1. Scrap Iron

    What Halloween candy...

    Do you take from the kids so you can eat it?
  2. Scrap Iron

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!!

    To all my friends on this side of the boarder Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hoseted my folks and sister for the first time. It was awesome!!! Cheese late with roasted tomatoes French onion soup to start A weird tree hugger polenta thing I made for my sister. She liked it!!! The Fam getting...
  3. Scrap Iron

    How would you play this shot

    From the Fairway 130 yards out. If you can draw the ball and thread the needle you will be on the green. Safe play is to chip out to the left for a better angle or go straight and high will leave you chipping from the rough or stuck in a trap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Scrap Iron

    Most Memorable Major

    What major has been your favourite and left a lasting impression. Jack winning his 18th, something from Tigers dominance a great battle down the stretch like Phil and Stenson? What do you say THP what has had you on the edge of your seat?
  5. Scrap Iron

    Wanted To Buy. Srixon Wrench

    I have a Srixon Z745 and need a wrench for it. Hopefully someone on here has one they can part with.
  6. Scrap Iron

    Pizza Toppings Where Do They Belong

    Mrs Scrap and I bought some of the premade individual pizza crusts today. We each made our own pizza and they were very different. I put my toppings under the cheese and she put hers on top of the cheese we criticized each other’s methods and apparently will always differ in how to make a pizza...
  7. Scrap Iron

    Best Course You Have Ever Played

    What’s the best/favourite course you have played and is it in your regular rotation?
  8. Scrap Iron

    Okanagan Golf Canada Day

    Last year I played The Rise and Predator Ridge with ArmyGolf. The room is booked and I’ll be headed back out that way again. I plan on booking The Rise on June 30th and I’m going to keep my eyes open for the 99 dollar deals at Predator Ridge for July 1st Canada day. It’s a long way out but if...
  9. Scrap Iron

    Canadian Golf Club Companies

    Is there any Canadian based companies that make golf clubs? The only one I can think of is Daito and they only sell Putters. As far as I know you can only buy them on EBay at least thatscwhere I had to get mine.
  10. Scrap Iron

    Girly Golf Putter Covers

    Had anyone used them for a custom job? What's the quality like? What was the price? Would you use them again?
  11. Scrap Iron

    Bag Boy Tri Swivel 2 Review

    I have put on 1 full season on my Bag Boy Tri Swivel 2 and will give you my thoughts on the push cart. From the company is a list of Features: Swivel wheel can be locked into place by engaging the remote Swivel Lock Out when walking hills or long distances Easy three-step fold for compact...
  12. Scrap Iron

    PGA Courses To Cut/Add

    FedEx Cup playoffs have just ended and the new season will be starting shortly. As a fan of the game what courses would you cut from the tour and what would you replace them with?
  13. Scrap Iron

    VA Composites Slay Shafts

    I saw on IG that they have released the Slay. The post was interesting, someone sober might want to take over their IG account.
  14. Scrap Iron

    Canada Day!!! #150 Got Plans

    Alright Canadian THPers we're celebrating 150 years!!! Anybody have any plans?
  15. Scrap Iron

    #THPCallouts OITW vs Scrap

    Sunday May 7th 2:40pm for a battle of the tights. Oitw and I will be playing at Arrowhead golf course in Beefalo. https://www.arrowheadgcwny.com/ We will be playing the white tees at 6300 yards and I will give him 4 strokes. Whats on the line will be negotiated. We will be throwing in...
  16. Scrap Iron

    #THPCallOuts Moosejaa vs Scrap Iron

    VS Friday May 5th. Beautiful Buffalo New York at Glenn Oaks https://www.glenoak.com/ Tale of The Tape Scrap Moose Old Age Older 10.7 Handicap...
  17. Scrap Iron

    Sharpo Grips

    Looking around at options of multi compound grips and remembered about Sharpo. Anyone using them? How do they stack up against NDMC's? Are they a waste of money or a good deal?
  18. Scrap Iron

    How Many Sets Of Irons Do You Test?

    When your looking st buying new clubs how many different sets of irons do you test and do you try the full set or just a few clubs from each set before you purchase. Or do you just buy blind?
  19. Scrap Iron

    Amateurs in Majors.

    Last time an amature won a major was 84 years ago. Is it time to stop this and only have pros play or keep inviting them and cheer for the underdog story?
  20. Scrap Iron

    Is Golf Exercise?

    As the title states do you consider golf to be exercise? Why or why not?

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