoes. One of...
  8. soxngolf

    Where/How do you practice your short game?

    The short game is by far the weakest part of my game. It is usually where all my strokes come from. I find it difficult to practice my short game however. I usually hit the range a few times a week before work and at that time they don't have the very limited chipping/putting green open. I...
  9. soxngolf

    Getting Sox Tickets

    Ok, so a few Saturdays a year I spend an entire day trying to get Sox tickets. I stare at a screen of 60 or so virtual waiting rooms for hours hoping that every game isn't sold out once I eventually get in. It is frustrating to do this every year, but of course worth it when I am sitting in...
  10. soxngolf

    Australian Open

    Just finished watching Serena win her 5th Australian Open. Her interview with Mary Jo Fernandez was very impressive. Especially the remark about Billy Jean King. I love that Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin are back. It makes for more exciting tennis! By the way, this was Serena's 12 grand...
  11. soxngolf

    LPGA players at the PGA Show

    Over the last two days there have been a number of LPGA players at various sponsor booths or the LPGA booth. Here are a few names and picks from the LPGA: Suzann Petterson (Harry has picks!) Annika Paula Creamer http://twitpic.com/10bt3x Christina Kim http://tweetphoto.com/9914115 Kristy...
  12. soxngolf

    Questions with Paula Creamer

    Since we are getting close to the start of the season (Feb 18th) we are seeing more interviews with LPGA players. Here is one from Paula, I thought the Annika and Michelle (you know Morgan feels that way about the juniors) comments were interesting:
  13. soxngolf

    LPGA's strong finish.

    I think we can safely say that with all the controversy over the commissioner, losing so many tournaments for the 2010 season and the horrific numbers of the LPGA on TV we can all agree that this was one of the worst seasons ever for the LPGA. However, I think they finished with a bang! I am...
  14. soxngolf

    Walking and GPS devices?

    I am thinking about getting my dad a GPS or Laser Rangefinder device for Christmas. I have been reading through all of the reviews (thanks JB!) and read the thread debating between the two types of devices and have decided on the GPS unit. Specifically, I am going to go with the Bushnell...
  15. soxngolf

    The Ladies beat the boys!

    Nice win!
  16. soxngolf

    any car guys?

    So, I need some car advice. My car is leaking transmission fluid. I took it to a local mechanic who I trust and he said that the speed sensor is where the leak is coming from. Some people have said that I should only get the transmission worked on by a "specialist" or the dealership and...
  17. soxngolf

    Cute Dog=Good Cause Please Help!

    Please take a minute to vote for Jack Hills at the cutest dog competition. His owner will donate half a million dollars to ALS research if he wins! It only takes a minute, easy way to do some good. Thanks!! :D Jack Hills Cutest Dog
  18. soxngolf

    LPGA players vs PGA

    This is one of my favorite things about the LPGA:
  19. soxngolf

    LPGA-The (Very) Short List for Commissioner

    I feel as if, the sooner the better.
  20. soxngolf

    Soxy plays the Precept IQPlus

    "I'll be playing a pink lady today." "That little pink ball supposed to intimidate me?" "Not unless I knock it by you." I played 63 holes of golf over the past 3 days, all with the Precept Lady's IQ Plus. Before I start my review, I have noticed in the other three review a lot of the guys...

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