1. Rambler

    Back to the Future: Irons Played

    Pings, of course... - Ping i5 - Ping i210
  2. Rambler

    Un-Official Gathering at Mission Inn - Not associated with THP

    Gonna miss catching-up, CJ. We'll get a round (of golf and drinks, of course) in another time.
  3. Rambler

    Un-Official Gathering at Mission Inn - Not associated with THP

    Yeah, I know. I know. I needed a little golf getaway and would’ve been good to catch up with you. A round or two in Cinci need to be had this season.
  4. Rambler

    Rambler WITB

    The K has been so good for me that I don’t intend to look at much else. LOL. I officially no longer own a Cure. Just enjoy the more traditional look so much more. Did you ever get some “i” irons back in your life, or are you still fighting against the inevitable?
  5. Rambler

    Rambler WITB

    WITB update... Performance of my fitted clubs was very good last season - finished season sub-9 for the first time. Of course, I couldn't help but make at least a couple of changes. Some of the changes, though, were also driven by aesthetics/brain blocks. At driver, I just wanted a change...
  6. Rambler

    Un-Official Gathering at Mission Inn - Not associated with THP

    Sorry, all, haven't checked-in for quite a while. Unfortunately, I had to let Mike know I'm out on this one. My company is launching a new product during this time, so not really in the best interests of my gainful employment to take a golf trip. And what do I see when I check the names...
  7. Rambler

    Your Hypothetical 2020 WITB - Whatcha Thinking?

    Oh man - how to call something like this so early... LOL Driver no changes/additions from my current options: Callaway Rogue SZ or Mizuno ST190G Fairway wood no changes: Callaway Epic Flash SZ 3W Hybrid no changes: Taylormade M6 19deg Wedges no changes: Vokey WedgeWorks K grind 54/58 And...
  8. Rambler

    2019 Irons of the Year

    Cobra F9 Speedbacks for sure. Performance is better from them than any others I've tried. However, as the year has gone on, the form-factor is starting to bother me a bit - just a mental thing where my preference is shifting towards something a bit smaller. To that end, I'd add the Apex Pro...
  9. Rambler

    Un-Official Gathering at Mission Inn - Not associated with THP

    Where is the WTH smiley on this new forum platform? J/K sounds like you have a great reason to stay near home. Freaking teachers. :rolleyes:
  10. Rambler

    Happy Birthday Jman!

    Happy Bday, James. Enjoy your day with the Doc and little ones.
  11. Rambler

    Un-Official Gathering at Mission Inn - Not associated with THP

    Why is my name not yet on the "Take My Money Now" list? Sent from my SM-T860 using Tapatalk
  12. Rambler

    14 Clubs, How Many Brands?

    6 brands... Mizuno driver Callaway 3 wood Taylormade hybrid Cobra irons Titleist wedges Cleveland putter
  13. Rambler

    2019, 3rd Annual Un-Official Ultimate Gathering #1-ALL ARE WELCOME!

    You know my answer 441... Just go ahead and take my money.
  14. Rambler

    SWAG Putters Thread

    Will definitely do that. Let's just say I'm looking to fill-in some Augusta items if I can. Really wish I hadn't sold a few of those items, even if it was relatively profitable. :p
  15. Rambler

    SWAG Putters Thread

    Glad peeps are still digging SWAG stuff. I haven't done anything with releases the past several times, but probably will start looking again as the holidays approach. I was pretty happy putting with my original Handsome One this past weekend. May also look to divest of some items which aren't...
  16. Rambler

    What Are You Listening To?

    Random thought... I'm listening to the Pink channel (or essentials or something) on iTunes. Holy sh** can she sing. I always forget she has crazy good singing chops.
  17. Rambler

    Bettinardi Putter Thread

    That one is nice, but not sure I’m ready to “jump”, yet. Still pondering going to Studio B versus open market.
  18. Rambler

    Bettinardi Putter Thread

    Putter fitting. Putter buying. I'm in.
  19. Rambler

    Bettinardi Putter Thread

    I believe in your paint-fill abilities.

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