1. Golf Ghost

    Your Favourite Colour Combo

    What you're favourite top and bottom colour combo? Love me some grey and navy. Looks sharp almost any time of year.
  2. Golf Ghost

    Jordan ADG 2

    I know the first edition was rather popular around here. Looks like the second edition is now out. Interested to see what those who have the first ones think of these and if you plan on upgrading?
  3. Golf Ghost

    Nike Air Max 97 - White

    Glad I held off on the silver bullets. These will be mine.
  4. Golf Ghost

    America vs. Canada - Who's Better?

    .......at drive-thru style coffee shops? DD vs. Timmies.
  5. Golf Ghost

    Adidas Golf X Palace Collaboration

    Adidas and Palace have a long history of collaborating on shoes and clothing. Now Palace is teaming up with Adidas Golf to launch a new line. We're starting to see this blend between street wear companies and golf more and more. Will be launching on Adidas and Palace on Friday, February 21st...
  6. Golf Ghost

    Choke Up or Choke Down

    What terminology do you use when moving your hand closer to the shaft on the grip?
  7. Golf Ghost

    Luck of the Draw - European Tour

    As we know, the European tour puts out some great content. New game this season called Luck of the Draw. Great duo to start it off too
  8. Golf Ghost

    Colors You Avoid

    We've heard everyone's go-to colours, but what colours do you avoid? I can't pull off yellows, no matter what.
  9. Golf Ghost

    Golf Courses and Sustainability

    EAL visits Rivermount Golf Club in Georgia to talk about course sustainability. As someone who works in sustainable development and planning, it's amazing to see this trend continue and media sources picking up on it. Hopefully it's something we see continue moving forward because it benefits so...
  10. Golf Ghost

    Beef Johnston Joins Puma

    Looks like Beef will be sporting Puma this upcoming year. I wonder how this will effect his Arby's sponsorship.
  11. Golf Ghost

    Your Perfect Pro Sponsorships

    Don’t think we’ve had one of these in a while. If you were to be one of the top pros and had your choice of sponsorships, who are you going with? Clubs - Putter - Clothing - Shoes - Random Non Golf Brand Off Course Sponsorship - Mine Clubs - Callaway Putter - Swag Clothing - Greyson Shoes...
  12. Golf Ghost

    Your Non-Pro Golfer Group and Where?

    What 3 non pro golfers are joining you on the course for a round at any course you desire? So who you got and where?
  13. Golf Ghost

    Happy Birthday YukonLiving

    Huge happy birthday shout out to my fellow Canadian and Leafs fan, @YukonLiving
  14. Golf Ghost

    Your Style Changes for 2020

    We've talked about fitness changes, club changes, why not style or apparel changes? What's coming in or leaving the closet in 2020? New fit, new patterns, different brands? Personally I need to change out a couple of old polo's that are solid colours to pair with different pants or shorts...
  15. Golf Ghost

    What Non-Golf Brand Should Have A Golf Line?

    Rather it be shoes or clothing, what brand would you like to see bring out a golf focused line? Maybe it's a high fashion brand or your favorite outdoors adventure brand.
  16. Golf Ghost

    Golf Ghost does Cabot 2019 - Live Thread

    Hello all. Mostly doing this because if not Dan will kick me out of here. However, heading to Cabot to play tomorrow and Saturday. Tomorrow's round is 1:45pm at the Cliffs, then 1:20pm at the Links on Saturday. Weather: Tomorrow looks to be about 10C (50F), some rain, and blowing 30-40kph...
  17. Golf Ghost

    Hoodies on the Course?

    Saw a poll online asking people's opinions of hoodies on the golf course. Poll was about 55% for and 45% against. What's your thoughts of hoodies on the course and your reasoning? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Golf Ghost

    Fall Layers

    With many of us having to layer up this time of year, what's everyone's go-to piece (1/4 zip, v-neck, vest, jacket, etc)??? I can't help by low my old man crew neck sweaters in earth tones.
  19. Golf Ghost

    Nike Golf X Stone Island Collaboration

    Nike and Stone Island have something coming for the Open Championship featuring Rory McIlroy. I'm scared to see the price, but excited to know more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Golf Ghost

    Your "Best Dressed on Tour" 2019

    Who do you currently consider the best dressed on tour?

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