1. syndicate559

    FS - Brand new Puma Biofusion Mesh Spikeless size 10.5 black/orange

    I have a brand new pair of Biofusion Mesh Spikeless in size 10.5 that I bought and they're too small. I thought I'd be a 10.5 like I am in the earlier lines of Pumas, but these are just too tight to be comfortable walking 18 holes. I have them already boxed up and ready to ship (which is why I...
  2. syndicate559

    THP Nor-Cal Crew @ Diablo Grande 11-2-14 (photos & re-cap thread)

    The Nor-Cal Crew had another great outing today. This time we hit Diablo Grande in Patterson, CA. One of their courses (Legends) has been closed since earlier in the year due to the drought, but the Ranch course has remained open and is in fantastic condition. After a good day and a half of...
  3. syndicate559

    THP Nor-Cal Crew @ Diablo Grande 11-2-14

    Moving this topic into a thread of its own. The THP Nor-Cal Crew will be meeting up once again. This time, we're hitting Diablo Grande in Patterson, CA on 11-2-14. We currently have 3 tee times (10:10, 10:20, 10:30) that morning. This thread will serve as an invitation for any and all to join...
  4. syndicate559

    If you pray, I could use your help this afternoon/evening

    Hey all, I've got a pretty serious prayer request for you. Got a call from my mom earlier and said that my dad went in for a routine ultrasound of some kidney stones he's had for years. Doc saw something he didn't like and immediately had him go for a CT scan and he's scheduled to go back...
  5. syndicate559

    Has anyone dealt with medial epicondylitis, a.k.a. Golfer's Elbow?

    For the past few months, I've had a worsening condition in my right elbow. It's on the inside (whereas tennis elbow is on the outside to my knowledge) right on the pointy part of the elbow and the pain will extend into the forearm at times. I'm pretty sure golf is what caused it and that's...
  6. syndicate559

    THP NorCal Crew at Pasatiempo 7-26-14

    While we know the focus of most has been on the Morgan Cup this weekend, we had to let everyone know that the NorCal Crew was holding it down on the Pacific Coast. We played Pasatiempo, which is an amazing and historic Allister MacKenzie design in Santa Cruz. There were 11 of us who made it out...
  7. syndicate559

    Golfers elbow...

    For the past few months, I've had a worsening condition in my right elbow. It's on the inside (whereas tennis elbow is on the outside to my knowledge) right on the pointy part of the elbow and the pain will extend into the forearm at times. I'm pretty sure golf is what caused it and that's...
  8. syndicate559

    Do you think rangefinders should be allowed on pro tours?

    If this has already been discussed, please merge. Just something I was thinking about today. While watching the Travelers this weekend, the CBS guys talked about using rangefinders for a couple of minutes (I believe it was when Baddely hit into the wrong fairway on Sunday) and I was kind of...
  9. syndicate559

    Bubba with Bubba (Stewart)

    Motocross was my sport (and the industry I worked in) for a long time, so I thought this was kind of cool. It wouldn't let me embed the video, so here's the link: http://vimeo.com/96501627
  10. syndicate559

    Today may be the biggest (golf-related) day of my life so far

    My family took a big step toward realizing what's basically been a lifelong dream of mine, which is joining a country club. Dropped off my completed application and initiation fee this morning. The board votes next Tuesday and then I get posted for a month. As long as no one blackballs me (I...
  11. syndicate559

    THP NOR CAL CREW @ Poppy Ridge

    The Nor Cal boys had another outing today at Poppy Ridge in Livermore. We were 12 strong and hope to keep growing with each event. Poppy Ridge in Livermore is the NCGA's home course along with Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach Captions for pics below, from top to bottom: 1. Group pic. From left...
  12. syndicate559

    Win 2 nights & 2 rounds for 2 at Kiawah Island

    Go here to enter for your chance to win. good luck!
  13. syndicate559

    New PING hats used at Doral last weekend

    Don't know if anyone else noticed, but the PING staffers (except for Bubba) were sporting some hats that I just loved at Doral last weekend. Mesh back, snapback truckers it looked like with contrasting fronts/stripes. I've been looking around and haven't seen them available anywhere. I'm sure...
  14. syndicate559

    The golf parenting thread: Teen Edition

    I searched and only found one older thread pertaining to golf/parenting and it seemed to center mostly on littler kids just getting their first clubs and whatnot. But I figure I can't be the only one who has kids that are a little older and starting to enter the realm of competitive golf, so I...
  15. syndicate559

    Pretty proud of my son/gratuitous bragging

    My son has really enjoyed golf since being introduced to it a little less than 2 years ago. Most of his experience has been through the First Tee and a 9-hole league that one of the coaches runs at a local muni. He's only had 2 lessons with 2 different coaches on his swing and it's been about a...
  16. syndicate559

    shaft cutting question

    I just scored a gently used Amp Cell Offset driver on the bay for my 13-year-old son, who is starting his first year of junior high golf. He's only 5'1" right now, so I'm already thinking I'll need to cut an inch or so off of the shaft. He's playing a mens' set of irons/hybrids and he's able to...
  17. syndicate559

    Nor-Cal THP at Stevinson Ranch

    Our group was greatly diminished by illness, injury and the 49ers, but a few of us still made it out to enjoy a pristine course and fantastic weather. Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk Pic 1: DufferToo discussing the benefits of his SeeMore with, from left to right, Brianbigoats...
  18. syndicate559

    Win a Kiawah Island Golf getaway!

    http://www.golfpactravel.com/golfpac/index.cfm/action/contest/adref/gwemail/ doesn't include air fare, but a couple of nights lodging and golf at a pretty spectacular destination.
  19. syndicate559

    Thanksgiving Golf traditions?

    Golf has become as much a part of my Thanksgiving traditions as turkey. I'm wondering if this is the case for anyone else and, if so, how you do Thanksgiving golf. For me, a group that includes friends and family meets at McDonald's at 6:30 AM and goes over to my brother's club after a quick...
  20. syndicate559

    Best travel mug?

    My wife really wants a nice travel mug for taking her coffee to work in the morning. Thinking this would make a good stocking stuffer. The tricky thing is she wants a microwaveable one. The best ones I know of have some metal in them. Do any of you guys know of a really nice, microwave-safe...

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