1. GaGolfer1985

    For Sale Scotty Cameron Pistolini Plus Grip

    $25 shipped CONUS Pulled from 2020 Special Select
  2. GaGolfer1985

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I bought this Lynx Sunday bag from a guy on FB Marketplace for $15. I actually kinda love it. We have a couple family vacations coming up and it’s always a challenge to bring my full bag due to limited cargo space. I decided I’ll just bring a limited set on my beach vacations this year.
  3. GaGolfer1985

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Bought off FB Marketplace for $40 and just ordered an Odyssey DFX grip for her.
  4. GaGolfer1985

    SeeMore Putters Thread

    Hi guys, I stumbled across this OneCS listed on FB Marketplace for $80 and am strongly considering snatching it up. This would be my first Seemore so I wanted you all’s opinion on the value. Is the price as good as it seems or is just what the used market usually commands for these???
  5. GaGolfer1985

    How would you play this short and fun downhill par 4?

    I'd probably try to play a fade, but would definitely double cross it and lose one in the woods to the left.
  6. GaGolfer1985

    Chipping Woes

    So many vids and tips out there. I just saw a Pat Perez tip where he talks about using "dead arms" when he's a little further out. He doesn't have a lot of wrist hinge and just making that little change has help me quite a lot. Lately I've been hinging at my wrists almost none and it has helped...
  7. GaGolfer1985

    SWAG Putters Thread

    What's the deal with the shipping charges? Is there a minimum dollar amount to get free shipping or what? You picked some good ones man. Congrats.
  8. GaGolfer1985

    SWAG Putters Thread

    edited and removed
  9. GaGolfer1985

    SWAG Putters Thread

    Oh boy. Check out what's coming! https://pluggedingolf.com/swag-golf-king-of-diamonds-putter-review/?fbclid=IwAR1gxvwGL7fLBLwyVaJyWxGNVNbdy1E6vqbWaGRqBweUX86KejtKzCjIF48
  10. GaGolfer1985

    2020 Toulon Putter Thread

    This could be a teaser of what the new face milling pattern is going to be.
  11. GaGolfer1985

    2020 Toulon Putter Thread

    I'm looking for the 7g weight. We could split the kit or maybe even find someone to split it 3 ways if you'd be willing to purchase and ship. I emailed Callaway just the other day and they are no help. They just say they have none in stock. You obviously have to know someone.
  12. GaGolfer1985

    Olson Putter Co.

    Absolutely insane and completely original. Not sure why wasn't already following him on Instagram, but I am now.
  13. GaGolfer1985

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Ordered MCC+4 Midsize to throw in my new Sim Ti 3 wood.
  14. GaGolfer1985

    2020 Toulon Putter Thread

    Congrats man. Classic and yet unique. Great choices all around.
  15. GaGolfer1985

    Tour Event 2021 The Players Championship Contest and Thread

    Will there be multiple winners? A lot of folks with the same guesses for winner and tie-breaker.
  16. GaGolfer1985

    Blade and wide blade putters that have a top line.....

    That 3 Step Jam is 🔥🔥🔥

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